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Top 8 AI Family Tree Maker Tools in 2023: Ranked as the Best

By Saumya | Last Updated on April 1st, 2024 11:59 am

Genealogy, the study of family history and lineage, has seen a surge in interest in recent times. This surge can largely be attributed to the rise of technology and innovations. The highlight of these advancements in 2023 is undoubtedly the introduction of AI-powered family tree maker tools. The Best Family Tree Maker tools, bolstered by AI, have revolutionized the domain by making the intricate task of plotting your lineage both accessible and efficient. These tools, some of which offer a family tree maker free version, enable individuals to delve deeper into their ancestry without the added hassles.

Selecting the Best Family Tree Maker can be daunting given the plethora of choices available. Notably, there are options for those looking for a free family tree platform or just to experiment with a family tree free version before making a commitment.

In this article, we will navigate through the eight best AI family tree maker tools of 2023. Whether you are in search of a comprehensive family tree maker or a family tree maker free alternative, we've got you covered. This exploration will aid you in understanding your roots better and in ensuring your family's legacy is preserved for future generations.

In 2023, the 8 Best AI Family Tree Maker Tools are making waves in the world of genealogy. If you're looking for a free family tree maker or a reliable family tree generator, these tools have got you covered. The family tree creator functions in these platforms allow you to effortlessly build your lineage. With the family tree builder features, you can easily create a family tree and map out your ancestry in a formal yet user-friendly manner.

  1. Appy Pie's AI Family Tree Maker
  2. Appy Pie Design unveils an advanced AI Family Tree Maker, which aids users in crafting their unique family tree drawing with a touch of personalization. This innovative family tree software, bolstered by artificial intelligence, presents a vast selection of pre-designed family tree maker templates. These templates can be tailored by users to reflect their preferences, making it simpler than ever to create a family tree. The AI functionalities in Appy Pie Design don't just suggest text, images, and design nuances, but they refine the entire process of how to make a family tree. Users have the flexibility to alter text, fonts, colors, and layouts, ensuring their family tree drawing genuinely represents their individual taste.

    Moreover, the platform is enriched with a considerable library of AI-concocted images, illustrations, and backdrops, giving users myriad choices to augment the aesthetic allure of their tree. After crafting, users can preview their masterpiece, make any necessary refinements, and then download their creation in diverse formats like JPEG or PNG. Appy Pie Design, with its intuitive interface and potent AI-driven features, provides a flawless experience for those aiming to make a family tree and celebrate their ancestry in a distinct and visually engaging way.

  4. stands out as one of the most recognized and extensively utilized genealogy websites. They've integrated the prowess of AI into their family tree maker software to elevate the experience for their users. With the help of their AI algorithms, it becomes simpler than ever to make a family tree.'s AI-driven hints system provides family tree examples and suggests potential ancestors, relevant relations, and associated historical records, ensuring the creation of even a simple family tree is intuitive and comprehensive.

    The platform's immense database, when paired with its AI enhancements, transforms it into an ideal family tree maker online. This blend presents a formidable tool for anyone passionate about delving into their family lineage.

  5. MyHeritage
  6. MyHeritage, a leading name in the genealogy arena and often regarded as one of the best genealogy software platforms, has seamlessly integrated AI into its family tree maker tool. As part of their commitment to innovation, MyHeritage introduced the AI-driven "Deep Nostalgia" feature. This technology empowers users not only in creating a family tree but also in animating old family photographs, giving life to their ancestors. Such a feature not only provides a unique way on how to create a family tree but also fosters a profound and emotional bond to one's heritage.

    With tools like this and their family tree free online offerings, MyHeritage stands out as some of the best family tree software, making the experience of tracing one's lineage both engaging and deeply meaningful.

  7. FamilySearch
  8. FamilySearch, presented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), offers an ancestry family tree free for users. Unlike some premium services with extensive AI features, FamilySearch provides a comprehensive platform for individuals keen on researching and constructing their family trees without any cost.

