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Indian Independence Day: More Than Just a Holiday

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on October 4th, 2022 1:42 pm
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India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15 every year to commemorate the country’s independence from the British Empire on this day in 1947. The day is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm all across the country with national flag hoisting, parades, and cultural programs. Cultural programs are organized in schools and colleges all over the nation. The main celebrations take place at the Red Fort in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister hoists the Indian national flag. On this day, the prime of India addresses the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort.

Establishment of British Rule in India

The story of the British Rule in India begins in the early 1600s when East India Company ships began docking in coastal areas and trading European goods for Indian spices and textiles. The British East India Company (BEIC) was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth 1st to carry out trade in Asia. As time went by, the company established its own army to protect its trading interests and began making treaties with Indian rulers on its own terms.

By the middle of the 1700s, the British East India Company had become a political power in India. The company then began taking over Indian states one by one. In 1858, a major rebellion occurred. Indian soldiers known as sepoys, who were fighting for the British against their fellow Indians, were angry because their commander had defied orders from his superiors and fired on peaceful protesters. These soldiers mutinied and murdered their officers. This rebellion set off other uprisings against the company. After its defeat by Indian troops, the company was forced to transfer power to the British crown. Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India in 1877.

India’s Struggle For Independence (1857 to 1947)

The Indian independence movement was a series of small movements, aimed to end British rule in India. The independence movement in India lasted from 1857 to 1947. In 1857, the Indian soldiers in the British army revolted, in what is commonly known as the “Sepoy Mutiny”. There were multiple reasons for this mutiny, but the most important ones were economic and religious.

However, the Indian independence movement gained traction after the first world war. Mahatma Gandhi organized passive-resistance campaigns and led the revolt against oppressive British rule. The British government made minor concessions, but they were insufficient. In India, discontent grew as nationalist leaders such as Gandhi rejected Britain’s empty promises.

It became furious during World War II in August 1942 when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi launched the ‘Quit India’ movement. The movement received a great response from the Indian people and it was a way of showing their anger at British rule. The British Government did not take it well and imprisoned all the leaders of the Congress Party including Mahatma Gandhi.

The British Government had also taken stern action against the people who were taking part in the movement and had even lathi-charged to disperse the crowd. However, after prolonged efforts of the All-India Congress Committee and people across the nation, India got complete freedom on 15the August 1947.

The significance of India’s Independence Day

The first Indian Independence Day was celebrated on the 15th of August 1947. The day is significant as it marks the day when India became an independent country after being under British rule for more than 200 years. It was also a result of the efforts of many great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The day also commemorates the raising of the Indian flag by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947. The flag that was raised had India’s national symbol, the Ashoka Chakra.

How does India Celebrate its Independence?

The day is a national holiday in India and is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm. Independence Day celebrations typically begin with the hoisting of the national flag, followed by the singing of the national anthem. A 21-gun salute is also held in honor of the occasion. Other common traditions include public speeches by government officials, cultural performances, and parades.

On this day, people wave the Indian flag and hold up posters and banners celebrating India’s freedom. They also sing patriotic songs and recite poems about the nation. People of all ages carry flags, cards, and posters on Independence Day. Children often carry miniature flags, while adults carry larger ones. Many people also wear patriotic clothing or paint their faces with the colors of the Indian flag.

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