How to monetise Instagram

Instagram Monetization: Effective Ways to Make Money on Instagram

By Saumya | Last Updated on April 5th, 2024 11:57 am

With the rise in popularity of influence marketing and social media platforms, more and more creators want to know how to monetize Instagram. The social media platform Instagram has more than 1.4 billion users, which makes Instagram one of the excellent platforms in order to monetize.

Multiple ways can be followed to monetize Instagram accounts, making it confusing to select the right path for your niche or brand. With various analyses on social media platforms and expertise, here's a complete guide that will help you in monetizing Instagram accounts as soon as possible.

What is Instagram Monetization?

Instagram monetization is one of the ways of making money using your own Instagram account. The main reason is having a good number of followers in your list that helps you promote any products and services in exchange for money from your account.

Also, you can use your Instagram account in order to sell your products and services or include affiliate links from other companies and brands. Though it could sound easy just to create your Instagram account and monetize it, other things are significant to do before you start earning through your Instagram account.

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Some Prerequisites to Monetize Instagram Account

This is not a simple task at all. It's much more than a catchy Instagram profile name, eccentric description, and posting regular photos in order to earn money from Instagram. Impressing your own circle might be accessible on the platform, but patience and, of course, a lot of hard work are required for monetizing Instagram.

Important factors that are required to earn money through Instagram:

  • Influence and Fanbase

    One of the most important questions before strategizing to monetize Instagram is why other businesses would pay you for sponsored content. Companies pay influencers in exchange for gaining access and exposure to their followers, hoping to sell products to your audience.

    monetize instagram

    To begin with, you might not have a ton of followers on Instagram yet. So does that mean you wouldn't be able to drive traffic or sales for any sponsored brand's product or, let's say, your own products?

    So how many followers does someone need in order to earn money through Instagram? You need to increase your followers organically; there should be at least a few thousand of them to impact your content. Measure the performance of each of your Instagram posts and analyze your profile through AI technologies and open data. This helps you to discover what actually works best on your Instagram account.

    Identifying trending hashtags and top-performing posts in your niche can really help to grow your reach and followers. However, a good reach alone isn't enough either. In order to generate sales, you'll have to create compelling content on Instagram, like reels, stories, and posts. Only compelling content can result in your audience taking action on your recommendations.

    Therefore, having an influence and reach over your fanbase's purchasing power is essential.

  • Engaged and Dedicated Followers

    As far as maths is concerned, having a good follower count can increase the chances of your feeds appearing to more users. However, is there any point in having sizable followers if they don't get engaged with your posts and content?

    monetize instagram

    The trick to increasing engagement on your Instagram post is to create content that can solve specific content requirements of your followers. But how can that be measured? It doesn't depend on your follower count but on how many people are sharing, commenting, and liking your posts. If your audience is engaged, more brands will be willing to invest in your account for sponsored content in order to drive profits.

What Should Be Done for Instagram Monetization?

Now that we've already covered the essential elemental requirements for monetizing Instagram, let's discuss more what you need to do in order to attain high engagement, earn influence, and achieve social reach.

  1. Hold on to Right Hashtags

    Now you know how to take better photos, how do you make sure that your photos get seen by the people who want to see them? This is where hashtags come in. Put more plainly, this is where you need a strategy for using hashtags.

    make money on instagram

    Hashtags are one of the great ways in order to improve the reach and discoverability of your content. Though Instagram allows you to use up to above 30 hashtags, I recommend using only 12-15 hashtags for the topmost effect. Also, while creating sponsored posts, leveraging the right hashtags is a must since they play a crucial role in creating a maximum effect.

    But where to find the right hashtags?

    You can start with the help of hashtag generator tools for easy groundwork. Just put down your niche on the tools, and you'll get a list of the most popular hashtags. But the problem lies in choosing the proper generation tool because not all are genuine. So if you're a beginner, you might struggle a little.

