Flustered Consumers Take To Twitter As Starbucks’ App Goes Down!

By Aasif | Last Updated on August 21st, 2018 5:16 pm
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App Builder Appy Pie: If your morning cup of Starbucks is ordered through their app, you were one of the many disgruntled Starbucks loyalists who had a tough time beating the Monday blues this morning! The Starbucks mobile app may as well be one of the country’s most favored pay by phone option.

Like most other disgruntled customers, here too there was a barrage of Tweets that vented their frustrations and displeasure on this unusual malfunctioning of the app, that fatefully struck people on a Monday morning!

“Why is the @Starbucks app “down for scheduled maintenance” at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday? 😩 There goes the coffee and breakfast I was looking forward to before losing my soul in the office this week.” A customer tweeted.

Yet another customer wanted the app fixed for everyone! “@Starbucks fix your app!
-signed, every person on their way to work this Monday morning”

Though the coffee conglomerate was diligent enough in tweeting out their apologies and consolations trying their best to pacify the app users who had to wait in line among all others, there were some who took the opportunity to act a little cheeky, suggested Dunkin Donuts as a respite.

“Wait … so has the Starbucks app actually been down ALL DAY?! Per Twitter search and three texts to me I’m going with yes and I’m sorry for all those coffee drinkers that don’t choose Dunkin’”

It was only recently that representatives from the company mentioned that the order and pay method through mobile constitutes about 13% of the total transactions at Starbucks.

Starbucks helpfully posted a tweet on their official profile, “We are aware that some people are experiencing issues with the Starbucks App and the Starbucks website this morning. We are working diligently on a fix and hope to have you up and running shortly. Thank you so much for your patience while we get this sorted out.”

Now, even as the company through its official account was periodically making attempts at placating the customers through tweets, but the customers did not look like they had much patience for it.

When a customer approached the customer care help with a tweet, “@starbuckshelp is there something going on with the app? My iOS version is up-to-date, I’ve closed it & reopened, restarted phone, and it doesn’t show any info or anything from my acct. want to order my usual morning coffee…”

They replied, “Hi Emmy, I am very sorry the app is currently down and unavailable to access at the moment. I do apologize for any inconveniences this has caused. In the meantime, we recommend you to order in-store with your barista and you can pay using your Starbucks Card. Thank you! -Angel”

This customer did seem to have lost their patience, “was looking forward to my birthday reward when I found out the @Starbucks app is down for scheduled maintenance at 7 am on a Monday. Geniuses at work. Da fuq #Starbucks?”

Now, we all know that time is money and this app outage that went on for most of the day does seem to be quite expensive for the coffee biggie. Now, many people even claimed that they were not able to make a purchase because they weren’t carrying any cash or credit cards or wouldn’t make a purchase if they could not use the app to pay because they didn’t want to forego the rewards that came with it.

The Starbucks app has 15.1 million active users who avail their app-based loyalty rewards program which is up 14% from the last year!

The silver lining was this tweet which ended on a happy note, “The Starbucks app is down corporate wide so I offered to pay for the drink of the man in front of me since he had no other form of payment. The barista heard the interaction and gave us both our drinks for free 😭”

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