Best Web Design Trends to inspire you in 2021

Best Web Design Trends to inspire you in 2021

Abhinav Girdhar
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Websites need a little creativity, a clear value proposition, and the right selection of colors, fonts, and formats for a stellar graphic design to attract the right audience. In this post, we are sharing some actionable techniques and great inspirations to help you create a stunning website for your business. Dose website design matter - Appy Pie

  1. Catscarf
  2. This website highlights a big photograph of a pretty charming and suave-looking cat wearing a cat scarf. We see the featured scarf with a seamlessly placed CTA further down. What do visitors do? They buy. When do they buy? RIGHT MEOW!Best Website Design Ideas

  3. Falve
  4. A rack of full-page, color-rich images with a simple, clean, sans serif font that welcomes the users on the homepage and entreats them to stay.

  5. GC Watches
  6. GC Watches presents a timeless design: a clear copy next to bold images.Best Website Design Ideas

  7. Jun Lu
  8. This designing firm knows what it is doing. A subtle, gray background makes the product images take the main stage.Best Website Design Ideas

  9. Jonathan Decosta
  10. Just one word for the website: grayscale. This website shows just how bold the shades black-and-white can be. The major requirements of the best website designs are white, the non-serif font on a color background with high-quality images. Visually exciting website designs come in different formats from grayscale to bold color, videos to static graphics, and full-page image backgrounds to sliders.Best Website Design Ideas

Learn how to design your own website

Let us find out what are the features of a well-built website that far exceeds the business goals.
  • Quality Web Content

    The primary reason for people browsing websites and using search engines is to find the information they need. People look for information every day and want it to be delivered fast. Quality web content is a must for every website, whether to attract, entertain or educate. Content should contain important information. For example, retail websites need high-quality images of the products that they are offering.
  • User-Friendly Navigation

    Best web design must comprise a clear, intuitive and user-friendly navigation structure that allows users to quickly find the information required. Another thing that should be a part of an ideal business website is that the important links must be easy to find.
  • Simple and Professional Web Design

    No bells and whistles are required to add the value to the perfectly designed website that has a nice concept, and effectively constructed web design. The perfect website that maintains an attractive layout, effectively turns visitors into customers. Google is an outstanding example of such a design. When Google was going through the initial testing phase, users found its design oversimplified. So, Google added the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button under the search box. Anyone barely clicks on that button, but its addition settles the layout in such a way that the Google is able to deliver a better user experience.
  • Webpage Speed

    People usually like using websites that load fast. They lose patience quickly. The slower the website loads, the more likely a user is to bounce off the site. A great design, awesome content and beautiful graphics – all are of no use, if the website’s speed fails to load. Many factors affect the site speed, including the number of graphics, server speed, website traffic. The designer of the website must take care and minimize all controllable factors that slow down the site speed by using optimized graphics and proper website codes, and reliable website hosting.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways of attracting visitors to the website. This involves the inclusion of search keywords in website content, social media signals, an appropriate link profile, and more than 200 other factors. A responsive web design should include the above-mentioned features to make it an ideal business website.

Sharing additional tips below that’ll come handy right from the planning stage

Best Website Design Ideas
  • Use Pinterest Mood Boards

    Pinterest is an awesome tool to create pins (images) and mood boards. You can collate visual material that you believe will be useful in your project. The material can be existing websites, colors, images, layouts, and more. Pinterest mood board acts as the main hub for the design purpose. You can also share the material with collaborators or clients so they can share some of their material as well.
  • Focus on the Structure First

    Focus on creating a well-designed structure. Use whiteboards or flipcharts to make a design. This will make you stick to essentials. The idea is to create the design in shades first and add color later.
  • You can also go through our post – An introduction to Graphic Design, and gain some web design inspirations to combine art with technology and make your website an excellent piece to inspire others.
  • Stick with Web Standards

    Make sure there is consistency in design, across all the pages. It’s advisable to stick to universally accepted web page elements. For example, contact information should be in the center or the top right corner, website logo to be placed at the top left corner, search feature in the header and likewise.
  • Pay Attention to Content Formatting

    Web-designers take Content Formatting tool too lightly, while content is a critical element for any website, whether it is in the form of a sales copy or a blog post. Make sure that the content fits users’ consumption habits so that it could be more effective.
You must have come across thousands of websites with creative web designs. Which one did you like the most? What was the reason for your liking? Share in the comments below!

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