  2. Keep a Snappy Bio

    A lot of people just write something basic like "Photographer. Blogger. Coffee Drinker." But people rather follow them who have fun, unique descriptions that give me a little more insight into who they are.

    way to make money on instagram

    Irrespective of whether you're an individual or a business planning to monetize Instagram, posting wisely is the first step. When someone visits your Instagram account for the first time, they notice your Instagram bio, which means it's precious real estate. I'd suggest a crisp, simple, and quirky bio for your profile. Flaunt your creativity and what value you can add to sponsored content.

  3. Be Regular

    Instagram is one of the largest social networking sites and by far one of the most well-known ways to market your business. What's more, it's a social network which is highly visual, so posting photos on Instagram will definitely help your business get noticed. But if you're thinking of using Instagram to market your business, it's important that you post regularly.

    Instagram monetization

    As we all know, in order to nurture something, it's essential to make efforts regularly. And same goes for your Instagram presence.

    To earn money through Instagram, engage your followers by posting content regularly. You can also fix up your posting schedule. Your scheduled time should align with your followers when they are most likely online.

  4. Improve the Content Quality

    Instagram is a very important social network for marketers who are targeting the Millennials. With the huge number of users, you have to come up with creative content that could be easily shared and spread all over the internet. You have to be aware of what type of content your target audience or followers like to see.

    content quality to instagram monetization

    Another essential aspect that helps in Instagram monetization is enhancing content quality. There are so many content creators competing for your target audience's attention. And standing out here is definitely a tough row to hoe.

    Always go for high-quality pictures, and do not repeat any product pitch. Always put the caption on your own experience with brands and come out as someone genuine and engaging. Additionally, you can also consider posting video content more often on IGTV or Instagram stories to stand out.

  5. Build Relationships with Other Influencers

    It’s not just about what you post on Instagram, but who you’re connected with. Having groups of influencers can help you reach Instagram users with a wider audience, and they will also benefit from the exposure you provide.

    instagram monetization

    If you've just started monetizing Instagram, compelling captions and quality content won't get you too far. One of the critical factors in improving your influence and reach is building relationships with other influencers from your niche.

    Contact them and ask for a shoutout, or you can create engaging content with them to reach out to their followers. Even better, simply collaborate and create some unique content together.

How To Monetize Instagram in effective ways?

We've already covered some pro tips that help in monetizing Instagram accounts. Now, let's go through some of the essential methods that should be followed for making money on Instagram.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    You can also promote your affiliate products via Instagram by including your affiliate link in your bio. Yes, you should use both social media platforms. However, the best way to do it is to focus on one at a time.

    Affiliate Marketing for monetization

    The easiest way for Instagram monetization is to become an affiliate marketer of the platform. For example, if you work as a brand ambassador for certain products, you believe in them.

    It would be helpful for your followers if you share a discount code or a link with your audience for those products which you're promoting. If you work as an affiliate marketer, you'll get a certain amount of the total revenue generated if someone buys any product by clicking on your link.

  • Shoutouts and Sponsored Posts

    Sponsored Posts are a great way to make money on Instagram. Sponsored posts are like any other type of Instagram post, with the exception that they are paid. The first step in this process is to reach out to the brands you want to work with. You can do this by sending direct messages through Instagram or by reaching out to them via email.

    monetize instagram

    Once you've achieved that influencer tag, irrespective of your micro or macro influencer, you can depend on your influence to promote brands. Once your thought leadership has been established, you can start monetizing Instagram for profit. Various brands often partner with Instagram influencers for their sponsored posts to spread their offerings to the world.

    Such posts only revolve around your products and a review of yours. Try to blend such sponsored posts with other content of yours so that they shouldn't look overly promoted. For example, if you influence body positivity through your Instagram, you can promote plus-size apparel.

  • Promote Your Products

    Many people are on Instagram to buy products. They are looking for a specific product, they find it and they buy it. This is why you need to market your products on Instagram. There is nothing more effective than Instagram for marketing.

    promote product on instagram to monetize instagram

    Based on the above considerations, instead of doing it for other brands, there's always an option of doing that for yourself to earn money through Instagram.

    Didn't get it?

