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Top 16 Legal Music Download Websites Reviewed: Finding Your Rhythm in 2024 [Includes Infographics]

By Anuj | Last Updated on April 4th, 2024 11:52 am

Finding the right place to download music is important for everyone who loves listening to songs. This guide talks about the top 16 music download sites, considering their monthly visits, to show you where to find both free and paid music. We focus on sites that are easy to use, have lots of songs, and are popular with many people.

If you want to download music for free, we tell you about the best free music download sites, and if you're willing to pay for music to get better quality or find rare songs, we also share the best sites for that. We aim to help you easily find where to get your favorite music, considering how often people visit these sites, whether you're looking for free sites or the best places to buy premium for songs.

Table of Content

  1. Spotify
  2. Youtube Music
  3. Soundcloud
  4. Apple Music
  5. Pixabay
  6. Bandcamp
  7. Jio saavn
  8. Wynk
  9. Gaana
  10. Audiomack
  11. Beatstars
  12. Reverbnation
  13. Premiumbeat
  14. Jamendo
  15. Amazon Music
  16. Free Music Archive(FMA)

  1. Spotify
  2. Spotify started in 2008 and quickly became one of the most trending music streaming platforms, surpassing others like Apple Music and TIDAL. This service offers a vast array of songs and podcasts online, simplifying the process of listening to your preferred content anytime, anywhere. With Spotify, users enjoy a diverse music selection spanning various genres and artists, from indie rock and pop to classical music and beyond.

    In addition to music, Spotify is a great place for podcasts. The company is investing heavily in podcast content and dropped over $100 million on an exclusive multi-year deal with the Joe Rogan Experience. Spotify's complex algorithm plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience, recommending music based on listening history, and providing curated playlists and internet radio stations. Whether you're in the mood for music or podcasts, Spotify accommodates all listeners with its free, ad-supported version or the Premium plan, which offers an ad-free experience along with additional features.

    Free music download sites

    Key Features

    • Offline Listening: Download your favorite songs and podcasts to listen to without an internet connection.
    • Personalized Playlists: Spotify suggests playlists and songs based on what you've listened to before.
    • Cross-Platform Availability: Use Spotify on various devices, so your music and podcasts are always with you.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Library: With 100 million+ songs, 5 million podcast titles, and 350,000 audiobooks in many different languages, Spotify has something for everyone.
    • User Interface: Easy to navigate, Spotify helps you find new music, create playlists, and listen to curated content without any hassle.


    • Free Features: The free version of Spotify lets you listen to music with ads. There are some limits on mobile, like shuffle play.

    • Feature Spotify Free Spotify Premium
      Over 80 million songs
      Podcasts and audiobooks
      Travel abroad with your music For up to 14 days
      Pick and play any track on mobile Available on select playlists
      Play songs in any order
      Ad-free music listening
      Download music
      Download podcasts
      Highest music quality

    • Paid Plans: Spotify Premium offers ad-free listening and on-demand access to music, playlists and podcasts. It includes premium features like unlimited skips, high quality audio streaming, and offline listening support. Individual, Duo, Family and Student plans allow enjoying the full Spotify catalog across devices based on different user needs and budgets.
    • Country Student Plan Individual Plan Duo Plan Family Plan
      USA $5.99/month $10.99/month $14.99/month $16.99/month
      UK £5.99/month £10.99/month £14.99/month £17.99/month
      Germany €5.99/month €10.99/month €14.99/month €17.99/month
      Australia A$6.99/month A$12.99/month A$17.99/month A$20.99/month
      India ₹59/month ₹119/month ₹149/month ₹179/month

    Availability in Countries

    Spotify is available in many countries around the world. However, what's available to listen to can vary depending on where you are. Checking Spotify's website will give you the most current information about where it's available.

    Visit Spotify

  3. Youtube Music
  4. YouTube Music is Google's music streaming service, made to let you easily find and listen to songs and music videos all in one place. It's an update from Google Play Music. This service focuses just on music, making it simple for users to get to songs and videos. You can find a wide range of music, from new songs to old favorites and everything in between.

    The setup of YouTube Music is straightforward, with sections like Home for music suggestions based on what you like, Explore to find new music and genres, Library to see your past listens and saved music, and upgrade if you decide you want the premium version without ads. This makes it easy for anyone to use YouTube Music and quickly get to the music they want to hear.

    Free music download sites

    Key Features

    • Offline Listening: Allows Premium subscribers to download songs and videos for offline enjoyment.
    • Personalized Playlists: Offers a vast array of playlists tailored to your music taste and listening habits.
    • Cross-Platform Availability: Available on various devices, ensuring your music is accessible anywhere.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Library: Features over 100 million official songs and thousands of playlists, covering every imaginable genre and activity.
    • User Interface: Fast and minimalistic, the interface simplifies how you find and play music, with dedicated sections for home, exploration, library, and subscription upgrades.


    • Free Features: YouTube Music’s free version includes ads but offers unlimited access to songs and videos.

