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Tell me about yourself [HR Interview Questions and Answers]

By Snigdha | Last Updated on December 10th, 2023 6:42 am | 3-min read

As you are looking for the perfect job, you must prepare for HR interview questions and answers. While it is important to prepare for the questions, make sure that you place your faith in your own educational qualifications and professional experience.

Before appearing for the interview, you need to choose which resume details you want to highlight in response to the question – tell me about yourself. This will help you get ready to answer the question with confidence.

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Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers For Freshers

Sample Answer #1

“Hi! I am Samantha, and I am currently studying Business Studies at NYU. I am creative and great at thinking outside the box and coming up with unorthodox solutions to tricky problems. I love working in teams and can handle solo projects with the same proficiency. I am flexible and adapt to unique and unpredictable situations.

My resume is quite comprehensive in providing details about my education and professional qualities, but I am a lot more than just a sheet of paper. I have strong ethics and am a goal-oriented person. I am a fast learner and never repeat the same mistake, ever. I make sure that I learn from every mistake, and I believe this quality will take me far in my career.”

Sample Answer #2

“I graduated from UCLA in Engineering with a specialization in aerospace, and I have a positive and ‘can do’ attitude. I believe in coming up with the best possible solutions irrespective of resource limitations. I believe it is the responsibility of an engineer to come at the same problem from different directions and present the most viable solution.

I come from a family where education has always been of primary importance, but that did not deter me from gaining hands-on experience working through my teens to earn my pocket money. Though I have enjoyed my social title of “the geek,” I have also had a great time going to mixers and social gatherings and have had my share of fun. It is important for a professional in the engineering field to be in real-life situations where they can experience the problems and come up with workable solutions.”

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers For Experienced Professionals

Sample Answer #3

I’ve been in the sales industry for over five years, primarily working in demonstrations and client-handling roles. My current role is that of a senior client acquisition and relationship manager for a large tech company. My responsibilities include designing demonstrations and training the team to present them in the most impressive way, in addition to business acquisition and relationship management. Now that I have gained a fair bit of an experience in the field, I am looking for opportunities to expand my experience across different industries, particularly med-tech, which is why I’m so interested in joining an organization like yours.

Sample Answer #4

I’ve enjoyed writing and public speaking since I was too young to even recognize it as a career option. Back in high school, I was into everything from the school magazine to the debate and elocution team. This led me to nurture my skills and pursue writing-related activities – for example, in college, I was one of the senior editors for our newspaper. In this position, in addition to writing, I learned how to manage a team and approach the writing process logically and precisely.
After college, I took a job at S. M. Tech as a social media manager, writing copy and social content for the company blog, but I also volunteered to work on the communications project for a product launch. This is where I discovered my interest and knack for product marketing. After transitioning to a product marketing role, I worked on the two most successful new product launches last year. And then, I realized how excited I was to take on a new opportunity. I discovered that I work best on products that I love and use. I’m a big fan and user of your company’s products, so I jumped and snapped up the opportunity to apply for this role.

Sample Answer #5

I’ve spent a decade of my initial career working in design and development for tech startups, including my current company, which develops accessible tech platforms. And for the last two years, I’ve been managing five to eight direct reports. I realized that people management brought me joy that I never knew was missing. I have particularly enjoyed the training and professional development aspect of my current job. An accomplishment I’m proud of in my job was creating a series of growth workshops for multiple teams in my organization.

Now, as I have spent some time thinking about my next steps, I realize I want to transition into an HR role that focuses on creating and implementing training programs. Hence, I see this job opening as an opportunity to achieve just that.


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