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How to Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp?

By Ruchi | Last Updated on May 12th, 2024 11:59 am

Managing customer queries and ensuring prompt and accurate replies is a challenging task for businesses, especially as the number of messages increases. This is where the power of workflow automation tools can help. With the recent advancements in technology, businesses can now automate their responses and provide instant replies to their customers.

One such innovative platform that enables this is Appy Pie, which offers a seamless way to connect your apps and automate workflows even with ChatGPT. With its user-friendly interface, Appy Pie has made it incredibly easy to automate workflows with ChatGPT.

In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process of how to automate your WhatsApp Business account replies using the power of ChatGPT. By the end, you will be able to efficiently manage your customer queries and provide prompt and accurate responses, enhancing your overall customer experience. So, let's begin exploring the world of workflow automation with ChatGPT and see the positive impact it can have on your business.

How to Integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp Business?

Businesses can simply integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp Business following the below steps:

  1. Login/Signup
  2. Make an account if you are new to Appy Pie, or log in if you already have an account.


  3. Create a Connect
  4. After signing in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Click on “Create a Connect” to get on with the connection.


  5. Select Trigger App
  6. Now, select the trigger app. We want to connect WhatsApp Business with ChatGPT, so our trigger will be WhatsApp.


  7. Select the Trigger Event
  8. Next, we must select the trigger event. As for our case, we will choose “New Message Received”. Then click continue.


  9. Add Your WhatsApp Account
  10. You need to add your WhatsApp account from which the trigger will take place. Then click continue, you can also request a demo.


  11. Set up options for WhatsApp Business New Message
  12. In this process, you need to select “Business” and the “WhatsApp Account”. Then click continue and run the test.


  13. Review the Test
  14. As you click continue and run the test, you can view the latest record of your WhatsApp Business Account to check if your connect is triggering from the right data. Then click “Continue”.


  15. Select Action App
  16. Now, select the action app, for our case, it will be ChatGPT.


  17. Select the Action Event
  18. Next, select the action event, which will be “Chat Completion”. This will help you to create a model response for the business messages you will receive, the ones that you chose.


  19. Add ChatGPT Account
  20. Add your ChatGPT account, you can add a new account or use the same account as well. Then click continue.


  21. Set up options for ChatGPT Chat Completion
  22. Now, choose the “Model” and the “Chat Prompt” as per your needs. Then click continue and run the test.


  23. Add the next Action App
  24. Next, you will be adding “WhatsApp Business” as the Action App to send the msg. For example: when you receive a query regarding the pricing, ChatGPT being the action app will generate a response and then it will directly send the same to the receiver.


  25. Select the Action Event
  26. Choose the Action Event as “Send Message”.


  27. Set up Options for WhatsApp Business Send Message
  28. Add the necessary details for Business, WhatsApp Account, the numbers, templates, and the message. Then click Continue.


  29. Apps Connected
  30. After clicking continue and running the test, the apps will get connected. You can now edit the process or straightaway move to the dashboard.


You can now rest and let this connect work on sending the replies to your business-related messages. Additionally, you can enable or disable the connection at your convenience from the dashboard.

Benefits of Integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp Business

Chatting on WhatsApp has become a primary mode of communication for billions of people worldwide, and it's not just limited to personal conversations. Businesses, too, have embraced the platform as a convenient and accessible way to connect with their customers. However, managing customer queries and providing prompt responses can be a challenge, especially as the volume of messages increases. This is where integrating ChatGPT on WhatsApp Business becomes a game-changer.

By bringing together ChatGPT's advanced AI capabilities and WhatsApp's widespread reach, businesses can revolutionize the way they interact with their customers. Here are some key benefits of this integration:

  1. Instant and Accurate Responses
  2. ChatGPT on WhatsApp enables businesses to provide instant replies to customer queries, reducing response times significantly. The AI model can understand and generate human-like responses, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant answers every time.

  3. 24/7 Availability
  4. With this integration, businesses can offer round-the-clock support to their customers. Even outside regular working hours, ChatGPT can handle incoming queries, provide information, and assist customers, ensuring a continuous support system.

  5. Enhanced Customer Experience
  6. Integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp elevates the overall customer experience. Customers can conveniently reach out via their preferred messaging platform and receive quick, personalized responses. This level of responsiveness and accuracy boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  7. Automate Routine Tasks
  8. ChatGPT can automate various routine tasks, from frequently asked questions to basic customer support. This frees up human customer support staff to focus on more complex or urgent issues, improving overall efficiency.

  9. Personalized Engagement
  10. ChatGPT's language generation capabilities allow businesses to create personalized messages and targeted marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. This level of customization helps build stronger connections with customers.

  11. Expand Global Reach
  12. WhatsApp is used worldwide, and integrating ChatGPT can help businesses expand their global presence. ChatGPT's multilingual capabilities enable businesses to communicate with customers in various languages, breaking down language barriers.