    • Feature YouTube Music Free YouTube Music Premium
      Ad-Supported Playback Yes No (Ad-Free Listening)
      Background Play No Yes
      Offline Listening No Yes
      Audio Quality Standard Higher quality options available
      Music Video Access Yes, with ads Yes, ad-free
      Skip Tracks Limited Unlimited
      Music Discovery & Recommendations Yes Yes, with more personalized options
      Access to Exclusive Content No Yes
      Use Without Internet No Yes (Download)
      Song Lyrics Yes Yes
      Listening on all devices Yes Yes

    • Paid Plans: YouTube Music Premium provides an ad-free, offline listening experience with background play across mobile, desktop and connected devices. Its paid plans include Individual, Family, and Student options, allowing users to enjoy the full YouTube Music catalog on-demand. Upgrading allows for features like unlimited skips, downloads and high quality streaming.
    • Country Student Plan Individual Plan Family Plan
      USA $5.49/month $10.99/month $16.99/month
      UK £5.99/month £10.99/month £19.99/month
      Germany €6.99/month €9.99/month €17.99/month
      Australia A$5.49/month A$10.99/month A$16.99/month
      India ₹59/month ₹99/month ₹149/month

    Availability in Countries

    YouTube music is widely available in many countries around the world. The specific availability of songs and videos might vary due to regional copyright restrictions. For the most accurate information on availability, it’s best to check the YouTube Music website.

    Visit YouTube Music

  5. Soundcloud
  6. SoundCloud, founded in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden, serves as an online platform for audio streaming and sharing music. It enables creators, including musicians and podcasters, to upload their work and share it with a global audience. This platform is particularly valued for its role in connecting artists directly with listeners.

    A distinctive feature of SoundCloud is its commenting system, which allows listeners to leave comments on specific parts of a track. This feature enhances interaction by letting users pinpoint their feedback to exact moments in the audio. Such comments are visible to all who listen to the track, promoting community engagement around the content.

    Free music download sites

    Key Features

    • Interactive Commenting: SoundCloud's unique commenting feature lets users share thoughts on specific moments in a track, enhancing the listening experience.
    • Creator-Friendly Platform: It provides tools for creators to upload their music and podcasts, making it easier to reach a wider audience.
    • Cross-Platform Availability: Accessible on various devices, ensuring you can listen to or share content from anywhere.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Library: With 375M+ tracks from 40 million artists across different genres, SoundCloud has a vast library that caters to a wide range of musical tastes.
    • User Interface: The platform is user-friendly, with a straightforward design that makes it easy to discover new music, navigate through tracks, and engage with creators.


    • Free Features: SoundCloud offers free access to its platform, with some limitations on listening and uploading for non-paying users.

    • Feature SoundCloud Free (Next) SoundCloud Next Pro
      Track uploads Up to 3 hours Unlimited
      Access to SoundCloud for Artists Included Included
      Private track uploads for sharing Included Included
      Public track uploads, comments, fan messages, and downloads Included Included
      Customizable artist profile and bio Included Included
      Ability to request profile verification Included Included
      Direct fan donations via multiple platforms Included Included
      Extended reach with First Fans listener autoplay recommendations on new uploads Included Included
      Unlimited global release distribution to 60+ networks and platforms Included
      Automatic release distribution to newly added streaming platforms Included
      Permanent release distribution with regular royalty payments Included
      Access to YouTube Content ID Included
      Monetize on SoundCloud with fan-powered royalties Included
      Access to SoundCloud for Artist's promotional toolkit, including SoundCloud Radio on SiriusXM Included
      Scheduled track releases on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms Included
      Split royalty payments between collaborators Included
      Access to priority SoundCloud help and support Included
      Advanced listener stats & insights Included
      Over $1,500 worth of savings on exclusive offers & discounts from partners Included
      Spotlight your best tracks and playlists at the top of your profile Included
      Replace a SoundCloud track while maintaining your play and like counts Included
      Free track mastering up to 3 times per month, powered by Dolby Included
      Premium profile badge visible to fans and collaborators Included

    • Paid Plans: SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Go are available for creators and listeners wanting more features like increased upload limits and ad-free listening, starting at around $6/month.

    • Subscription Type Features Price
      SoundCloud Go Ad-free listening, offline playback, access to all tracks $5.49/month (USD)
      SoundCloud Go+ All Go features plus high-quality audio, access to premium tracks, advanced listener analytics $9.99/month (USD)
      SoundCloud Pro Unlimited upload time, detailed analytics, ability to pin tracks to profile, replace track without losing stats $12.99/month (USD)
      SoundCloud Pro Unlimited All Pro features plus promotional tools, scheduled releases, full embed controls $16/month (USD)

    Availability in Countries

    SoundCloud is available worldwide, offering global access to its unique collection of music and audio content. However, the availability of certain tracks might vary by country due to copyright restrictions.

    Visit SoundCloud

  7. Apple Music
  8. Apple Music, developed by Apple, offers a streaming service for music and videos on a subscription basis. It's designed to provide extensive access to a wide library of musical content, readily available on Apple devices and for Android users through the Play Store. Unlike iTunes, where purchases allow you to own music, Apple Music focuses on streaming, granting subscribers access to its vast library for a monthly fee.

    One notable advantage for new users is the one-month free trial, allowing them to explore the full range of Apple Music's offerings without immediate commitment. This trial period is an excellent opportunity for users to experience the convenience of downloading tracks for offline listening, along with the service's ease of accessibility and extensive library.

    Best Free music download sites

    Key Features

    • Offline Listening: Enables the download of songs for offline playback, offering convenience for users on the move.
    • Easy Accessibility: Apple Music is pre-installed on Apple devices and available for Android, ensuring users can access it across different platforms.
    • Extensive Library: Apple Music has a large selection of music and videos, covering a wide range of genres and artists to match any listener's taste.
    • Monthly Subscription: Allows unlimited streaming of music and video content through various subscription plans.

