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How to create an app like Shein?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on July 3rd, 2023 6:09 am | 5-min read

Global retail e-commerce sales stood at USD 4.9 trillion and are expected to reach approximately USD7.4 trillion by 2025. The numbers are indicative of a massive scope today, which will only increase as time goes by.

Retailers are keen on joining and becoming a part of this lucrative industry. Now eCommerce has started spilling over to the mobile space, and retailers can choose to sell their products through your customer’s most intimate device – a smartphone.

Some of the leading fashion brands, like Shein, have managed to take their business to mobile devices quite successfully. In 2021, the Shein app gained almost 177.5 million app downloads worldwide.

The modern consumer is not as excited to go to a fashion store and explore the latest collection as they were a few years ago. The comfort of online shopping has changed the journey and the growth trajectory of most fashion brands.

As a fashion retailer, it is time you consider this shift and create an app for your retail fashion business. Yes, it might sound intimidating as a tech novice, and traditional app development can be complex and challenging. But Appy Pie has taken all the challenges away, giving you an easy, quick, and affordable way to build apps similar to Shein.

What is Shein, and how does it work?

Shein is a global fashion clothing eCommerce platform focusing on women’s clothing. However, they also have a decent collection of menswear, kidswear, accessories, footwear, and more. The brand was valued at $100 billion in 2021.

The app works like any other eCommerce mobile app where customers can download the app and register on it. Next, they can browse the collection using the search filters and choose products to add to the cart. While checking out, they can apply any coupons or discounts the site may offer and make the payment in a secure manner.

Top features you must add to make clothing apps like Shein

Retail eCommerce has made a conscious segue into the mobile commerce space. What is it that separates Shein from tens of other apps like Shein? Of course, they are known for the unbelievably low prices and the numerous coupons and discounts they offer app users.

However, it can’t just be that! The app itself has to be so good that users cannot even think of moving to a rival app. The next question is – what makes an app and the app experience brilliant is the features you choose to add to make an app like Shein.

Let’s look at the features you must add to make an app like Shein.

  1. Registration and Login

    Add this feature to your eCommerce app and let users register for your app. When users create an account, your app can provide a personalized experience whenever they log back in. One important thing to consider is making the registration process simple and hassle-free. Consider allowing registration through email addresses or social media credentials.

  2. User Profile

    Let users build their own profile while adding an image, personal details, contact details, addresses, and payment information. The app owner can also use this user profile to offer loyalty benefits and rewards.

  3. Search and Filters

    The search feature lets your app users find the products they are looking for instead of just scrolling through an endless barrage of items. The filters make the search function even more efficient as the search results become more relevant when app users can specify their requirements.

  4. Add to Cart

    Let the app users add products quickly to the cart without leaving the shopping page. They can go to the cart finally and check the price breakup, total cart value, shipping charges, delivery time, etc.

  5. Secure Payment & Easy Checkout

    Add multiple secure and trustworthy payment gateways so that every app user feels comfortable entering their payment information. The entire checkout process should contain minimal clicks and the least friction.

  6. Order History & Tracking

    The order history feature makes it easy for the app users to keep track of all that they have ordered, especially if they want to reorder something. Order tracking is even more beneficial as it lets the app users know exactly where their package is and how long they would have to wait to get their hands on it. This also satisfies the urge for instant gratification by assuring them that the cogs are in motion.

  7. Chat Support

    The app users must be able to get in touch with the app owner or the brand for any query or concern. Having a direct communication channel helps improve the brand’s overall authenticity as well.

How to make an app like Shein?

We have discussed the Shein app, how it works, and the features you must add to make clothing apps like Shein. It is time to move on to the critical question – how to create online shopping apps like Shein.

For the longest time, people would shy away from creating their own apps due to the high costs involved. Additionally, creating an app from scratch would require months of hard work by skilled resources or agencies. However, Appy Pie has created a no-code platform to ensure that these factors do not deter small businesses from creating their own shopping apps similar to Shein.

Let’s see how you can make an app like Shein in minutes without coding.

  1. Name your app

    Once you give your app a name, you can choose the appropriate app category, design theme, and a suitable layout for your app.

  2. Add the above features in minutes

    Consult the feature list above and add them to your app using the convenient drag-and-drop interface.

  3. Test the app and go live!

    Edit your app to your satisfaction and test it to see how it works on real devices. After sorting out the bugs, your app is ready to go live on app stores of your choice.

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