    With their inclusion of AI-driven record indexing, they ensure historical documents are easily accessible, making the journey of uncovering one's lineage simpler. As one of the leading free family tree software available, FamilySearch is a top choice for those searching for a free online family tree platform. It stands as a testament that tracing one's roots and accessing a family tree for free can be both efficient and profound.

  10. stands out as one of the Best Family Tree Makers, offering a collaborative space powered by AI to help users connect and work together with relatives globally. The platform's signature feature, the World Family Tree, integrates family trees from various users worldwide. This unique approach not only aids in discovering connections that might have remained hidden but also provides a family tree maker free for all users to leverage.'s AI algorithms play a pivotal role in identifying and merging duplicate profiles, and they also suggest potential kin, simplifying the journey to a comprehensive and free family tree. With its blend of technology and user collaboration, ensures that crafting a family tree free of hassles and complexities is achievable for everyone.

  11. Family Tree Builder
  12. Family Tree Builder, developed by MyHeritage, is not just another family tree creator but a state-of-the-art genealogy software that seamlessly incorporates AI technology. This user-friendly software provides the flexibility to create and edit your family tree offline, positioning itself as a free family tree maker ideal for those who may have limited internet connectivity or prefer an offline approach.

    The software's AI-driven Smart Matches feature acts as a potent family tree generator, assisting users in discovering potential matches within MyHeritage's vast database. This ensures that individuals can effortlessly extend and create a family tree, making the entire process of building and expanding one's lineage more streamlined and intuitive.

  13. RootsMagic
  14. RootsMagic stands out as a notable genealogy software, especially for those interested in family tree drawing and crafting a tailored lineage representation. Though it might not offer the same depth of AI-driven hints as some competitors, RootsMagic shines in its capability to import and sync data with renowned genealogy websites like and FamilySearch. Its seamless integration, combined with the platform's family tree maker templates, provides users with the tools they need to create a family tree that is both detailed and personal.

    By understanding how to make a family tree using RootsMagic, individuals can combine AI's power with their own touch, ensuring they make a family tree that best encapsulates their unique ancestral journey.

  15. Gramps
  16. Gramps is an open-source family tree software with a devoted user base. While it doesn't boast AI-driven hints or animations like some of the commercial tools, Gramps provides a highly customizable platform for recording and organizing family history data. Its open-source nature means that the community continually enhances and expands its capabilities. This feature makes Gramps a compelling choice for genealogy enthusiasts who value flexibility and control in their family research.

A Comparative Analysis of Best AI Family Tree Maker Tools

Platform Name AI Integration & Features User Experience & Customization Integration & Collaboration
Appy Pie's AI Family Tree Maker Advanced AI-driven suggestions for text, images, and design. Highly customizable with vast template selection. Downloadable in multiple formats like JPEG or PNG. AI-driven hint system for ancestors and records. Intuitive creation process, with examples provided. None mentioned.
MyHeritage AI-driven "Deep Nostalgia" for animating old photos. Deep emotional connection through photo animation. Family tree free online offerings.
FamilySearch AI-driven record indexing. Comprehensive and cost-free platform for building trees. Seamless integration with historical documents. AI for merging duplicate profiles and suggesting relatives. Collaborative space for global user integration. World Family Tree feature that integrates user trees globally.
Family Tree Builder AI-driven Smart Matches feature. Allows offline creation/editing, especially for limited internet users. Sync with MyHeritage's vast database.
RootsMagic Limited AI-driven hints. Customizable tree drawings and tailored lineage representation. Integrates and syncs with sites like and FamilySearch.
Gramps No AI-driven hints or animations. Highly customizable due to open-source nature. Community-driven enhancements due to open-source nature.


In our exploration of the top eight AI family tree maker tools, it's evident that the fusion of technology, especially artificial intelligence, with genealogy offers users an unparalleled experience in uncovering their ancestry. Each platform possesses unique features catering to different user needs, be it AI-driven hints, animated photographs, or collaborative global trees. Whether you're a novice embarking on a journey to trace your lineage or a seasoned genealogist seeking enhanced features, there's a tool in this list tailored for you. As technology continues to evolve, so will these platforms, promising even richer, more immersive experiences in the future. Embrace these tools and let the stories of your ancestors come alive.

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