    Library and User Experience

    • Vast Collection: With over 100 million songs, Apple Music provides an extensive range of choices for subscribers.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The service features a straightforward app design, simplifying the search for new music, playlist creation, and content playback.


    • Free Trial Available: New subscribers can explore the service with a free trial period before committing to a paid subscription.

    • Feature Student Plan ($5.99/mo.) Individual Plan ($10.99/mo.) Family Plan ($16.99/mo.)
      Access to Songs and Playlists Included Included Included
      Ad-Free Streaming Included Included Included
      Download Songs Included Included Included
      Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos Included Included Included
      Lossless Audio Included Included Included
      Apple Music Sing Included Included Included
      Personal Music Library Included Included
      Personalized Recommendations Included Included
      Number of Users 1 (with student verification) 1 Up to 6

    • Subscription Options: Offers individual, family, and student subscription plans, each requiring a monthly payment.

    • Country Student Plan Individual Plan Family Plan
      USA $5.99/month $10.99/month $16.99/month
      UK £5.99/month £10.99/month £16.99/month
      Germany €5.99 €10.99 €16.99
      Australia A$5.99 A$11.99 A$17.99
      India ₹59/month ₹99/month ₹149/month

    Availability in Countries

    Apple Music is accessible in numerous countries worldwide, making it a global platform for music and video streaming. Content availability may vary by location due to copyright considerations.

    Visit Apple Music

  9. Pixabay
  10. Pixabay is known for its free images, but it also offers a large selection of free music downloads. This makes it a useful place for anyone looking to find music for their projects. You can listen to the music first before deciding to download it. This helps make sure the music fits what you're looking for.

    The website has categories like beats, relaxing, and energetic music, which help you find the right sound for your project. You can also use keywords to search for music or sort the list of songs to see what's new, popular, or recommended by editors.

    What's great about Pixabay is the detailed filters like genre, mood, and duration. These tools help you quickly find the exact piece of music you need, whether it's for a podcast, a music video, a film, or something else.

    Free mp3 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Free Downloads: Pixabay lets you download thousands of songs for free.
    • Listen Before Downloading: You can stream songs to check if they match your project before downloading.
    • Helpful Filters: The site has filters for genre, mood, and more, making it easy to find the right music.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Wide Range of Music: Pixabay has 52,970+ no-copyright music library across different music styles, all available for free.
    • User Interface: The website is straightforward, so you can find and download the music you need without hassle.


    • Free to use: You can download and use any content on the platform without any cost.
    • No subscriptions: There are no monthly or yearly subscription fees for using Pixabay.
    • Royalty-free: The content is licensed under the Pixabay License, which allows you to use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without paying royalties.

    Availability in Countries

    People from the United States, Canada, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, and China can use Pixabay Music to find free songs for their projects. Creators from nations across North America, Europe, and Asia can utilize this platform to access diverse music genres without worrying about copyrights.

    Visit Pixabay

  11. Bandcamp
  12. Bandcamp is a platform that helps artists share their music with a unique approach. They can set up their music so listeners can either pay what they want or even download songs for free by entering zero in the payment box. This flexibility makes Bandcamp popular among both artists and music fans who appreciate the direct support.

    The Discover page on Bandcamp is an excellent tool for finding music. It showcases the best-selling tracks, latest releases, and recommendations from artists. You can find music in various formats, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAV, giving listeners the choice to download songs in the format that best suits their needs.

    Free mp3 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Name Your Price: Artists can let fans pay what they want for music, even offering it for free.
    • Discover Page: A special page to explore top-selling music, new arrivals, and artist recommendations.
    • Multiple Formats: Music is available in several audio formats, serving different preferences.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Wide Music Selection: Bandcamp's library includes a diverse range of music from independent artists worldwide.
    • Simple Navigation: The platform is designed for straightforward browsing, making it easy to find and support new music.


    Bandcamp doesn't offer any complicated pricing structures for either artists or listeners. Here's the key takeaway: It's free to use: Both artists and fans can access the core features of Bandcamp without any subscription fees.

    • Artists set the price: Musicians have complete control over how much they charge for their music, ranging from free downloads to specific prices for albums and tracks.
    • Fans decide how much to pay: While some artists offer specific prices, fans might also have the option to pay more or even download music for free, depending on the artist's preference. This flexible approach allows for direct fan support and empowers artists to connect with their audience on their own terms.

    Availability in countries

    Bandcamp is accessible globally, allowing artists from anywhere to share their music and fans from different corners of the world to discover new tunes. The availability of certain music might differ by region due to copyright laws.

    Visit Bandcamp

  13. Jio saavn
  14. JioSaavn began as Saavn in 2007 and merged with JioMusic in 2018 to form JioSaavn. This merger aimed to strengthen their service in the South Asian music streaming sector. JioSaavn works to support label partners, advertisers, and independent artists by combining content, commerce, and culture effectively.

    The platform has rights to more than 50 million tracks in 15 languages. It's an Indian music streaming service that distributes Bollywood, English, Tamil, Telugu, and other regional Indian music worldwide. JioSaavn is a freemium service, which means you can use basic features for free with ads and some limitations. For added features like high-quality streaming and offline music downloads, JioSaavn offers paid subscriptions.

    Free mp3 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Extensive Music Library: Access to over 80 million tracks across different languages and genres.
    • Offline Listening: Premium subscribers can download songs for offline enjoyment.
    • Curated Playlists: Find playlists for every mood and occasion, carefully selected by music experts.
    • Personalized Recommendations: Receive music suggestions tailored to your listening history.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Varied Music Selection: With music from Bollywood to international hits and regional melodies, JioSaavn includes a wide array of songs and genres.
    • Simple Interface: The platform is designed for straightforward browsing, making it easy for users to find new music and manage their playlists.


