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Key Ad Design Tips to Help Your Brand Make Good Advertisements

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on November 8th, 2023 10:22 am | 4-min read

To get the best out of your marketing and advertising strategy, you can create eye-catchy advertisements for your products and services. Highly exclusive and visually appealing ads are likely to persuade your audience and encourage them to connect with your brand. To create super exclusive ads and bring your creative instincts to life, you can use right graphic design tricks.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various effective ad design tips that can help you create amazing advertisement designs. These tips will help you discover excellent design ideas to make extra-ordinary ads.Here are a few major ad design tips that you can apply when want to create good advertisements for your brand.

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Usually, businesses add a lot of product images in the advertisements. These different images give your users multiple reasons to buy the product. However, sometimes they tend to confuse the viewers. Keeping an advertisement simple is the key to reach out to their minds and stay there for a while. If your advertisements are simple, crisp, and clear, they have a greater chance of engaging more people with your brand.

  3. Add More Visuals
  4. There is a famous saying, “If we see something attractive, we will never forget it”. Visual imagery plays a critical role in conveying the features, concepts and statistics of your products to people. Adding more visions to the advertisements helps people associate objects with behavior. As per a recent study, the visuals activate over 50% of your brain and helps you understand the information in just 250 milliseconds. For example, check out this amazing ad posted by Land Rover. The visuals in the ad say almost everything so you can afford to say a little or not at all. The ad shows that the Land Rover owner could be a tennis player, a mountain climber, a lumberjack, and much more. As per this ad, the person along with his tools is clearly out on a job. The ad is simple, popular, and more realistic.Add More Visuals - Appy Pie

  5. Make the Best Use of Colors
  6. Make sure you use the right colors in ads keeping in mind what your audience wants. Create your own color palette and use different color combinations to convey your messages through ads. To get the best out of your ad, make the best use of colors to utilize the emotional benefit. You can also use images to convey sentiments and trigger the emotional side of your audience. You can use our Color Picker tool to create your own color palettes using various good color combinations.

  7. Use Iconic Ideas and Figures
  8. You can play with the iconic images to showcase the concepts that people can easily recognize or relate. For instance, with the help of these iconic figures, you can create an insider joke in your design and give your advertisements an all-new meaning. Before we go ahead and learn more tips, let us have a quick look over major ad design statistics.Appy Pie - Multilingual Chatbot

  9. Convey One Message at a Time
  10. Usually, marketers include multiple features and benefits in one advertisement thinking that it would increase their conversion rates. However, these types of ads struggle in grabbing people’s attention. If you want people to read your ad and get the message conveyed, talk about one thing at a time. You can spotlight the main product and make it easy for the users to understand its benefits and features.

  11. Add a Call-to-Action
  12. A call to action in an advertisement adds an extra crisp to it. They help businesses invite people to act and know more about their products and services. If used cleverly, calls to action can help you make a difference in your advertisements. All you need to do is accompany your calls to action with engaging graphics and concept while designing advertisements. Make sure your call to action is a part of your core message and displayed in forefront. Let us take an example of The New York Times ad. The ad includes a call to action that triggers users to immediately click on it and explore more options. This CTA shows that other than getting 60% off for one year, the users have other suitable options that they can go for.Add a Call to Action - Appy Pie

  13. Add Strange and Surreal Effects
  14. You can also manipulate your imaginations a little to create multiple surreal, strange, or sometimes impossible effects to complement your advertisement. These types of advertisements look fascinating and help you in grabbing the attention of your audience immediately.

  15. Know Your Market
  16. Make sure you perform market research before you even come up with your own advertisement idea. To know your audience better and capture their attention, you need to check what they want and what they are already getting from other brands. This helps you come up with a unique idea and provide them with something better and more engaging. You must know who your audiences are and what they are looking for.

  17. Don’t Just Tell, Show
  18. Showing something is much more effective than just telling about it. This helps you keep your users engaged and develop their interest in your product. Show your product features a little bit, keep the message mysterious, and make your advertisement more fun by helping users figure out what exactly is going on.

  19. Show Your Ad as a Game
  20. Giving your users a reason to ‘think’ is the best way to keep them engaged with your brand. The advertisements that are little unpredictable and require humans to churn their brains, usually gain more attention. These kinds of advertisements let users think more and put in extra efforts to digest your message. Get the audience to interact with your advertisement and let them feel that they are a part of it. To make this work, you can frame your advertisement in the form of a game and allow your audience to earn some reward if they spend some energy playing your brand’s game and crack the message.

  21. Make Your Ad Interactive
  22. You design ads for the audience to make meaning from. Think of how you can help your audience connect with your design piece. If they can add something to it or interact with your design to make some meaning out of it. Your ad design must be meaningful so that users easily understand what you are trying to say.


You can use these ad design tips to make your advertisements more effective and engaging. Make sure you use the right amount of colors, text, space to make the best out of your advertisements. The best way to create advertisements is by using one of the excellent designing tools available online. We would recommend the Appy Pie Design for designing advertisements. The software helps you create amazing graphics for your ads based on your business preferences. The best part about the software is you don’t need to be a professional designer. You can create the best graphic designs in just a few clicks. The software offers you various graphic design tips and advertisement ideas to help you in designing ads for your brand.Appy Pie Design also helps you with Infographic Maker, Logo Design Maker, Banner Design Maker, Business Card Maker, and much more. Try it out today! Do leave us comments if you have any advertisement design tips and help us in making this article better. Good Luck!

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