5 Best Time Doctor Integrations For Time Tracking

Jinsen John
By Jinsen John | November 16, 2022 10:40 pm
Best Time Doctor Integrations

Delays in meetings and deadlines are pretty standard when everyone’s working remotely, as it’s hard for enterprises to manage their work and reach goals. Every business wants to drive productivity, which is why most of them turn to the Time Doctor app.

Thousands of enterprises worldwide use Time Doctor as their go-to time-tracking application. It is one of the best time tracking software available, that allows users to manage and track their time efficiency and productivity. If you’re shifting towards a remote setup but are uncertain about your business’ time efficiency, this can turn out to be just the kind of tool you needed.

When internal teams within a business use multiple applications for task management, it might become too cumbersome to manage yet another application. To avoid conflicts and repetitive tasks that can take up your time, you take the help of Appy Pie Connect’s workflow automation features. Why? That’s because you can explore the best Time Doctor integrations with Appy Pie Connect.

Why integrate Time Doctor?

This is an app-driven world, and if multiple apps measure every metric of your performance, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the data. The constant switching between platforms and manually feeding the data from one to another consumes a lot of time and effort. To avoid this, you can always opt for workflow automation, which allows you to integrate apps and automate data sharing between the two so that you can focus more on business-critical processes.

With the help of workflow automation apps like Appy Pie Connect, you can easily create dynamic integrations to streamline your workflows. You can integrate your Time Doctor account with a wide range of software and apps to expand its capabilities.

Here are some of the best Time Doctor integrations you can explore on Appy Pie Connect.

  1. Time Doctor with Basecamp 3

    Basecamp 3 is a leading project management software and features a whole range of improvements from Basecamp 2. Users can easily manage their tasks and projects and keep tabs on all their activities. Integrating Basecamp with Time Doctor allows you to further expand your capabilities by tracking the time taken to accomplish projects added on Basecamp.

    Best Basecamp 3 Time Doctor Integrations

    • Add new users on Time Doctor to Basecamp 3 projects
    • Create new Basecamp 3 projects from Time Doctor projects
    • Add new projects in Time Doctor from Basecamp 3 messages
  2. Time Doctor with Dynamics CRM

    Many organizations have been actively using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance customer relationships. The software is equipped with many out-of-the-box features that make it the best CRM to efficiently handle customer support chains, provide in-depth insights, and offer business intelligence that enables any organization to make data-driven decisions. A Time Doctor to Dynamics CRM will help you attain better productivity levels by tracking the time efficiency of every product or employee.

    Best Dynamics CRM Time Doctor Integrations

    • Create notes in Dynamics CRM when an employee is marked absent in Time Doctor.
    • Update completed tasks in Time Doctor to Dynamic CRM
    • Create projects in Time Doctor from new cases in Dynamics CRM
  3. Time Doctor with Robly

    Take your email marketing to the next level with the Robly Time Doctor integration. Robly is a widely used tool to deploy astute email marketing campaigns and strategies that enhance and improve an email’s click and open rates. By integrating it with Robly, you can automate many repetitive tasks and also keep an eye on the time efficiency of your projects.

    Best Robly Time Doctor Integrations

    • Save new Time Doctor users as new Robly contacts
    • Add Robly lists as new projects on Time Doctor
  4. Time Doctor with Evernote Business

    Evernote Business is a pioneering note-making app for business professionals. With loads of features on offer, Evernote Business has made note-making an easy-to-manage task for many. If you want to explore further possibilities, you can integrate your Evernote Business account with Time Doctor and utilize the time-tracking features available on the app.

    Best Evernote Business Time Doctor integrations

    • Create notes on Evernote Business for every task completed on Time Doctor
    • Add new projects on Time Doctor from notes on Evernote Business
    • Create new tasks within projects on Time Doctor when a new note is added to Evernote Business
  5. Time Doctor with Agile CRM

    Generally used by small to mid-sized businesses, Agile CRM is a multi-faceted customer relationship management software that focuses on uniting marketing, sales, social media, and other avenues into a centralized hub for customer reports and analytics. While its automation features could be better, you can circumvent that with the integrations available on Appy Pie Connect. A widely used one is the Time Doctor Agile CRM integration, allowing users to incorporate time-tracking features into their Agile CRM account.

    Best Agile CRM Time Doctor integrations

    • Add new tasks in Time Doctor projects whenever a new ticket is created on Agile CRM
    • Create a ticket in Agile CRM if an employee is marked absent in Time Doctor
    • Add Agile CRM tasks as new tasks in projects within Time Doctor


We’ve seen how Time Doctor seamlessly integrates with many popular apps and software. Appy Pie Connect features over 1000 dynamic and versatile integrations that help you explore new avenues and possibilities and elevate your personal and professional productivity. If you haven’t had the opportunity to utilize Connect’s workflow automation features, I suggest you start immediately.

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