7 Best Email Clients for Windows – A Curated List

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Email remains a cornerstone of digital communication, and having a robust email client for your Windows desktop can significantly enhance your productivity. The global e-mail marketing market is expected to reach 17.9 billion by 2027 (Source). In this blog, we'll explore the top email clients for Windows in 2023, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you require customization, simplicity, or integration with specific services, we've got you covered.

What Makes the Best Email Client for Windows?

When it comes to choosing the best email client for your Windows system, several key factors should guide your decision. The best email programs should seamlessly integrate into your workflow, making email management efficient and hassle-free. Let's delve into the essential qualities that define the best email app for Windows:

  • Compatibility with Multiple Email Service Providers
  • The hallmark of an excellent Windows email client is its ability to connect to various email service providers. Whether you rely on Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud, or other email services, your chosen email client should effortlessly handle multiple accounts. Flexibility in supporting various providers ensures that you can consolidate all your email accounts in one convenient place.

  • Ease of Use
  • A top-tier email client should cater to users of all technical abilities. It should offer a user-friendly interface that simplifies the setup and navigation process. Intuitive features and straightforward settings make it accessible to beginners, while help documentation or an active community can assist users in overcoming any hurdles. The best email clients ensure that managing your emails feels effortless and intuitive.

  • Customization Options
  • User flexibility is paramount in choosing an email client for Windows. The ability to customize the client's look and feel according to your preferences is a significant advantage. This includes options to adjust notifications, inbox layouts, and email grouping. A customizable email client allows you to tailor the user experience to match your unique needs and style.

  • Productivity and Integrations
  • Enhanced productivity features and compatibility with external integrations are distinguishing factors of top email clients. Look for apps that go beyond the basics and offer tools that streamline your workflow. Integration with other applications, such as cloud storage services, video conferencing platforms, and productivity apps, can significantly boost your efficiency. A robust email client should be a hub that complements and enhances your digital life.

  • Reliability and Support
  • The best Windows email clients come with reliable performance and dependable support. Active and responsive customer support communities are indicative of a healthy user base and the likelihood of timely issue resolution. A client that can promptly address user concerns and provide solutions is a valuable asset in your email management toolkit.

With these criteria in mind, you can confidently evaluate and select the best email client for your Windows system. Whether you prioritize customization, email integration, simplicity, or specific features, the ideal email client should align with your needs and seamlessly fit into your daily email routine.

Best Email Client for Windows

We have already talked about how you can choose the best Windows email app. Now, let's dive into the world of Windows email clients and find the best Windows email app for you.

