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No additional plugin is required while editing your videos with our online video editor. Experiment with various transition effects, audio effects, and special features to make your videos impressive. Instantly edit and post your video to any digital platform. Share your video on social media, your website, or even as a part of your emails. Whether you are looking for a YouTube video editor, Windows video editor, Adobe video editor, or Microsoft video editor, Appy Pie’s video editing software is perfect for open-source video editing.

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Why Choose Appy Pie’s Free Video Editing Software?

Smart. Fast. Easy.

A few of the major reasons to choose Appy Pie’s free Video Editor are as follows:

  • Cross-Platform

    Our video editing software is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can easily edit your video and turn your imagination into reality with our best free video editor.

  • User Interface

    Appy Pie’s Video Editor has a simple, crisp, and clear user interface which provides you seamless editing experience. You don’t require any professional knowledge before you start editing videos with our easy video editing software.

  • Video Library

    You can efficiently manage all your video editing projects in one place with the help of our software. Appy Pie’s Video Editor offers cloud storage to organize all your video editing projects.

  • Formats

    You won’t need video converters while working on our software. Appy Pie’s online editor supports almost all video, audio, and image formats in both input and output. Upload a video in any format, edit it as per your needs, and finally download it in the format you want.

  • Editing Options

    Just think, find, and apply! Think about the effect you want to apply in your video; search for the right tool in our menu to deploy it, and with an easy click, apply it in your video. We offer numerous options like – cuts, transitions, audio effects, animations, and much more.

  • No Watermark

    Appy Pie’s video editor lets you use various filters, effects, and other features on your video, completely free. Most free video editors place a watermark on the edited video, which ruins the viewing experience. However, Appy Pie’s free video editing software places no watermark on your video, making it the perfect choice for you!

What makes Appy Pie Video Editor Unique?

Appy Pie offers hundreds of video editing tools that help it to stand out among the competitors.

  • Cut and Crop

    Did you forget to stop your camera after recording the video? Don’t worry. Cut and crop the unwanted parts of your video and keep all the relevant parts to showcase to the world.

  • Flip and Rotate

    Do you want to mirror some of the images in your video or wish to rotate them at certain unique angles? Flip them horizontally or vertically! Rotate them clockwise or anticlockwise for the perfect angle!

  • Split and Merge

    After shooting your complete video, do you want some beginning shots at the end of your video? Split your video into mini clips and merge them in any way you want for your final video.

  • Resize & scale

    Different video publishing platforms have different requirements. Appy Pie’s free online video editor lets you resize and scale your video according to the unique requirements of your preferred platform.

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  • Colors and Filters

    Do you feel either contrast should be more, or brightness must be less in your video? Experiment with different filters like autumn, breeze, festive, etc., to adjust the light and colors in your video.

  • Audio Effects

    Oops!! Do you think something is missing in your video? Add some soothing audio effects or music in the background of your video. See the magic they create in your final video.

  • Time Effects

    Some shots make more impact when they are turned into slow motion or time-lapse shots. There are many other time-twisting effects you can add to your video to give them a unique touch.

  • Cross-platform editing

    Appy Pie’s online editing software lets you edit videos online on any of the operating systems. Also, the cross-platform video editor lets you switch OSes mid-project as well.

Spark up your creative instincts with
Appy Pie’s Video Editor

Appy Pie offers the best video editor to trigger your creative side and provides hundreds of customization tools to standardize your final video. Not only is it the best video editing software for YouTube, but also an excellent platform for editing videos online. Even better, you get to choose the resolution, size, and scale you need to share your videos online. Give life to every detail and every element of your video. The online video editor from Appy Pie doesn’t need any special training sessions. The platform is easy-to-use and highly intuitive. Create awesome videos in minutes and publish them on all your social media accounts in a jiffy!

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Make stunning videos easily and efficiently in a few simple clicks with Appy Pie’s video editor. Our easy-to-use video editor has all of the necessary features required to create great videos – no experience needed. Choose from our wide video library, or upload your own videos, edit them the way you want and share your creative videos with others instantly in minutes.

With a variety of features like cut and crop, flip and rotate, colors and filters, etc., you can easily edit your videos and make them look impressive. Start creating your first video in minutes using Appy Pie’s video editing software. Use the right mix of photos and videos to ensure your videos look more dynamic and visually appealing.

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