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What is a Finsta and Build Your Finstagram Account

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 24th, 2024 6:50 am | 4-min read
What is Finsta - Appy Pie

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I came across the word ‘Finsta’ while snooping around on the Internet. As someone who’s seen the Internet from the days of MSN and AOL, a new Internet trend is no surprise. But Finsta is something that made me go ‘huh?’.

Finsta is one of the weirdest social media trends to come out of the Internet’s underbelly. In this blog, we are going to discuss what this trend is and how badly is humanity moving towards its own extinction. JK, we’re just talking about what Finsta is and how you can get on this trend followed by another important question – Do you need it?
What is Finsta - Appy Pie
Trying to understand this trend, I poked around on the Internet for a while, talking to some of my acquaintances, reading blogs and surfing across influencers and people on the platform. Here’s what I found.

What is Finsta?

Finsta is an abbreviation of the words ‘Fake Instagram’. And that is literally what it is. It is a fake Instagram account and acts as a secondary Instagram for people. It begs the question, ‘Why do you need a ‘Finstagram’ account?’

The reasoning behind the existence of Finstagram is interesting, to say the least. The basis of a normal Instagram account is perfection. Each post on Instagram promotes this aspect of perfectionism which in turn, is a manifestation of the aspirations modern society has from people.

Everything is supposed to be ‘perfect’ and we actively chase this. Hell, I chase this defunct form of perfectionism myself. The fact remains though, this isn’t a sustainable attitude to have. The aspiration for perfection is an invitation for depression.

‘Perfect’ Instagram accounts have hundreds to thousands of followers comprising most times of complete strangers. This further pushes the envelope for that toxic form of perfectionism we all so desire. That makes us unhappy.
What is Finsta ? -Appy Pie

Finsta accounts are supposed to be the pressure valves to that perfectionism, depression and, unhappiness. Finsta accounts are meant to be for people you consider close. Finsta is meant for inside jokes, imperfect selfies, opinions and you, as a person, in your natural environment. Finsta is meant for your friends.

This is a reasonable explanation for the existence of this trend. I beg to differ. Before we go on to that, let’s find out how a Finsta account is made.

How to Make Your Own Finstagram Account

Creating a Finsta account is very easy. Before you begin creating a new Finsta account, you need to brainstorm a unique username that doesn’t use your real name. Not using your own photo is also an important aspect of having a Finsta account. Your Finsta should be impossible to find unless you share your username with your friends.

To create a Finsta, follow the steps given below:

  • Open your Instagram account, and click the three-line icon in the top right.
  • Click on Add Account at the bottom of the Settings.
  • Click on Signup at the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Input your phone number.
  • Click on Create New Account.
  • Add your new and unique username.
  • Do not link your Finsta to your actual Instagram.
  • Start Posting.

Given below is an example of a Finsta account. @RebekkaHarajuku is model Bella Hadid’s Finsta account.

What is Finsta ? -Appy Pie

5 Things to Remember While Creating Your Finsta Account

There are five things you should remember when creating your Finsta account.

  1. Do not link to your Insta
  2. If you are linking your Finsta to your actual Instagram what is the point of creating it at all? Keep your Instagram away from it at all costs.

  3. Only allow the people close to you
  4. Your Finsta is for your close friends. People you see, meet, interact with on a regular basis. Don’t allow people you don’t know onto your Finsta account.

  5. Have a unique username
  6. Remember your weird username on Tumblr? That is what your Finsta is supposed to be. Keep a username no one can guess.

  7. Meant for Personal use
  8. Your Finsta is meant for personal use. If you are an influencer, keep your business away from your Finsta account.

  9. Finsta accounts have a low follower count
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo has 210 million followers on Instagram. If he has a Finsta, it’ll probably have a thousand at most. Finsta account will always have low follower counts. Don’t even think that you could turn it into a secondary influencer account for a wider audience. Your friends won’t like it very much.

Why You Shouldn’t Need a Finstagram

Finstagram is a very justifiable trend. Instagram has superseded being a social media platform to become an influencer platform that masquerades as social media. Not many Instagram users want to be on there just because it’s a good social media, most of them want to become an ‘influencer’.

Every person with a good enough camera thinks that they can be the next big ‘model’ to come out of Instagram and everyone tries to do that. This is what led to the perfectionism problem in the first place. On the other side of the internet, Instagram is considered as a ‘fake’ place. To be called a fake, shows how dire the perfectionism problem is.

A Finsta is not the solution to that problem. I agree that it takes you back to the basics of Instagram. To the basic fact that social media is meant for people to share their lives. However, it is still a placeholder solution.

The real solution is simple. Downsize your existing Instagram. Remove followers and strangers if you don’t want to be an influencer. I’ll give you a clue. @crazepok is my Instagram handle. It’s open for the world to see. Now I don’t follow a whole lot of people and not many follow me. But it is my one Instagram for everything related to my life. It’s the social media for my friends, it’s the Instagram linked to my LinkedIn, and the one linked to my Facebook. If I ever become a marketing influencer, it’ll still be my only Instagram.

There is a simple reason for that. I realize that there’s going to be people who don’t like my approach to life, my habits or my opinions. But hiding it, just to appeal to a mass audience is akin to compromising my integrity.

I’m happier because I don’t worry about it. That Instagram is who I am. If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t post it on my Instagram. And let’s be honest, if you want to share inside jokes just share it on Snapchat. It is tailored for privacy.

Faking a life on Instagram just makes you toxic towards yourself. Why bother? You have bigger issues in life to face. Get out of the bubble of perfection and look further. Finstagram is just you trying to gather more attention from a limited number of people.


Damn, this blog turned into a life lesson. Wasn’t expecting that when I started out? I like the justification people make for a secondary Instagram account. But I’m being honest with you. It’s too much work. Even if you are an influencer, authenticity and reputation always make your brand stronger.

Before I go, I have one last thing to share. Check out our Instagram marketing course on Appy Pie Academy. It’ll help make your brand stronger.

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