  1. eM Client: The Windows Email Client for Customization
  2. Top Features:
    • eM Client offers extensive customization options for the user interface, including themes, layout, and button placement.
    • It integrates with video chat services, cloud storage, Google Talk, and more.
    • eM Client provides productivity-enhancing tools like email templates, contact overviews with message history, and shortcuts.
    • Highly customizable interface and email handling
    • Integrations with video chat, cloud storage, Google Talk, and more
    • Packed with productivity features like templates, contact overviews, and shortcuts
    • Initial setup and theme customization may require some time
    Price: Free license available for two accounts; $59.95 one-time per-device payment for the Pro version with VIP support and unlimited accounts.
  3. Thunderbird: The Best Free Email Client for Windows
  4. Top Features:
    • Thunderbird's main strength lies in its vast library of add-ons, which allow users to enhance and personalize their email experience.
    • Being an open-source client means that Thunderbird is continuously developed and updated by a community of volunteers.
    • Thunderbird offers security features like end-to-end encryption for privacy-conscious users.
    • Highly extensible through add-ons
    • Mature, open-source email client
    • Provides features like end-to-end encryption
    • User interface may feel dated at first
    • Modular approach may not suit everyone
    Price: Free
  5. Mailbird: Your Hub for Email and More
  6. Top Features:
    • Mailbird boasts a wide range of integrations with popular apps like Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.
    • It features an attractive and modern user interface with options for layout styles, themes, and color customization.
    • Mailbird includes productivity features such as speed reading, a unified mailbox, and the ability to snooze emails for reminders.
    • Extensive integrations with popular apps
    • Attractive and modern interface with customization options
    • Productivity features like speed reading and unified mailbox
    • Integrations may be underutilized by some users
    Price: Starts from $3.25/user/month for Mailbird Personal (paid annually) or a one-time $99 payment. Business plan available at $5.75/user/month (paid annually) with additional features.
  7. Windows Mail: The Simple and Free Option
  8. Top Features:
    • Windows Mail comes bundled with Windows and seamlessly integrates with Windows Calendar, People, and Microsoft To Do.
    • It offers a Focused Inbox feature that automatically sorts important emails, improving email organization.
    • You can quickly insert contact names from your list of contacts using the @mentions tag.
    • Free and bundled with Windows
    • Supports various accounts and features like Focused Inbox
    • Integrates well with Windows Calendar, People, and Microsoft To Do
    • May be too basic for advanced users
    • Scheduled to be replaced with Outlook in 2024
    Price: Free
  9. Microsoft Outlook: The Robust Business Email Platform
  10. Top Features:
    • Outlook allows extensive customization of the user interface, including themes, menu options, and rules.
    • When bundled with Microsoft 365, it becomes a powerful platform with access to productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
    • Paid Outlook plans offer access to hundreds of third-party integrations (Add-Ins) to enhance functionality.
    • Outlook integrations with other apps through Appy Pie Connect make its potential unlimited through workflow automation.
    • Highly customizable for power users
    • Suitable for both home and business users
    • Comes bundled with Microsoft 365 for a comprehensive productivity suite
    • New Outlook for Windows is still under development
    • Full feature set requires a Microsoft 365 subscription
    Price: New Outlook for Windows is free. Microsoft 365 Basic subscription starts at $1.99/month or $19.99/year. Business users require a Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan at $12.50/user/month for the desktop version.
  11. Kiwi for Gmail: Bringing Gmail to Your Desktop
  12. Top Features:
    • Kiwi for Gmail replicates the Gmail UI and integrates with Google Suite apps, allowing you to work seamlessly within the client.
    • It provides quick access to Gmail, Calendar events, and documents using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Users can reopen closed documents easily, enjoy native notifications, and enjoy other Google Suite features.
    • Native Gmail experience with enhancements
    • Access to Google Suite apps without leaving the client
    • Quick launch for email, calendar events, and documents
    • Supports Gmail accounts exclusively
    • No free plan available
    Price: Basic licenses start at $2.75/month or $30/year. Premium and Elite plans offer additional features at $39/year and $58.99/year, respectively.
  13. Twobird: Turning Your Inbox into a To-Do List
  14. Top Features:
    • Twobird transforms your inbox into a to-do list, making it easy to manage emails, notes, and calendar events.
    • Reading an email marks it as completed, promoting an "inbox zero" philosophy and creating an efficient workflow.
    • Twobird currently supports Google and Microsoft accounts for email and task management.
    Price: Currently free, with premium plans potentially coming in the future.


    In the ever-evolving landscape of email management, selecting the best email client for Windows in 2023 ultimately boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Each of the top Windows email clients mentioned above offers a unique set of features and capabilities, making it essential to pinpoint what matters most to you.

    Whether your primary focus is on customization, simplicity, integration, or specific features, one thing is certain: one of these top Windows email clients is likely to align perfectly with your requirements. The key is to explore and experiment with a few of them to find the one that resonates with you.

    Remember, the best email client is the one that simplifies your email management, enhances your productivity, and seamlessly integrates with your workflow. So, take the time to try out different options and discover the Windows email client that empowers you to conquer your email overload and streamline your digital communication in 2023. Your quest for the perfect email solution begins now!

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