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Top 9 eBay Alternative Sites for eCommerce Sellers

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 28th, 2022 11:49 am | 4-min read
9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

You can find and sell almost everything on eBay which is why it is one of the best sites to start your business online. However, most of the businesses running on eBay are taking their ventures to other platforms. If you are reading this article, you must be aware of eBay’s high selling fees and how it simple it is for the site to randomly just shut you down.

There are plenty of horror stories involving truthful sellers apparently breaking eBay’s rules. eBay played an important role in getting these businesses shut down in the blink of an eye without any genuine reason. It’s hard to decide what is worse, is that there is no one to have a direct conversation with the site people, or to get a non-generic response to your concern.

9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie
In case you are also looking for an auction alternate to eBay to save your business from turning upside down, you are at the right place. In this post, we have listed a few major eBay alternatives that you can think of to sell your products and services.

Alternative Auction Sites to eBay

Here are a few major online auction alternatives to eBay that you can go for in case you need to sell your new or used products. Few of these are up-and-coming auction sites, and others are likely to be the next-big-thing.

  2. This is one of the highly ranked eBay auction alternatives that sell handmade items. The platform majorly focuses on the sellers of crafting supplies and vintage items with handmade items as it has been selling them since its inception. The site has good traffic and offers lower fees. You could do extremely well with its huge customer base if it fits your niche.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  4. This is one of the best alternatives to eBay. It’s a well-known and measurable marketplace player that works for the everyday seller. Although a few listings of this platform pale when compared to eBay’s volume, it provides strong growth and less fees. The user interface of can be instantly familiar to eBay users.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  5. eCRATER
  6. eCRATER is one of the best online auction sites that allow anyone to hold online auctions. It allows sellers to import Google Shopping and eBay products with a good selection of products. With this site, users can buy products without any registration. All they need to do is select the item and proceed to checkout.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  7. Liquidation
  8. Liquidation is an excellent auction site that offers a huge range of products organized in different categories. It specializes in android and sports products. Just like Ubid, this platform also offers products only from overstocked manufacturers. As the website sells both new and old items, you must check the condition of the product before making a purchase.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  9. Ubid
  10. Ubid is quite different from other auction sites. It doesn’t offer items from the individual businesses; it only allows overstocked manufacturers to sell on the site which is why it is difficult to find a killer deal or a rare item on this auction site. It offers a limited variety of products; however, it is a great place to purchase watches, coins, and electronics. The site offers mega auctions for the purchases in bulk, express auctions to scratch the instant gratification, and instant auctions that last only for 20 minutes.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  11. Listia
  12. This site is not a typical auction site. It offers buyers to buy products using credits on the sale. You need to sign up to the site to obtain these credits. You can get even more credits if you are listing your items on this site. The best part is that you can trade your credits in cash or use it to make a purchase.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

    Another major advantage of the platform is that it offers something called Listia Assurance to the buyers which means they will get a full refund in case the product is not how it was described. It offers a unique approach and protection to the consumers in case they don’t get a refund.

  14. The platform has been recently placed on position 5 in eCommerce Bytes – Sellers Choice 2019 Marketplace Ratings. It manages more than 2 million auction listings across around 20 international sites. Its pricing structure is cheaper and simpler in comparison to that of eBay. There is no fee for buyers and sellers on this site.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

    Unlike other alternatives, this site doesn’t have a huge marketplace, but it remains profitable. On the site you can put the selling items that you don’t mind if take a longer period for being sold. The platform deals primarily with the European market.

    Another major advantage of this platform is that it offers a very good customer service. Your customers will get the resolutions before they even know that they had an issue.

  15. Ruby Lane
  16. This is another vintage goods eBay online auction alternative. Merchants find this marketplace easy-to-use and profitable with good customer service. The best part is that the marketplace solely sells antique and vintage items so there are not many categories and sellers have a quiet understanding of their captivated audience. The site doesn’t charge a commission on sales.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

  17. Mercari
  18. This is one of the most easy-to-use auction alternatives to eBay. Mercari was launched in 2013 and has become a growing platform for both the U.S. and Japan. It works more like eBay as it hosts all kinds of product categories and sells used items too. Just about anything can be sold on this platform. It has around 150 thousand items listed and hosts more than 45 million downloads in the United States.

    9 Auction sites apart from eBay - Appy Pie

Those are the sites that you can go for if you are looking for something other than eBay to sell your products. Let us learn a few important things before you decide to leave eBay.

Things to know before you leave eBay

The list of these auction websites is by thorough no means, however, once you start finding an alternative to eBay, you’ll get to know that the marketplace is extremely scrappy. The list of sites in this article probably makes sense for the major sellers of eBay – independent and small sellers who want to deal with low to medium volume. These small sellers only have been gradually put off by eBay’s large seller focus and playing a critical role in increasing fees and complexity.

On the other hand, there are thousands of new and start-up businesses that are trying to unseat eBay or to take over a portion of the market. For example, Etsy is a smart, polished, and professional platform which is limited to buyers and sellers of handmade goods brags an active community.

Eventually, eBay’s size and diversity are the two main obstacles to leaving it. The platform remains the biggest and most assorted online marketplace for sellers, and whichever alternative you go for, it will be hard to replace all these eyeballs.


Hopefully, this article will help you find the bestselling platform for your products and services. However, in case you find these platforms underserved, you can try expanding beyond these marketplaces and try creating your own.

Create your own auction marketplace and then to attract more users to create an auction app. With your auction app, you can provide your users with a convenient and rich shopping experience. If you want to know more about other online marketplaces and their benefits, click here to go through our post – Best Online Marketplaces for eCommerce Selling.

You can create your auction app with Appy Pie’s Auction AppMakr without using any code or technical knowledge. You just need to visit the page, follow the instructions and your app will be ready in minutes. Try it today!


Alternative Auction Sites

Things to know before you leave eBay

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