10 Best SugarCRM integrations for Content Management

Jinsen John
By Jinsen John | November 3, 2022 8:41 am
Best SugarCRM integrations

For any business, its customer data is one of its most essential resources. With the right kind of customer data, enterprises can create better marketing strategies, and offer individualized attention to their customers, which will help them drive higher sales and revenues. This is why most companies rely on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to record, collect and maintain customer data and information.

In this regard, SugarCRM integrates very well with customer support, marketing, sales and other departments within a company, making sure that all aspects of the business are well connected with their customers. Moreover, companies that use multiple applications to collect and record customer data, can also integrate these with SugarCRM with the help of Appy Pie Connect, a leading no-code workflow automation platform.

If you’re an enterprise looking to link all their customer-facing applications with SugarCRM for better functionality and efficiency, then Appy Pie Connect is the right solution for you. Here in this blog, we’re going to explore some of the best SugarCRM integrations that you can create on Connect.

  1. SugarCRM and Microsoft Teams

    If you use Microsoft Teams as your primary communication platform within your organization, you can easily sync it with SugarCRM. This way you can automatically add important messages directly from Teams to your SugarCRM account without having to reenter data manually.

    Best Microsoft Teams SugarCRM integrations

    • Send messages in Microsoft Teams for every new SugarCRM lead
    • Add every new contact in SugarCRM as a member of Microsoft Teams
  2. SugarCRM and AWS IoT

    Streamline all your activities on AWS IoT with SugarCRM using the AWS IoT SugarCRM integration available with Appy Pie Connect. Automate multiple workflows to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity while saving time, money, and effort.

    Best AWS IoT SugarCRM integrations

    • Create a case in SugarCRM for every single click on AWS IoT
    • Add every long press on AWS IoT as a case in SugarCRM
  3. SugarCRM and Gmail

    Gmail is the most widely used emailing platform, and integrating it with SugarCRM is a piece of cake with Appy Pie Connect. The Gmail SugarCRM integration helps users send emails automatically as well as label and organize them based on the priorities of the tasks set on SugarCRM.

    Best Gmail SugarCRM integrations

    • Send emails via Gmail whenever a new lead is added to SugarCRM
    • Add new starred emails on Gmail as a case on SugarCRM
    • Create a separate label on Gmail for every new contact added to SugarCRM
  4. SugarCRM and Amazon SNS

    Online retailers can send texts and notifications to their customers using Amazon SNS which helps boost customer engagement and interaction. With the Amazon SNS SugarCRM integration users can automate these tasks to send messages to their customers whenever the need arises. This can reduce the need for manual intervention from users, helping them save time and effort.

    Best Amazon SNS SugarCRM integrations

    • Send messages in Amazon SNS for every new lead added to SugarCRM
    • Create new topics in Amazon SNS every time a new contact is saved on SugarCRM
  5. SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange

    Simplify your tasks and processes on Microsoft Exchange by integrating it with SugarCRM using the Microsoft Exchange Sugar CRM integration available on Appy Pie Connect. Automate your workflows to boost efficiency and productivity and save time, money, and effort.

    Best Microsoft Exchange Sugar CRM integrations

    • Add new opportunities from Sugar CRM as events in Microsoft Exchange
    • Add new SugarCRM leads as events in Microsoft Exchange
  6. SugarCRM and Magento 2

    If you manage your budding eCommerce business with Magento, and customer end aspects with SugarCRM, there’s great news for you! You can easily integrate the two popular applications using the Magento 2 SugarCRM integration on Appy Pie Connect.

    Best Magento 2 Sugar CRM integrations

    • Add SugarCRM leads as customers on Magento 2.X
    • Create sales orders SugarCRM from Magento 2.X tasks
    • Update products in SugarCRM from Magento 2.X cases
  7. SugarCRM and Hubspot CRM

    In many enterprises, there are chances that different teams use separate CRM software to maintain their data. One team might be using HubSpot CRM while the other SugarCRM. Instead of forcing one of these two to switch to a completely new platform, it would be far better and more convenient to simply link the two platforms together with the help of Appy Pie Connect.

    Best Hubspot CRM SugarCRM integrations

    • Add deals from HubSpot CRM as opportunities on SugarCRM
    • Add SugarCRM contacts as new companies on HubSpot CRM
    • Add new SugarCRM users as contacts on HubSpot CRM
  8. SugarCRM and Microsoft Excel

    When it comes to analyzing data and preparing charts for decision-makers, there is no better tool than Microsoft Excel. And integrating it with SugarCRM is the best way to expand its capabilities and also automate numerous tasks that will save your time.

    Best Microsoft Excel SugarCRM integrations

    • Add each SugarCRM lead as a new row on Excel
    • Add every SugarCRM task as a new row on Excel
    • Convert each new worksheet on Excel as a new case on SugarCRM
  9. SugarCRM and ServiceNow

    Automate all business-critical tasks and processes on ServiceNow using the ServiceNow SugarCRM integration available with Appy Pie Connect. Create a variety of automated workflows to boost your productivity and workplace efficiency and also save time and effort.

    Best ServiceNow SugarCRM integrations

    • Save every new lead in SugarCRM as a record on ServiceNow
    • Add new contacts on SugarCRM as records on ServiceNow
  10. SugarCRM and Azure DevOps

    Azure DevOps is the go-to collaboration tool for developers which allows them to plan their work and coordinate numerous code development tasks. You can extend its collaborative culture to SugarCRM by integrating the two applications with Appy Pie Connect.

    Best Azure DevOps Sugar CRM integrations

    • Trigger Build in Azure DevOps when New Lead is created in SugarCRM
    • Create Work Item to Azure DevOps from New Contact in SugarCRM
    • Add Link to Work Item in Azure DevOps when New Opportunity is created in SugarCRM


Now that you’ve explored some of the best SugarCRM integrations, we hope you’ve got a fair idea of how Appy Pie Connect can significantly simplify your tasks and considerably reduce manual work. Connect features over a thousand popular applications, which means that you can integrate a plethora of daily use apps and software, and open up new possibilities for your business. Start using Connect right away, and elevate your productivity to another level.

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