    • Free Access: Listen to music with advertisements and some mobile playback restrictions.
    • Benefit JioSaavn Free JioSaavn Pro
      80+ Million Songs
      Ad-Free Music
      Unlimited Downloads
      Listen Offline
      Highest Quality Audio
      Listen on Sonos, Alexa & More Limited
      Special Access & Offers

    • Paid Plans: At about $9.99/month, enjoy ad-free music, offline downloads, and high-quality audio.

    Country Student Plan Individual Plan
    USA Not Specifically Available $5.99
    UK Not Specifically Available JioSaavn Pro (N/A for specific pricing)
    Germany Not Specifically Available JioSaavn Pro (N/A for specific pricing)
    Australia Not Specifically Available A$5.99
    India ₹49/month ₹99/month

    Availability in countries

    JioSaavn is available to listeners around the world, but the availability of certain music might differ by region due to copyright laws.

    Visit JioSaavn

  15. Wynk
  16. Wynk Music offers a broad collection of over 24 million songs, from Bollywood classics to the latest international hits, and rich regional music in languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. Wynk is designed for every music enthusiast who seeks variety and quality in their musical experience. With playlists for every mood and occasion, Wynk Music ensures that you'll find the perfect track whether you're in the mood for something upbeat or something more mellow.

    Wynk Music provides a wide range of audio content, including podcasts in English and Hindi, alongside its extensive music library. This feature broadens the app’s utility, appealing to both music enthusiasts and podcast listeners. The platform allows users to compile personal playlists with their favorite tracks or utilize Wynk Music’s expertly curated selections to explore fresh music and podcasts.Free mp3 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Extensive Music Library: Offers a huge section of more than 24 million songs across various genres and languages.
    • Podcasts: Provides podcasts in English and Hindi, adding to the diversity of audio content available.
    • Playlist Customization: Allows users to create personal playlists and access curated selections for new music discoveries.
    • Song Downloads: Enables users to download certain songs for offline listening without requiring a premium subscription.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Variety of Music: Wynk Music holds more than 24 million songs, covering international chart-toppers and regional favorites, providing a broad selection for diverse musical preferences.
    • Ease of Navigation: The app is designed for straightforward use, making it easy to search for music, manage playlists, and enjoy audio content.


    • Free Access: Users can enjoy streaming and limited song downloads for free, supported by advertisements.
    • Premium Subscription: Offers an ad-free experience, higher-quality audio, and unlimited song downloads for offline listening.
    Feature Free Premium
    Monthly Cost Free Varies ( ₹49/month )
    Offline Listening Limited (around 500 songs) Unlimited downloads
    Download Expiry Songs expire after a period Downloads remain
    Ad Interruptions Yes No ads
    Audio Quality Standard High-quality
    Song Skipping Limited skips Unlimited skips
    Curated Playlists Limited access Exclusive access
    Lyrics Limited access Full access

    Availability in countries

    Wynk Music is available in India, Sri Lanka, and 15 African countries, offering its rich selection of music and podcasts to a specific regional audience.

    Visit Wynk

  17. Gaana
  18. Times Internet launched Gaana in 2010, establishing it as a leading music streaming service in India. With over 200 million monthly users, Gaana presents a vast collection that spans Indian and international music. The service includes songs in 21 Indian languages, such as Assamese, Odia, and Tamil, making it a diverse platform for listeners with various musical preferences. Gaana provides access to both contemporary and classical tracks, meeting the needs of a broad audience.

    Gaana enables users to create public playlists, which allows for sharing musical interests and discovering curated music from others. The availability of the Gaana mobile app on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms ensures that a wide range of users can access the service easily. This commitment to accessibility helps Gaana maintain its position as a top choice for music streaming.

    Free mp3 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Large Music Library: Gaana provides over 45 million songs in more than 21 Indian languages, making it a treasure trove for music lovers, including a rich variety of international tracks.
    • Playlist Creation and Sharing: Enables users to curate public playlists, facilitating the sharing and discovery of music.
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility: With support for Android, iOS, and Windows, Gaana is accessible on a broad range of devices.
    • Diverse Musical Offerings: Features an extensive collection of music, from Bollywood songs and regional tracks to international hits.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Wide Selection of Music: Gaana provides Over 45M songs and various music genres and languages, tailored to meet diverse listening preferences.
    • Simple Interface: Designed for user-friendly access, the platform enables effortless music search, playlist management, and discovery.


    • Free Access: Gaana allows users to enjoy music with ads, providing a vast library of songs and podcasts without any cost.
    • Paid Plans: Gaana Plus offers an ad-free experience, superior sound quality, and the option to download music for offline listening.
    Duration Price (₹) Cost per Month (₹) (approx.) Notes
    1 Month 99 99 -
    3 Months 199 66.33 Saves approx. 32.67% compared to monthly
    1 Year 399 33.25 Saves approx. 66.75% compared to monthly

    Availability in Countries

    Gaana, initially available globally, has narrowed its service to primarily cater to the Indian market. Geographic restrictions mean that only users in India can access the platform's entire music library and full range of features.

