Best app integrations for ActiveCampaign

8 Best ActiveCampaign Integrations for SMBs

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on July 10th, 2024 3:49 am

ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses automate their email marketing strategies and create targeted campaigns to send to their audiences. However, if you use multiple applications and keep a record of all the emails or campaigns you have initiated, manually updating both platforms would be a massive waste of time.

To help you out with this, workflow automation tools like Appy Pie Automate offers some of the most amazing integrations that help you to enhance your productivity by syncing ActiveCampaign with other applications. These integrations enable automatic data updating across applications.

Here in this blog, we'll share some of the best ActiveCampaign integrations. Let's have a look.

  1. ActiveCampaign with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
  2. The best part about this integration is that it allows users to send email messages from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using the email addresses selected from ActiveCampaign. Users can create campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and sync the campaign contacts with the contacts in ActiveCampaign. With a ActiveCampaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration, you can ensure a customer is added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central whenever a new contact note is added to ActiveCampaign.

  3. ActiveCampaign with Google Ads Integration
  4. Integrating ActiveCampaign and Google Ads allows marketing teams to work smarter, not harder. The two systems work together to achieve a better conversion rate by enabling you to send opt-in forms via emails once prospects have been targeted through Google Ads. For ex., a contact note will be added in ActiveCampaign whenever a new campaign is created in Google Ads.

  5. ActiveCampaign with GoHighLevel Integration
  6. GoHighLevel is a Full Suite Platform for Agencies. It also includes a full-featured page builder used to capture leads. There are numerous possibilities that you can explore with a GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign integration. With a ActiveCampaign and GoHighLevel integration, you can ensure a contact is added to GoHighLevel whenever a new contact note is added to ActiveCampaign.

  7. ActiveCampaign with Microsoft Teams Integration
  8. It becomes quite a lot easier to manage all incoming leads with the help of a Microsoft Teams and ActiveCampaign integration. Microsoft Teams streamlines team interaction and collaboration by a significant margin. Being a popular communications platform, Microsoft Teams offers many features to its users, and the integration only broadens its functionality.

  9. ActiveCampaign with Odoo Integration
  10. You can benefit from this integration by syncing your Odoo Contacts with the ActiveCampaign contact list. This will help you to save time by avoiding manual operations. Sending emails based on contacts' activities in Odoo will also save time. Dividing your database into segments for sending specific emails is another benefit of a ActiveCampaign and Odoo integration integration.

  11. ActiveCampaign with Microsoft Outlook Integration
  12. With the ActiveCampaign and Microsoft Outlook integration, users can access features like auto-scheduling emails and adding multiple attachments using ActiveCampaign's in-built features. For ex., a new contact note will be added to ActiveCampaign whenever a contact is created in Microsoft Outlook.

  13. ActiveCampaign with Autotask Integration
  14. Autotask is an IT business management platform consisting of a service desk, project management, account management, documentation management, time tracking and billing, contracts, resource management, inventory and procurement, and reporting. With a ActiveCampaign and Autotask integration, a contact will be created in Autotask whenever a new contact is added in ActiveCampaign.

  15. ActiveCampaign With Hubspot CRM
  16. Using a Hubspot CRM and ActiveCampaign integration, a company can save time by automating emails for any particular contact or lead. This also helps keep the communication channels open with more than one contact at a time. For ex., company will be created in HubSpot CRM, whenever a new contact is added in ActiveCampaign.


    As you've seen, there are plenty of ways to integrate ActiveCampaign with other popular applications and software that allow you to expand the app's capabilities to do much more with much less effort. Appy Pie Automate features many such integrations which would enable users to optimize their time and create unique and dynamic workflows that suit their needs. If you're looking to automate repetitive tasks and enhance business processes that boost your overall productivity, improve customer management, and lots more, you need Appy Pie Automate.

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