How to Monetize Youtube

YouTube Monetization: Effective Ways to Make Money on YouTube

By Saumya | Last Updated on May 24th, 2024 7:02 am

Video content has become much more popular today than ever, and there's no denying that. In 2020, people watched videos on YouTube for over 12 billion minutes, and they want more.

Therefore, this is considered an excellent time for content creators and digital businesses to focus more on their video content. And you can easily do that with the help of some fantastic YouTube monetization features.

In this blog, let's discuss more about YouTube monetization, the rules and requirements, and some innovative ways to monetize your YouTube content.

What is YouTube Monetization?

In layperson's terms: The ability to earn money through your YouTube content is known as YouTube monetization. In order to enable monetization on your YouTube channel, a few requirements must be met, and you'll have to apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

As per the YouTube criteria, in order to qualify for YouTube monetization, the following things are a must:

  • Minimum of 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • At least 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

You need to create good quality content and promote your YouTube channel to grow these numbers. Additionally, there are a few other requirements as well in order to set up for monetizing your YouTube channel. Let's discuss these things in detail.

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The Rules and Requirements of YouTube Monetization

Monetizing your channel is as astonishing as it sounds, but it comes with some technical strings attached. Though monetizing your YouTube channel is a tough row to hoe, the benefits are numerous.

Simply put, once you become a YouTube Partner Program (YPP) member, everything depends on how well your YouTube videos perform. That means the more views on your YouTube videos, the more money you will make. Let's take a look at some basic requirements in order to start YouTube monetization:

Join The YouTube Partner Program

The first thing you need to do is apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YouTube takes at least one month to review your application before deciding. Also, sometimes it might take a little longer than one month because some actual specialists work for YouTube to review each application.

The essential eligibility criteria for applying to the YPP is as follows:

  • Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your YouTube channel must have at least 4000 public watching hours in the last 12 months.
  • You're a citizen of a country where the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) is applicable.
  • You must have an account with AdSense that will be linked to the YouTube channel.
  • Your YouTube channel doesn't have any community guidelines.
  • Your YouTube channel follows all the monetization policies of YouTube.
  • In order to follow the extra layer of security, your YouTube channel is associated with a Google account and should have a 2-step verification procedure.

Avoid Monetization Mistakes and Copyright Issues on YouTube

Adhering to YouTube monetization and copyright rules all the time is a must. That means you can only upload those videos that are created by yourself or are authorized to use. Copyright issues include audio or music tracks, videos made by others, and other copyrighted works.

If you get caught violating any of the monetization policies mentioned above, you might have to go through the following consequences:

  • Removal of advertisements from your YouTube videos
  • Get suspended from YouTube Partner Program (YPP)
  • Your account termination or suspension

YouTube states before taking any strict actions; they always inform via email in case you violate any monetization policies. Also, they let you know if there are any other options available.

What If You Get Rejected?

In case your application gets rejected by the YouTube Partner Program, they outline those policies that your YouTube channel didn't follow. If this happens, don't agonize. There's always an option of re-applying post 30 days after your rejection. In addition, you can use your rejection as an opportunity in order to enhance and improve your YouTube channel before applying for the second time.

For instance, you can revisit your video titles, YouTube Thumbnail, and video descriptions to align them with YouTube monetization policies. And if you're dealing with any particular video issues, you can easily edit or delete them. Also, you can go with Appy Pie's Video Editor tool to edit or modify your videos to make professional-quality videos.

Top Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Content

We've already covered all the requirements in order to begin monetizing your YouTube channel. Let's get into some exciting parts now, i.e., exploring all the possible ways to make money from YouTube videos.

You might wonder how much money you can make through YouTube videos. Though a few highest-paid YouTube influencers can earn millions of dollars through their content, not everyone can create that much money. However, an average YouTube video makes about $18 per 1000 views.

YouTube has actually changed the way influencers can earn money on the platform and online. Let's look at some of the top ways to make money through YouTube channels:

  1. YouTube Ads
  2. One of the most traditional ways of making money through YouTube is by including ads that will appear during and before your videos.

    Youtube monetization

    If you have already joined the YouTube Partner Program, you can turn on ad monetization for multiple videos or individuals on your YouTube channel. First, however, you'll have to keep an eye on whether your videos should meet all the advertisement-friendly guidelines so that the ads can be run. Also, you can easily control the placement of advertisements on your YouTube videos with the help of multiple YouTube ad formats.

  3. Paid Sponsorships
  4. When a business or a brand sponsors or pays an influencer in order to demonstrate or use their product or services in their videos, it is called paid sponsorship. Though businesses provide paid sponsorship to content creators, the benefits are for both parties, including the viewers.

    YouTube Monetization

    The sponsorship is really tough to obtain, but it could be advantageous. For example, if your YouTube channel is quite influential with a large count, you can associate with relevant niche brands to partner with for video content. In order to secure a paid sponsorship, you can showcase your past work with brands, your engagement rates, and YouTube analytics. Then, explain to them how your video will benefit them and bring value to their product.