    Visit Gaana

  19. Audiomack
  20. Audiomack ranks highly among the best free music download sites, providing a platform where independent artists can freely upload and share their music. This service distinguishes itself from other free mp3 music download sites by focusing on new, independent, and emerging artists, offering a space free of limitations or restrictions seen in traditional music streaming services.

    Audiomack also offers a premium subscription for those who prefer to enhance their listening experience. This premium service allows users to enjoy music without ads, access high-quality audio, and download playlists for offline listening. With its commitment to both artists and listeners, Audiomack serves as a bridge in the music industry, making it a preferred site to download music. Its user-friendly interface ensures that finding and enjoying a wide range of music is straightforward and accessible to all.

     Music download sites

    Key Features

    • Direct Uploads: Unique among music download sites, Audiomack allows artists to upload their tracks directly, facilitating easy access to new music for users.
    • Free Promotion Tools: Highlighting its place among the best music download sites, Audiomack offers artists free promotional tools and analytics.
    • Wide Range of Music: With a diverse library, Audiomack is a favorite among free music download sites for listeners seeking fresh tunes across genres.
    • Listener Access: Audiomack ensures free access to its extensive catalog, positioning it as a leading choice among free mp3 music download sites.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Diverse Music Selection: Audiomack offers a large collection of millions of songs. This collection covers many different types of music, from popular genres to more niche styles. You can find both well-known artists and those just starting out on Audiomack, making it a great place to discover new music.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring users can easily find their favorite songs, Upload their music, create playlists, and explore new tracks without hassle.


    • Free Access: Emphasizing its role as a top free music download site, Audiomack offers unrestricted access to its wide range of music and podcasts.
    • Premium Subscription: For users seeking an ad-free experience, Audiomack Premium enhances the listening and download experience, aligning with the best practices of top music download sites.
    Country Price per Month Additional Features
    United States (USA) $4.99 Ad-free listening, unlimited skips, background playback, higher quality audio
    United Kingdom (UK) £3.99 Ad-free listening, unlimited skips, background playback, higher quality audio
    Canada $5.99 Ad-free listening, unlimited skips, background playback, higher quality audio
    Australia $7.99 Ad-free listening, unlimited skips, background playback, higher quality audio
    India ₹99 Ad-free listening, unlimited skips, background playback, higher quality audio

    Availability in Countries

    Audiomack has updated its agreement with Universal Music Group to cover Africa, the UK, and Canada. This deal expands Audiomack's offerings, now reaching audiences in over 50 countries.

    Visit Audiomack

  21. Beatstars
  22. BeatStars is a digital platform where musicians, producers, and beat makers can sell, license, and distribute their music. It's a place designed to help music creators get their work out there without the usual barriers. Music creators on BeatStars can upload their beats, set their own prices, and decide how they want to license their work. This platform is great for finding other creators to work with, sharing music, and even negotiating special deals for specific projects.

    BeatStars is also user-friendly for artists looking for music. You can search for the newest songs, choose by genre, or even by mood – like mellow or energetic. There are filters for musical key, instruments used, beats per minute (BPM), how long the song is, and the energy level. Plus, there's a special section for free beats, making it easy for anyone to find something they like without spending money.

     Music download sites

    Key Features

    • Direct Sales and Licensing: Enables creators to sell and license their music directly.
    • Community and Collaboration: Facilitates connections among music creators for collaborations.
    • Free Tools for Promotion: Offers embeddable players and advanced analytics at no cost.
    • Access to Free Beats: Provides a selection of free beats for download.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Broad Music Selection: BeatStars hosts over 8 million beats from more than 10 million creators globally. This vast library spans various genres and styles, suitable for any musical taste.
    • Easy Navigation: The platform allows users to easily search for beats using criteria such as genre, mood, instrument, BPM, and more. Its design simplifies the process of discovering new music, making playlists, and connecting with other creators.


    For Users:
    • Free Exploration: You can browse through millions of beats for free, just like exploring a music library.
    • Free Downloads: Some creators offer their beats for free download, often with limited use rights. This allows you to try out beats and discover new music without spending anything.
    For Creators:
    • Set Your Own Prices: As a creator, you can choose the price you want to charge for your beats. This gives you control over your earnings and allows you to set prices that work for you.
    • Variety of Options: Buyers can find beats at different price points, depending on their budget and how they plan to use the beat. This makes Beatstars a good option for both new and experienced musicians.

    Availability in Countries

    BeatStars is available worldwide, connecting creators and users across the globe. However, content availability may vary due to licensing and regional restrictions, affecting access to specific beats or songs. Additionally, payment processing limitations in some regions could impact transactions, influenced by local banking regulations.

    Visit Beatstars

  23. Reverbnation
  24. ReverbNation, launched in 2006 in North Carolina, serves over 4 million artists, managers, record labels, and venues globally. It's a platform where musicians can find tools for exposure and promotion, aiming to help them progress in the digital music landscape. ReverbNation is committed to artist development, providing innovative features like TuneWidget and Band Equity to assist in promoting their music and measuring success.

     Music download sites

    Key Features

    • TuneWidget: ReverbNation offers a free tool called "TuneWidget". This widget lets artists embed a customizable music player and additional content like recommended music, upcoming shows, and social media links directly onto their websites or any webpage. This allows artists to easily share their music and connect with fans in one central location.
    • Band Equity: A unique feature that evaluates an artist's popularity through metrics such as reach, influence, access, and recency. The most successful artists in each genre receive special recognition, highlighting their achievements.
    • Music Downloads: Fans have the opportunity to download music directly from ReverbNation. Artists can offer their tracks for free or as paid downloads, based on their preferences.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Diverse Music Choice: The platform showcases a wide range of music from artists across all genres, providing a rich resource for discovery.
    • User-Friendly Design: ReverbNation is designed to be intuitive, enabling artists to easily upload their work, engage with fans, and utilize promotional tools.


