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A Complete Product Label Development Guide: Types, Design, and Ways to Create

Abhinav Girdhar
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Product labeling is a critical point of interaction between your business and customers, and goes beyond just a title. Effective labeling is key to making a positive first impression and clear communication about your product. Packaging is essential for identifying your product, enhancing its visual appeal, and promoting it in the market. Product labeling also provides valuable details to potential customers. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-designed and informative label that represents your brand and product effectively. By prioritizing product labeling, businesses can improve their visibility and appeal to their target audience, leading to increased sales and success in the market.

Creating a unique product label is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. By designing an attractive brand label, you can establish your brand as a recognizable and trustworthy presence in the market. In this blog, we will explore the importance of brand labeling and provide tips for designing an effective label that reflects your brand's identity and values.

  • Provides Identification

    A label provides identity to a product that may otherwise be anonymous. This helps distinguish the product from its competitors, especially when it is displayed alongside similar options. Effective labeling is crucial for making a product stand out and capturing the attention of potential customers.

  • It prevents clients from being scammed

    Designing a label for your product can prevent shoppers from selecting the wrong item by providing clear and relevant information. It is crucial to include all necessary details on the label to ensure that customers receive the product they are looking for, without any confusion or guesswork. An informative and well-designed label can also help to establish trust with customers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

  • Provides information by law

    In certain situations, product labeling is legally required, such as for pharmaceuticals and food items. This is because consumer products must provide a comprehensive list of ingredients or components to ensure the safety of buyers. By adhering to labeling regulations, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and transparent products to their customers.

  • Improves marketing game

    Marketing is about grabbing a customer's attention; a label does the same. When paired with design elements, brands can persuade new potential customers to purchase your product.

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What factors should one consider while designing a Product Label?

The checklist of "how to design a product label" includes:

  • When creating a brand label, it is important to note that the design of the label does not replace the need for a brand logo. The first step in the process should always be designing a unique and recognizable logo that accurately reflects your brand's identity. A logo serves as a condensed symbol of your brand, while brand labels provide a visual representation of a specific product. The design of the brand label is ultimately a part of your overall brand identity, which is why it's essential to establish your brand and logo upfront. This involves selecting appropriate fonts and colors that align with your brand's values and messaging.

  • Dimensions of Packaging- Before designing a brand label, it's crucial for business owners to choose the right container for their product. Once the packaging is finalized, the next step is to determine the label's dimensions based on the container size. Standard label sizes are typically available for common packaging formats, such as 750 ml wine bottles. By understanding the exact packaging dimensions, businesses can create the most effective and visually appealing label designs for their products. To simplify the process of designing product labels, businesses can use Appy Pie's Free Product Label Maker, which offers a wide range of customizable templates and design features to create unique and attractive labels.

  • Printing- After finalizing the brand label design, the next step is to have the label printed by a professional printing company. Before proceeding, it's important to research the technical specifications and pricing of various printers to ensure that the labels are produced to the required standards and within budget. This step is critical in ensuring that the final labels are of high quality and meet the brand's standards. Once the printing company has the finalized label design file, they will produce the labels and deliver them to the business owner. Of course, if you’d rather take charge of this yourself, there are solutions out there to handle printing and labelling in-house. For instance, you can procure shrink sleeve machinery at CoolJarz, giving you control over product label design and the packaging process as well.

  • Description of your product- In addition to the brand label design, a product label must also include a practical description of the product written in paragraph form for the convenience of the user. The specifics of the description will vary depending on the product, but it may include instructions, actions, and warnings. For example, pharmaceutical product labels often include detailed information on dosage and potential side effects.

  • Colors- The colors used in a brand label design can impact a customer's purchase decision. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully consider the color palette while designing the label. To create an appealing label design, one should take into account various factors. You can elevate your color game by blending different colors or choosing the perfect color for your label using Appy Pie Design's Color Mixer and Image Color Picker tools. These tools can help you create an eye-catching label that captures the attention of potential customers.

  • Font- When designing a brand label, the font style you choose can make a big impact. It's important to choose a font that sets your product apart from competitors and accurately represents your brand's essence. For instance, if you're selling a spicy schezwan sauce, your label design should include a font that reflects the product's spiciness and fun appeal.

  • Contact Information- Incorporating your organization's contact information on brand labels is just as essential as creating an attractive design. It is an intelligent way to interact with customers, establish trust in your brand, and promote it.

What are the types of Product labels, and how to create a Branded Label?

Usually, every commercial product has one of the labels mentioned below, considering the product details necessary for product packaging.

  1. Grading Label: These brand labels involve specific features or qualities of a product's sub-category. It is designed to simplify the customer's search for particular qualities.

  2. Brand Label: These kinds of labels are very accurate and display only the name of the brand and no more information about the product. Instead, the brand labels involve your trademark number, logo, and name. For instance, the Huawei or Samsung labels behind their smartphones.

  3. Descriptive Label: These kinds of brand labels produce more information about a product than grading and branding labels. For example, they display information on the product's progress, including its batch number, instructions, warnings or precautions, expiry date, production date, and much more.

  4. Information Label: Informational labels are the most detailed labels of all. These brand labels involve instructions on gadget cleaning, storage, or other recipes or use for utilizing the product. Generally, pharmaceutical industries make use of this kind of product label.

Creating an Effective Product Label Design

Business owners can create their brand labels or hire a graphic designer. Small businesses or startups are suggested to design their label brand design, which is made easier with Appy Pie's Free product label maker. It is straightforward to make your label, select the desired template from among the pool of templates available, or start from scratch. Then choose the color scheme and font per the brand theme and upload your logo to customize it.

With enough funds for their brand's development, the MNCs must hire a graphic designer to design unique brand labels.

Where and at what cost do Labels are printed?

Modern printing houses use computer technologies, digital printing equipment and modern technology to create print products or brand labels. Using a printing house, your labels are printed quickly, accurately, and at a competitive price. And choosing a printing house depends on the business owner’s location, budget, and requirements. Here are the types of Printing houses and the selection criteria for a printing house:

  • Types of Printing Houses:
    1. Offline Printing houses: This is the most common type of printing house; the user needs to find the best printing house available nearby and get their brand labels printed. You can easily find good printing shops on google maps.

    2. Online printing houses: These web printing services include straightforward steps: the users must email their brand label design file to get it printed, select the most suitable livery method & make the payment. Some famous online printing houses involve Moo, Vistaprint, and many more.

  • Selection criteria for a printing house
    1. Checking the customer reviews
    2. Ensure it provides the services needed for your brand
    3. Inquire regarding the conditions of ordering a print
    4. Verify the layout specifications that are acceptable for printing

How to create your own Product Label with Appy Pie Design?

Appy Pie’s free product label maker covers everyone, especially the non-designer. It has an easy-to-use interface with various templates, or you can start from scratch. Include your logo and color schemes, choose the most suitable font types, and create beautiful custom brand labels. It is all accessible and user-friendly.

  1. Choose a Product Label Template

    In the first step, choose a suitable template for the Product label that suits your needs. Then, you can upload your image.

  2. Customize the Design for Product Label

    Once you have uploaded the image, you can add text, shapes, arrows, and more to your product label. Choose from over 50 fonts and thousands of icons, conditions, and other objects to create your Product Label.

  3. Save and Download your customized Product Label Design

    Once you are happy with your design, download it to see if it meets your requirements and then use it accordingly.

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Conclusion: Creating a compelling brand label design involves various factors, including the shape of the container and the printer's specifications, which can pose potential limitations. To ensure a successful label design, careful attention to detail is essential.

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