    If you've your own brand and you're not too much into promoting other brands on your posts, you can start marketing your own products or set up your online store.

  • Teach What You Do Best

    You may be able to find more of an audience using Instagram than using Facebook if you’re a service-based business. So you really want to make sure your Instagram profile is fully optimized to maximize the chances that your followers see your content.

    way to monetize on instagram

    People always follow someone for a reason. If people love your content, why not teach them something that you're good at? The payoff in creating informative content and marketing it on Instagram is huge.

  • Product Placement Videos

    The video ads were most effective when they contained information that was relevant to the viewers, like the product’s price, availability, and shipping dates. These videos showed 5-6 minute videos of the products being used in different lifestyles and situations. Including a call to action in the video ad helped boost click-through rates by 12%.

    make money on instagram

    Since the beginning of video promotions, product placement videos have been around. And you can do the same in order to monetize Instagram. Product placement is creating a video that will feature a product you're using and then earning some bucks for promoting it.

  • Become a Consultant

    If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you probably already have a steady stream of income from affiliate links and advertising on your social media pages. But have you ever considered becoming an Instagram consultant for brands?

    guide to instagram monetization

    Once you enter the Instagram influencers category and create a good-sized follower count, you'll have to answer specific questions concerning your niche.

    The questions could range from how-tos and whys, but the most important thing is your audience considers you a knowledgeable person in your niche and wants your help.

    Plenty of wanna-be influencers and startups seek guidance from those people who have a good experience and knowledge in the field, and if you have that, why not show it off? As per your niche, you can choose any industry, and if you've got an extensive following list, you could start consulting in social media and influencer marketing.

  • Create Your Online Course

    Instagram is undergoing a huge shift. From being known as the “pictures of food” network, it is now considered one of the top social media platforms for marketing. Marketers are spending more time and money on Instagram accounts than ever before. For example, in 2018, over 1 billion people will use Instagram to connect with friends and brands.

    rules to instagram monetization

    The popularity of online degrees and courses have been massive in the past few years, especially after Covid-19 has hit, with more and more people turning to online classes as a solution to their higher education.

    Currently, over 6 million people in America are pursuing some sort of online course. In order to create an online course, it's essential to be an expert in any subject and have a good follower count on your Instagram account. From there only, you can take the content and compile it into an online course. You could also include things such as webinars, training, and seminars and create a full-packaged course that will be worth your customers' money and time.

    One of the best parts about online courses is that once they're all set up, there's nothing much that you've to do. Thus, an online course could be an excellent source of passive income for someone.

  • Live Badges

    Live Badge is a new feature from Instagram allowing users to share their activity on the platform. It works in the same way as other “badges”, such as the Activity Badges Instagram introduced back in 2017.

    trick to make money on instagram

    A couple of years ago, Instagram introduced live badges to help influencers make some extra bucks when they're live on Instagram. It's a tip for those users who are watching the live stream, they can actually buy a badge and can gift it to any streamer of their choice. In order to be eligible for this, you've to have a business account and need to be above 18.

  • Enable Ads

    Before 2022, the platform offered in-stream video ads only; however, due to the changing content consumption, Instagram had also made a few changes. Instagram ads is a great option to advertise your business. It can also be used as a source of getting leads and traffic to your business. To use Instagram you need to have an account on Instagram. As a marketer you can use Instagram ads for your business.

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    Introducing Instagram reels created a new sharing system for ad revenue and pulled out the monetization options of pre- and post-Instagram ads. Placing an advertisement after or before your Reel can also be a great way to monetize Instagram.

    Meta is also planning to introduce overlay ads to Instagram reels that are only used on Facebook. The format of Reels is very much similar to Tik Tok, and the leading cause of pushing it is to consume video content. You’ve to have a creator account and of course above 18 years to be eligible for this.

Summing Up

It’s never too late when it comes to monetizing Instagram accounts. Appy Pie Design makes it a lot easier with Instagram Ads Maker, Instagram Post Maker, and Instagram Story Maker. You’ll get thousands of templates; you just need to sign up and start your journey of becoming an Instagram influencer.

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