    • Free Features: Artists and users can use basic tools for promotion and sharing their music at no cost.
    • Feature Free Basic Premium
      Artist Profile
      Unlimited Songs
      Sell Your Music Limited features Limited features
      Gig Finder
      Email and Social Marketing Basic tools Enhanced tools with scheduling Advanced tools with scheduling, segmentation, and reporting
      Embedded Players
      Facebook App
      Opportunities Limited access Limited access Extensive access to industry opportunities (e.g., playlists, contests, licensing)
      Electronic Press Kit
      Large Song Uploads
      Increased Email Contacts Limited increase Unlimited increase
      Ad-Free Profile
      Digital Distribution ✓ (additional fees apply)
      Website with Free Domain
      Unbranded Embeds
      Fan Reach Reporting Basic analytics Basic analytics Advanced analytics with detailed insights
      Advanced Promotion Tools Limited options Limited options Targeted social media ads, email campaigns, pre-save campaigns
      Mobile App Features Limited Limited Full access to all features

    • Subscription Options: For deeper insights and advanced promotional capabilities, artists can opt for ReverbNation's subscription services.

    • Plan Monthly Price (USD) Yearly Price (USD) Equivalent Monthly Price (USD)
      Free $0/month N/A N/A
      Basic $12.95/month $129.50 $10.79
      Premium $19.95/month $199.50 $16.62

    Availability in Countries

    Operating worldwide, ReverbNation offers its Library of tools and services to artists and music industry professionals in numerous countries, fostering a global music community.

    Visit ReverbNation

  25. Premiumbeat
  26. Finding the perfect music to set the tone for your creative projects, like videos, films, apps, and games, can be a challenge, especially when dealing with confusing licensing fees. However, PremiumBeat, a leading website, offers a solution to simplify this process.

    PremiumBeat boasts a massive collection of royalty-free music. What this means is that you pay a single fee for a track and use it in your projects as many times as needed, without additional charges every time someone hears it. They work with talented artists to curate a diverse collection of unique and fresh music spanning over 30 different genres. Whether you need energetic pop for your app or calming classical for your film, PremiumBeat has the perfect match to set the desired mood and enhance your project's impact.

    Their platform is designed to be easy to use, making it simple to find and use music. You can easily browse and listen to songs directly on your computer or phone. Once you find the perfect track, purchasing and downloading it is quick and straightforward. Additionally, PremiumBeat focuses primarily on paid royalty-free licenses, ensuring clear and legal use of music in your projects.

    While PremiumBeat primarily focuses on paid options, they also offer a limited selection of free music tracks. It's important to remember that these free tracks might have specific limitations on how you can use them. Always check the licensing terms carefully before using any free tracks.

    Top 10 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Exclusive Music Selection: Handpicked tracks from renowned composers worldwide, exclusive to PremiumBeat.
    • Copyright Clear Music: Tracks are fully licensed and copyright clear, removing the hassle of dealing with copyright issues.
    • Straightforward Licensing: Easy-to-understand licensing options that cater to various project needs without hidden costs.
    • Perpetual License: A one-time purchase grants lifetime use of a track, ensuring no future fees.
    • Access to Free Beats: Provides a selection of free beats for download(Limited section).

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Wide Genre Variety: Thousands of tracks in over 30 styles, meeting the diverse needs of creative projects.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for simplicity, making it quick to search, preview, and download the right music.


    • Free Plans: PremiumBeat offers a selection of free music tracks available for download, providing an accessible way for users to enhance their projects at no cost.
    • Feature Free Tracks Standard License
      Cost Free One-time fee per track
      Usage Limited (personal, non-commercial projects) Unlimited use in most commercial projects
      Track selection Limited selection with specific licensing terms Full access to the entire PremiumBeat library (thousands of tracks)
      Licensing terms Complex and restrictive Clear and straightforward royalty-free licensing
      Support Limited support Dedicated customer support

    • Paid Plans: For access to the full library of exclusive, high-quality tracks, PremiumBeat provides clear and affordable licensing options, ensuring creators can find the perfect music for their projects without worrying about future fees.

    • Feature Music Subscription Music Standard License Music Premium License SFX Standard License SFX Premium License
      Pricing Model Per month Pay-per-track Pay-per-track Pay-per-track Pay-per-track
      Price US$64.95/month $12.99/track $49 $5 $20
      Usage Personal, non-commercial projects Most commercial projects (web, social media, etc.) Expanded use cases (TV, advertising, etc.) Most commercial projects (web, social media, etc.) Expanded use cases (TV, advertising, etc.)
      Limitations Limited downloads, non-commercial use Limited distribution in certain territories None Limited distribution in certain territories None

    Availability in Countries

    PremiumBeat's services are available globally, offering creative professionals worldwide access to an unparalleled selection of royalty-free music for their projects.

    Visit PremiumBeat

  27. Jamendo
  28. Jamendo is a music platform focused on independent artists and their fans. It's where artists can upload their music for others to find and enjoy. This feature makes Jamendo a special place for discovering new music across various genres, free from mainstream constraints. The platform supports artists in getting their music heard by a global audience, helping them to grow their fan base.

