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The 10 Best Slack apps, Integrations and Bots to Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 14th, 2024 8:27 am | 5-min read

It’s difficult to find a team that does not use real-time messaging apps. Many real-time messaging app platforms have come and gone, Slack has stuck around helping thousands of teams to collaborate and communicate with their colleagues.* Now that you have used slack for some time, it’s time to know more about some of the best slack apps, bots, and integrations that work with Slack. Searching for the best apps, integrations, and bots for Slack is just as easy as looking for the best Discord bots and integrations on the web. The 10 Best Slack apps, Integrations and Bots - Appy PieIntegrating a new app, or bot to Slack might just be one of the easiest tasks of your day. You can add an app to Slack in two ways –

  1. Via the App Directory
  2. Open Slack, click on your team name, and choose Apps & Integrations (top left-hand corner). The 10 Best Slack apps, Integrations and Bots - Appy Pie

  3. Via an Add to Slack button
  4. The 10 Best Slack apps, Integrations and Bots - Appy PieYou can find several "add to slack" buttons on the web. Click on them for one-click installation of a verified app, bot or integration to your team Slack account.
Installation typically involves two steps. In case you are having trouble with the installation of apps or bots from the Slack app store, talk to the administrators or team owners who can permit you or add the apps by themselves. Here are the top 10 slack apps every Slack team should check out at least once. To find out if you already have one of these or an older version, visit the Slack App Directory and click on “configure” on the page.

    #1. GrowthBot

    The GrowthBot comes from the HubSpot founder and CTO. It can answer simple questions on marketing, growth, and management. It is ideal for marketing teams that require guidance on analytics, trends and different systems. You can –
    • Begin chatting privately with @growthbot
    • Use the “slash” command to chat
    GrowthBot adds around-the-clock chatbot to your system.

    #2. Marker

    Marker is the only Chrome extension you need to share annotated screenshots with your Slack teammates. You can use it to capture a section of the page, or the entire page, annotate it and share via Slack personally or via a channel. You can use arrows, emojis, and texts to mark your screenshots. It also sends the URL where the screenshot was taken.

    #3. Giphy

    Giphy is one tool that we all know about. It allows the user to share an emotion or a reaction with their teammates. You need to type /Giphy and a phrase like "we need pizza" or "bedazzled" to share an emotion that cannot be described better in words! Make work a little fun with this light-hearted and lightweight app.

    #4. Trello

    Trello for Slack allows teams to share their to-do lists with user approval options. Slack users can approve Trello by typing /Trello help and logging into their Trello account. A Trello Slack integration is fuss-free, but integrating Trello is easier than anything you may have done today!

    #5. OneBar

    OneBar is the smart knowledge bot all Slack users need to check out right now. It is the best bot since it stores the knowledge in the form of questions and answers. Slack integrations of OneBar allows you to –
    • Answer your team FAQs
    • Curate missing content by locating knowledge gaps
    • Extract the knowledge from the Slack history

    #6. Live Chat

    Live Chat is the best chatbot now available for Slack users. Created by Social Intents, it can boost sales by increasing the customer satisfaction level. Live Chat leverages Dialogflow for adding chatbot functionalities to all Slack Chats. Here’s what you can do post Live Chat Slack integration –
    • Stay on Slack and respond to live chats
    • Create dedicated chatting channels for each chat
    • Archive inactive chats automatically after 12 hours

    #7. Jira for Slack

    Jira is THE way to track your team workflow and projects. If you are currently using Jira, you should think about integrating it into Slack for a seamless workflow. Using the Jira Cloud app gives you more than the typical Jira notifications in Slack. Here’s what you can do with Jira slack integration –
    • Prompt the app to send notifications to you and all your channels.
    • After connecting a project to Slack channels, you get to preview all issues assessed by the Jira bot.
    • Use the slash commands on Jira for checking issues on Slack.
    The existing Jira integrations can help Slack users to resolve incidents, ship code and iterate frequently without error.

    #8. Slackord

    Slackord is the ultimate bot that all Discord and Slack users need today! It transfers all Slack messages and notifications to Discord. It is one of the top discord bots that use the Slack JSON chat history and exports them individually to Discord. It is in the beta stage and it posts only actual messages and no bot data. It requires next-to-nil coding knowledge to connect your Discord and Slack messaging accounts within minutes. It is the best bots for Discord users who also want to see their Slack messages without leaving.

    #9. Chatlio

    Chatlio Is not just popular with chatbot users, but also with corporate teams that are looking for the best discord bots and slack chatbots. It enables users to speak with their website visitors regarding support issues and pre-sales queries from Slack directly. Additional features include type indicator, code block highlighting, emojis, requesting screenshots, and identifying the location of the site visitors.

    #10. Niles

    Niles is the only Wiki bot for Slack you will ever need to organize your team knowledge and FAQs. It is excellent for sales, product and engineering teams, support and operations, and HR. Niles is an AI-enhanced bot that can recognize the commonly asked questions based on Slack documents and chat to answer them accurately. Additional gain – Niles knows the best jokes for the slow hours during work!!
Conclusively, slack is one of the best apps for team communication and collaboration apps available today. It brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done in less time. Everything is one place, instantly searchable, document sharing, and video and voice calls, and you can access it wherever you go. Whether you want to get your team’s feedback, be updated for each new task, or want to manage your entire project, there is a slack app that can do that for you. But, you can make your Slack app more productive by integrating it with Appy Pie Connect. Appy Pie Connect, an intelligent automation platform, enables you to connect your Slack with other third-party apps to help your businesses increase their productivity and performance. This automation platform helps you to connect popular apps from different categories, such as customer relationship management (crm), customer support, call tracking, calendar, amazon web services (aws), email services, and many more, all without writing a single line of code.

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