  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. One of the ingenious ways to monetize your YouTube channel is with the help of affiliate marketing programs.

    Affiliate Marketing in youtube monetization

    But how does it actually work? When you join any affiliate program, you must send your viewers to another brand's product or their landing page through an affiliate link. Then, if your user makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission on the total sale.

    Though it's not as lucrative as any paid sponsorships, an affiliate marketing program still generates some extra income. You can quickly become an affiliate marketer for those products you've already used or offer your viewers a discount code.

  7. YouTube Channel Membership
  8. It is a monthly subscription program in exchange for some exclusive offerings. Influencers can offer exclusive perks to their channel subscribers, such as exclusive videos, live chats, and product discounts.

    YouTube Channel Membership

    The content creator decides the membership fees, and your channel should have at least 1000 subscribers to enable membership features.

  9. Patronage
  10. Suppose your YouTube channel has a loyal fanbase. In that case, Patreon is a third-party platform that lets digital content creators, writers, businesses, and artists provide exclusive offers to those who support your content and channel.

    way to monetize youtube

    Patreon is very popular with brands and YouTube creators, especially for channel membership. However, with tiered membership, you can choose perks and offer to people irrespective of your follower count. You can provide exclusive content to your viewers, such as early access, one-on-one live chat, or behind-the-scenes.

  11. Merchandise
  12. way to monetize youtube

    If your YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers, you're eligible to sell merchandise through a merch shelf that'll appear on every video page of yours. If you've created a good brand community, you can sell branded merchandise to your viewers and open up another great way of generating revenue through YouTube. Additionally, you can utilize third-party print-on-demand (POD)or dropshipping integrations to enhance your merchandise offerings, streamlining the process and expanding your product range without the need for manual handling or inventory management.

    This is one of the best ways for those YouTube influencers who might not have their website but want to sell their merchandise to their subscribers. With over 45 supported retailers or merch platforms all over the world, the opportunity of growing your Brand is tremendous.

  13. Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks
  14. Have you ever seen a Livestream on YouTube? If so, you must've noticed that a few chat messages are highlighted and stand out.

    way to monetize youtube

    This is because YouTube lets content creators enable super chat on premieres and live videos. It is one of the YouTube monetizations features that allows your viewers to pay $1 to $500 so that their messages can be featured on Livestream chat. Super stickers work in the same vein as super chat. Instead of paying for chat messages, users can pay for funny stickers and share them. These fun stickers then popped up to the top to grab your favorite creator's attention.

    And then comes the Super Thanks, which allows anyone to show appreciation and thankfulness to any of your choice of content creators. In addition, you'll receive a featured comment and animated GIF in the Livestream chat by paying a small amount.

    However, you can buy Super Thanks for any YouTube videos, unlike Super stickers and Super Chats, which are not only for premieres and Livestream chats. These are some of the best features for those content creators and brands that create educational and helpful videos. Not only do these features help make some extra bucks, but it also helps your audience show their gratitude and support towards your work.

  15. YouTube Shorts
  16. YouTube announced the launch of a $100 million fund only for short video content creators in May 2021. The money has to be distributed to Shorts content creators every month in 2021-2022.

    Make money via youtube shorts

    That means, each month, content creators can make somewhere between $100 to $10,000, which totally depends on the views and engagement on their YouTube shorts videos. Also, the eligibility criteria for YouTube shorts upgrades every month means that if you didn't get qualified for any month, you might get allowed for the next or the other way around.

    In order to receive your YouTube shorts video fund, it's not mandatory to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. However, the content creators have to meet some eligibility requirements to qualify for the YouTube Shorts bonus.

  17. YouTube Premium
  18. YouTube Premium is one of the subscription services provided by YouTube. The premium members can enable background playback, download videos, and watch ad-free content.

    YouTube Premium

    But how does this help in monetization? For example, if a content creator monetizes your channel by allowing ads on your videos, will you be paid if any premium member watches your video? The answer is 'Yes.'

    As per YouTube, like ad revenue payments, subscription payments get distributed to content creators at the start of each month. The amount depends on how much your premium member subscriber watches your content.

  19. Brand Connect
  20. It helps in connecting brands with content creators for campaigns. So your audience trusts you when it comes to any product recommendations. And Brand connect can really help your YouTube channels to associate with brands for sponsorship.

    Monetize youtube

    However, this service is unavailable everywhere but only in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.


Creating and posting your YouTube videos is not the only thing required for brand awareness. It's essential to follow specific strategies to monetize your channel.

Are you also planning to grow your content on YouTube? If so, then you should start by monetizing your YouTube channel first. Then you'll have to promote your channel to get more views on every video you upload. Remember, more views mean more money. Appy Pie Design makes it a lot easier with YouTube Thumbnail Maker. You'll get thousands of templates; you just need to sign up and start your journey of becoming a YouTube content creator.

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