    Jamendo offers two main services: Jamendo Music for individuals who want to listen to or download music at no cost, and Jamendo Licensing for those needing music for commercial projects like videos, films, or games. Jamendo Music is a free service to stream and download songs directly. Jamendo Licensing provides a legal and direct way to use music in commercial settings, ensuring creators get the right music for their projects without legal worries. Both services make it easy for users to access music, whether for personal enjoyment or professional use.

    Top 10 music download sites

    Key Features

    • Free Music Streaming and Downloading: Users can stream and download music for free without limitations or ads.
    • Independent Artist Focus: Jamendo is dedicated to showcasing independent artists, offering them a platform to reach listeners worldwide.
    • Jamendo Music and Licensing: Two distinct services cater to different needs – free listening for fans and licensing options for commercial use.
    • High-Quality Audio: Music is available in MP3 (192 kbit/s) and Ogg Vorbis formats, ensuring a high-quality listening experience.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Diverse Music Collection: Jamendo boasts a vast collection of Over 500,000 royalty-free music tracks across various genres, covering all music tastes.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The site's design is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate, discover new music and download tracks.


    • Free Access: Jamendo Music offers limited free access to its music library for personal use.
    • Licensing Options: Jamendo Licensing provides affordable royalty-free music for commercial use, with clear and simple licensing terms.
    • Feature Free Premium
      Access to Music Library Limited selection Unlimited access to entire library (250,000+ tracks)
      Usage Rights Specific royalty-free licenses for personal use Download and use for various online projects (YouTube, Facebook, advertising)
      Downloading Tracks Limited downloads with specific usage licenses Unlimited downloads with broader usage rights
      Cost Free $29/month or $228/year (discounted)

    Availability in Countries

    Jamendo's platform is accessible worldwide, available in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese, ensuring a broad reach for both artists and listeners.

    Visit Jamendo

  29. Amazon Music
  30. Amazon Music provides a library with more than 100 million songs and 15 million podcast episodes. This service suits a broad audience, featuring music across various genres and eras. Listeners can stream music on devices such as Alexa-enabled devices, Fire TVs, desktops, and mobile phones. For those who choose the Premium subscription of Amazon Music, benefits include the option to download songs for offline listening and the freedom to skip tracks without limits.

    Amazon Music ensures an easy experience for users, allowing them to quickly locate and play their preferred music or podcasts. Whether at home or away, Amazon Music integrates into daily life, offering a fluid listening experience. The Premium option enhances this by eliminating ads, enabling offline playback, and providing unlimited skips, appealing to dedicated music fans.

    Sites to download music

    Key Features

    • Extensive Music and Podcast Library: A huge selection of songs and podcast episodes available for streaming and offline listening.
    • Cross-Device Compatibility: Enjoy music on Alexa, Fire TV, desktop, and mobile devices.
    • Unlimited Offline Downloads and Skips: Download your favorites and skip songs without limits.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Wide Range of Content: Amazon Music features over 100 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks across genres such as pop, hip-hop, country, classical, rock, jazz, and electronic, meeting the varied interests of listeners.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Amazon Music's interface is user-friendly, simplifying how users search for music, create playlists, and download tracks for offline listening.


    • Free Access: Amazon Music's free plan gives users access to playlists and stations with ads, allowing for a basic introduction to its wide library without requiring a subscription.
    • Feature Free Access Amazon Prime Music Amazon Music Unlimited
      Catalog 2 million songs 100 million songs 100 million songs
      Sound Quality 256 kbps MP3 256 kbps MP3 Up to HD (850 kbps FLAC or 16-bit/44.1kHz) and Ultra HD (3730 kbps FLAC or 24-bit/192kHz)
      Monthly Price N/A Included with Prime membership ($14.99/month) $8.99/month for Prime members, $10.99/month for non-Prime
      Free Period 30 days N/A 30 days
      Ads Yes No No
      Offline listening No No (only for All-Access playlists) Yes
      Pick and play any track No No (only for All-Access playlists) Yes
      User-created playlists Yes (shuffle play online) Yes Yes
      On-demand playback No No (only for All-Access playlists) Yes

    • Subscription Services: The service provides a Premium option, enhancing the listening experience with features like ad-free music, unlimited downloads, and unrestricted skipping.

    • Country Amazon Prime Music (Included with Prime) Amazon Music Unlimited
      US Free with Prime ($14.99/month) $9.99/month for Prime members, $10.99/month for non-Prime
      UK Free with Prime (£7.99/month) £9.99/month and £10.99/month for non-prime
      Germany Free with Prime (€8.99/month) €8.99/month
      Australia Free with Prime (AU$14.95/month) AU$14.95/month
      India Free with Prime (₹1499/year) ₹129

    Availability in Countries

    Despite exceeding 50 countries, Amazon Music isn't available globally, particularly in most of Asia. While the US, Canada, UK, and Germany offer all tiers, other locations like Japan might have limited options.

    Visit Amazon Music

  31. Free Music Archive (FMA)
  32. The FMA is a non-profit platform dedicated to offering free access to music from independent artists. They started as a project by a radio station but are now run independently. With over 150,000 songs in their collection, you're sure to find something you love, whether it's for a project or just for listening.

    The best part? Using the FMA is completely free! You can download and use the music without any cost. They do welcome donations to help keep the platform running, but using the music itself is completely free. Plus, their handy search filters make finding the perfect song a breeze. You can filter by genre, instrument, mood, and even the type of license the music falls under.