By leveraging the integration of ChatGPT on WhatsApp, businesses can transform their customer support, marketing, and overall engagement strategies. It offers a powerful combination of AI technology and messaging convenience, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and enhanced business efficiency.

Why Should You Automate ChatGPT?

Automating ChatGPT opens doors to new possibilities for businesses, offering streamlined operations and enhanced workflow processes. Integrating ChatGPT's advanced AI capabilities into daily tasks revolutionizes the way businesses function. From customer support to content generation and internal team assistance, ChatGPT automation is versatile.

Appy Pie is the key to unlocking this potential, providing a seamless platform to integrate ChatGPT with third-party apps. It acts as a bridge, connecting ChatGPT's AI with everyday business apps. This integration maximizes ChatGPT's capabilities, enabling efficient data flow and automation. With its intuitive interface, Appy Pie simplifies the creation and management of ChatGPT automation workflows, making it accessible to all.

By leveraging Appy Pie, businesses can focus on their core strengths while benefiting from efficient workflow automation. This drives success through improved efficiency and enhanced productivity, all powered by ChatGPT's cutting-edge AI technology.

Popular WhatsApp Business Integrations

  1. Appy Pie Live Chat with WhatsApp Business
  2. Integrating Appy Pie Live Chat with WhatsApp Business allows businesses to manage their customer support directly through the WhatsApp platform. This integration enables businesses to communicate with their customers conveniently, providing instant support and an enhanced user experience.

  3. Integrate WhatsApp Business with MailChimp
  4. By integrating WhatsApp Business with MailChimp your business account will connect with MailChimp's email marketing platform. By syncing these two tools, businesses can easily manage their customer contacts, automate targeted messaging campaigns, and leverage the power of both email and WhatsApp communications to reach a wider audience.

  5. Integrate WhatsApp Business with Tableau
  6. By creating WhatsApp Business with Tableau integration you can connect your business account with Tableau's data visualization platform. By syncing these tools, businesses can visualize and analyze their WhatsApp communication data, gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and message performance. It helps businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their WhatsApp marketing strategies.

  7. WhatsApp Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  8. By setting up a WhatsApp Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations businesses can manage their customer data. Furthermore, they can also track interactions, and automate WhatsApp communications based on CRM insights. It offers a seamless flow of information between the two platforms, improving customer relationship management.

  9. Integrate WhatsApp Business with BambooHR
  10. Integrating WhatsApp Business with BambooHR, an HR management software, streamlines employee communication. Businesses can use WhatsApp to send important updates and notifications, and even conduct casual check-ins with their team members. It provides a convenient and accessible way to connect with employees, improving engagement and accessibility.

Popular ChatGPT Integrations

  1. Verloop and ChatGPT Integrations
  2. Verloop is a customer support platform. Setting up Verloop and ChatGPT integrations allows Verloop to provide more advanced and intelligent responses to customer queries, improving the overall customer support experience. ChatGPT's language understanding and generation models power this integration, resulting in more efficient and effective support.

  3. Integrate ChatGPT with Housecall Pro
  4. Housecall Pro, a field service management software, integrates with ChatGPT to automate various tasks. When you integrate ChatGPT with House Pro it enables Housecall Pro to utilize ChatGPT's AI for generating reports, creating work orders, and even providing customer support through chat or email. It streamlines the workflow for field service professionals, improving their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  5. Integrate ChatGPT with Amazon SQS
  6. Integrating ChatGPT with Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), a message queuing service, connects the two popular platforms. By leveraging Amazon SQS, businesses can manage and process large volumes of messages efficiently. ChatGPT can generate responses, which are then queued and delivered through Amazon SQS, ensuring reliable and scalable message handling.

  7. Integrate ChatGPT with SugarCRM
  8. Integrating ChatGPT with SugarCRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, enhances the CRM's capabilities. ChatGPT can be used to automatically generate personalized messages, provide intelligent responses to customer queries, and even create targeted marketing campaigns within SugarCRM. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

  9. Integrate ChatGPT with Zoom
  10. By setting up a ChtaGPT and Zoom integration, brings together ChatGPT's AI capabilities and Zoom's video conferencing platform. Businesses can use ChatGPT to automate various tasks within Zoom, such as scheduling meetings, generating transcripts, or even providing real-time closed captioning during meetings. It improves the overall Zoom experience and enhances productivity.


In conclusion, integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp Business offers a multitude of benefits that elevate the customer experience and transform business operations. By harnessing the power of AI through ChatGPT, businesses can provide instant, accurate, and personalized responses to their customers' queries, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. This integration also enables 24/7 availability, automates routine tasks, and improves overall efficiency.

With ChatGPT on WhatsApp, businesses can revolutionize their engagement strategies, expand their global reach, and deliver an exceptional messaging experience to their customers. This combination of cutting-edge AI technology and the convenience of WhatsApp creates a powerful tool for businesses to stay competitive and successful in the modern market.

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