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Unique Social Media Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Originally Posted By Jamie Ayers  | June 30, 2016  | 6-min read
Abs on August 23, 2020  
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Starting with the BBS (Bulletin Board System) all the way in the 1990s, social media apps have come quite a long way.

Some of the top-rated social media apps have risen up in fame, while others have fallen into anonymity. The fallen have lessons to teach. They dared to try things differently from the most popular social networks. They might have made some mistakes to lose their footing. Or, they might just have been far too ahead of their time.

To create any successful project, one must look to the past so as to not repeat its mistakes. All top social media apps rise from the wreckage of those long dead.

Social Media App - Appy Pie

Without further ado, let us begin looking into some of the best social media networks you have never heard about. These apps could give you vital insights into what to do and what to avoid when you plan to create a social media app.

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  1. Archetypes
  2. archetypes - Appy Pie
    Creating a profile on Archetypes requires finishing a quiz. The quiz generates the user’s archetype, letting them add more information to it.

    This creates a custom story page that lets users find others with similar personalities and connect with them. It aimed at being one of the top social media sites but fell far from the mark.

    The quiz also curates the news feed of the user. It shows the information they would be more interested in.

  3. Keek (now Peeks Social)
  4. Keek - Appy Pie
    Keek was an app that focused on videos as the form of posting social media updates. Users could share their videos and the videos of others with video and text. Each Keek was no longer than 36 seconds.

    Users could also leave comments on the videos or make responses with their own videos, called “Keekbacks”. Users could also embed their peeks onto their blogs and share them on the most popular social media platforms.

    It has been rebranded as a streaming-based social media named Peeks Social, with a focus on revenue.

  5. Tsu
  6. tsusocial - Appy Pie
    Social media platform Tsu, which paid its users for sharing original content, launched in October 2014 and aimed to financially reward its content creators with cash for sharing engaging content.

    It was invite-only, and after closing it paid all its users. Before closing, it was one of the most popular social networks out there.

    The platform was aimed squarely at content generators. Users who only consumed content did not earn royalties.

    It wanted to compete with the users on Facebook who used groups and communities. Unfortunately, Tsu closed its doors to its online users in September 2016 and its assets were sold- until it announced its comeback in 2019.

  7. Vero
  8. vero - Appy Pie
    Vero resembles Instagram in terms of the content feed.

    Users can share a wider variety of content. The app has a chronological content feed whereas Facebook and Instagram feeds are algorithm-based. Vero’s business plan was to invite the first one million users to use the app for free then charge any subsequent users a subscription.

    In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Vero devised an advertising campaign aimed at defected Facebook and Instagram users. This was done in hopes that the users would jump to their platform and make them one of the most popular social media apps.

  9. Ning
  10. ning - Appy Pie
    Ning allows users to create their own communities and popular social media sites. They can make these based on their interests. They can utilize their own visual design and choice of features.

    Ning provides several core features. Monetization opportunities are a big part of Ning. It also allows for integration with other social networks. Users can chat on Ning, create polls and utilize analytics. Customers can also create custom domains.

  11. Gab
  12. Gab - Appy Pie
    Gab was launched in August 2016 as an alternative to Twitter. It promoted itself as a protector of free speech. It allowed users to post updates without worrying about getting suspended due to hate speech.

    Gab’s main features are free, but it also has pro features for which users have to pay which helps the site to remain ad-free.

    The app isn’t allowed on Apple or Google play store because of their uncaring attitude towards hate speech and libel.

  13. Affluence
  14. affluence - Appy Pie
    Affluence was founded in 2008 with the purpose of providing a platform where accomplished individuals could meet and be surrounded by like-minded people. It is one of the best social networking apps for the rich and successful.

    Membership is free, but new candidates need to prove that they have a net worth of a minimum of $1 million… or an annual income of a minimum of $200,000. Members can also join without that requirement if five people vouch for them.

    Once you get into the network, Affluence promises to make your wealthy lifestyle even better, offering you access to a dedicated concierge who will assist you in spending your money in ways that will enrich your rich lifestyle.

  15. ASmallWorld
  16. asmallworld - Appy Pie
    ASMALLWORLD (ASW) is a social networking service targeting rich North Americans and Europeans who want to meet other travelers.

    Due to customers misusing the system, the site purged many of its earlier members, becoming even more exclusive. Most updates to its UX are seen as negative, trying to funnel as much money possible from its limited user base. The site is still active, albeit, with problems.

    The site has gone rather stagnant, with members moving onto different networks and groups. The founder has moved, creating a new service called Best Of All Worlds, targeting the same audience.

    However, if your heart is still set on creating something that is tried and tested, here is a video that teaches you how you can create a social network website like Facebook and Twitter.

What you should remember is that…

An unknown social media site isn’t “social” media – it’s just a failed idea. Social media only exists in the context of being social – that is, if people don’t use it, it’s not social media. But it is these ideas that we must learn from in order to create innovation that is accepted by all. All good social media apps should strive to achieve this.

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” And it’s a philosophy we must live by, no matter the task.

This list is a great resource if you are looking for an inspiration. Now that you have an inspiration, it’s time to build your own social media app. What’s stopping you?

Create a social media app now!

Have you ever used a social media app that made you go wow! Share your experience with these extraordinary social media platforms or tell us a unique app idea you have in the comments section. Waiting to hear from you!

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