    So, if you're looking for free, high-quality music, the FMA is a fantastic resource for filmmakers, podcasters, and music lovers alike!

    The 13 Best Free Music Download Sites Legally

    Key Features

    • Open-Licensed Music: Every track on FMA is open-licensed. This means you can freely download and use the music in your projects or simply enjoy listening.
    • Dedicated to Independent Artists: FMA is a stage for independent musicians worldwide, offering a platform to share their art with a global audience.
    • Search and Filter: Finding the perfect song is easy. You can search by genre, mood, instrument, and more, thanks to FMA's detailed filtering options.

    Extensive Library and Ease of Use

    • Rich Music Catalog: With over 150,000 tracks, FMA offers an extensive range of music for various tastes and project needs.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed for ease of navigation, allowing users to effortlessly explore and download music.


    • Free Access: FMA is entirely free to use, making a wide library of music accessible without cost. While the service is free, donations are welcomed to support the platform's ongoing operations and growth.

    Availability in Countries

    FMA serves users from all over the world, providing a global audience with access to its rich catalog of music. This international approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse music offered by independent artists through FMA.

    Visit Free Music Archive

How to create a music platform with Appy Pie

Appy Pie’s music website builder is not only the simplest of the lot but also allows you to add features that are sure to increase your audience reach beyond your limits. Now you can make a music website within minutes with Appy Pie’s website builder which is designed for non-tech savvy people without any coding or technical knowledge.

Whether you are into music, a musician, or a band, our music website builder will help you with a great website. The just-in-time feature is the top benefit of this one-of-a-kind Music website website builder as it allows you to pick from several hundred of the most useful features available on the platform and add them to your website using a convenient drag-and-drop functionality. You are no longer responsible for the coding of a music website from scratch. This DIY platform offers you an opportunity to develop a music site just a few minutes. To create a music platform with Appy Pie, follow this structured and detailed guide:

Here is a structured step-by-step guide for creating a music website using Appy Pie's AI Music Website builder:

Step 1- Visit the Appy Pie Music Website Builder

  • Search for "Appy Pie Music website builder" in your preferred search engine and navigate to their platform.

Step 2- Describe Your Website

  • Enter a detailed text description of the website you want to build as a prompt.

  • Decide on the genre, artists, or content you want to focus on.

  • Determine if you want to support local artists, host user-generated content etc.

Step 3- Sign Up/Login

  • If you already have an account, sign in with your email or mobile number

  • If you are new, sign up by providing some basic contact information

Step 4- Analyze the Website Overview

  • Appy Pie will generate a basic website layout and overview based on your description.

  • Review the mobile and desktop previews.

Step 5- Save and Continue

  • Click "Save and Continue" to go to the website builder dashboard.

Step 6- Personalize, Customize and Build Core Features

  • Add your logo, color schemes and customize layouts.

  • Use the builder to add key features like playlists, user profiles, Favorites, library etc.

  • Add other features like social sharing, offline listening recommendations etc.

Step 7-- Test Your Website

  • Customize and edit your website as needed.

  • Test the website on multiple browsers for compatibility.

Step 8- Publish Your Website

  • Connect your music website to a domain name of your choice and go online!

Following these steps will guide you in successfully creating and launching your music platform with Appy Pie, providing a unique space for music lovers to explore and enjoy.

Factors Considered While Making This List

When compiling our list of top music download websites, we carefully considered several critical factors to ensure each site meets the high expectations of users. Here’s an overview of the criteria we used:

  • Legality and Copyright Compliance
  • We focused on platforms that comply with copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights. This ensures that users can enjoy music and beats without facing legal issues.

  • Music Library and Monthly Visits
  • Our selection includes websites with a diverse range of music, covering everything from timeless classics to the latest hits across all genres like pop, hip-hop, and more, covering various musical tastes. We also looked at the monthly traffic to these sites globally, utilizing data from SimilarWeb and other sources. This helped us gauge each site's popularity and reliability, ensuring our list reflects platforms that attract a wide audience.

  • User Interface and Experience
  • The ease of navigating a website significantly impacts the user experience. We chose sites known for their straightforward, user-friendly designs, allowing for easy discovery and enjoyment of music. A smooth interface enhances the overall downloading experience.

  • Quality
  • The audio quality was a non-negotiable aspect. All the platforms we selected offer high-quality music, ensuring users can enjoy their downloads in the best possible sound clarity.

  • Accessibility of Music Around the World
  • An important addition to our criteria is the accessibility of music for users worldwide. We prioritized platforms that make their music library accessible globally, allowing people from different regions to explore and download their preferred tunes without restrictions.

Summary and Final Thoughts

To summarize this research blog, we have carefully chosen 16 legal and safe websites for downloading music in 2024. Our goal is to give you options to enjoy music without worries. This list has free downloaded music sites and subscription sites to match different likes and budgets. It's very important to use websites that follow the law for downloading music or using any beat in your work. This helps the people who make the music and beats, and makes sure you don't break rules. This blog is a trustworthy guide to find the best places online for legal music streaming and downloads. Whether you want to hear new popular music or old favorites, We have made a list of good sites for you.

Using these legal music download sites has two benefits. First, it pays and encourages the artists, producers and others involved in making music. Second, by avoiding piracy problems, users can enjoy optimal smooth streaming and downloads. With convenience, reliability, safety and payment to creators all considered, this blog is a trustworthy one-stop reference for your music needs in 2024. All that remains is your music taste – choose from the 16 options discussed to start your next musical experience!

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