Learn how to create an app and make money

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How To Make An App And Make Money – The Ultimate Guide

How To Make An App and make money

So, you’ve got an idea to develop a world class mobile app. And you’re confident enough to translate your idea into a successful mobile app.

You may be thinking, many people would like your app and you could make a lot of money out of it. Of course, if your idea is brilliant, no one can stop your app from being a success.

What’s next? Now you need to learn how to make an app. Well, there are a few things you should know about before making a native mobile app.

Competition in the app industry is growing by the day, so you need to create an exceptional app that is easy-to-access, and fulfills customers’ expectations in terms of quality and functionality.

While you think that you have a revolutionary idea, you may get your hopes crushed very quickly if you don’t know how to make an app.

Here, we’re going to give you all the information regarding how to make a successful app. By the end of this guide, you will have a good idea and knowledge to move forward and get started with creating your own app for your business or for personal use.

Table of Contents

How To Make An App - The App Idea

1) How To Make An App: The App Idea

1.1 Categorizing Your App Ideas
1.2 Moving From Ideas To Models
1.3 Identify The Goal
1.4 Summary Of The App Idea

2) How To Make An App: App Idea to Paper

2.2 The IF-THEN Mindset In App Design
2.3 Example Of IF-THEN Thinking In App Design
2.4 Leveraging App Wireframes For Continuous Improvement
2.5 A Common Pitfall That You May Face… And How To Easily Avoid It
2.6 Using Outside Help To Build An App – The Pros and Cons
2.7 Summary Of App Idea To Paper

How To Make An App: The App Idea

You might get surprised, but you’re generating thousands of ideas every day. The most of those ideas are focused to solving daily life problems. But most of us don’t realize that our ideation potential can also be solution for other people’s problems.

Now you know, you have ideas, but it’s time to identify the good and the great ones. In general, any idea that can solve a problem is a good idea.

But what makes a great idea?

The most important part of creating amazing products or services comes up with most innovative ideas, and apps are no exception.

Your app idea is going to define the success of your app. Whether it is simple or complex, having a great idea is the only thing that can keep you in the race.

You should never forget that most successful entrepreneurs have built their business through multiple ideas. So don’t limit yourself to a single app idea.

Write down every single idea that pops into your mind. Find a few ideas that fall into each category or is there an app you’ve seen that you really like?

Categorizing Your App Ideas

Categorizing Your App Ideas

Categorization is one of the most important parts of creating a successful mobile app. By categorizing your app idea means that you’ve got something innovative that will make your app a huge success.

Choosing the right category has a number of advantages. There are a number of things like download volume, how much money they make, and competition, which can vary greatly between categories.

Therefore, you should choose the best category for your app.

You can create apps for various purposes such as business, games, heath & fitness, education, medical and many other depending upon your interest. When you first come up with an idea, it’s important to clarify which category your idea is in.

Choosing the right category will make all the difference!

Moving From Ideas To Models

There are people who think that once they have an app idea they should start building app without analyzing its revenue model.

But, before start building an app you should know “What You Want from App?” Knowing the purpose for creating an app will help keep you focused on the long-term. Because, it is more for a business than passion.

Undeniably, creating apps starts with ideas, but you need to plan strong models to make your dream come to a reality.

Identify The Goal

Every idea must have an end goal. There are many people who start business without setting goals and end up wasting thousands of dollars. So, setting goals and objectives for your app is important to determine its growth.

Identifying the goal of your app can be done before you spend even a dollar.

What you need to do is recall an app idea, which you’ve had at some point. Then pick up any app in the market and analyze what actually it is doing. You will have an idea of its business model.

Now, you need to define your app goal whether you want to use it to make passive income, sell it to a big company, make your life easier, etc.

Summary Of The App Idea

So let’s have a quick look what you have done so far…

  • You have a new idea for your app
  • And you know why you want to translate this idea into mobile app

Now, you need to move ahead to turn your idea into reality. Here is your plan for accomplishing it…

  • The Idea (DONE)
  • App Idea To Paper

How To Make An App: App Idea to Paper
If you’re overwhelmed and have too many questions, like how will I build an app? Or can I really learn how to make an app? etc. Then, stay right here with us. We are going to help you with everything.

Here you need to realize that you’ve already decided the purpose of your app. That’s great. Now we’re going to talk about what happens after you decide on an idea.

Just start putting your idea on paper as precisely as possible. You don’t need to be an artist, if you know how to draw basic shapes you are good to go. It might look unprofessional, but it doesn’t really matters.

There are too many benefits of putting your idea on paper, including-

  1. You can show it to your friends who might give some suggestions or help you refine it
  2. Once your app idea is one paper, it becomes physical
  3. Getting your ideas down on paper means you need to look ahead, and decide future course of action

When it comes to designing you app, it all begins with wireframes

What You Need for a Mockup or Wireframe?

A Mockup or Wireframe will help you represent the skeletal framework of your mobile app in the most organized way. Using wireframes, you can give basic design to your app and pass it to someone for reviewing.

You won’t face any problem in using wireframe as it is as simple as anything could possibly be.

Here are a few examples that we’ve done for you-

The IF-THEN Mindset in App Design

This is one of the most crucial factors that will help you make your app a huge success. Having if-then planning is really a powerful way to achieve any goal in your life.

Though your idea is built on creativity and innovation, but programming is not. The uniqueness of code is less important than your vision behind creating an app.

If your developer didn’t understand your vision, you’re going to get a lot of questions and probably a bad experience.

So, while designing your app, you must have if-then planning ahead. For example, “IF someone presses this button, THEN this happens”. And, the best way to represent it is with an arrow, pointing the direction.

Example of IF-THEN Thinking in App Design

If anyone opens your app, IF he/she Presses “Music” Then they must be brought to a screen that shows them how to play the music.

Adding such features means you are creating a meaningful conversation with your users. You should not include every possible feature in your app. Focus on some selected features and make them your core business.

Start small and scale up over time as per your customer requirements.

Now you need to understand-

“What is IF-THEN process?”

  • It is a way to think about an action happening
  • One action leads to another
  • IF you start shouting, THEN I would put in ear plugs.

Here, we are giving you a basic diagram that will help you understand IF/THEN thinking in an easy way.

An example might be “IF I want to buy a car” “THEN I’ll be checking reviews and comparing between different models OR I will visit a nearest dealer to know more about the car and its features.”

Leveraging App Wireframes for Continuous Improvement

There are many benefits of creating wireframes for your mobile app, including if you want to get opinions from people (usually family or friends).

After sending wireframes, you need to tell them the basic purpose of your app. After a few days, you should follow-up and ask them if the app idea makes sense to them and can it attract more users or not.

After getting feedback from them, you can update your wireframe and send to more people for more suggestions. This is one of the most effective ways to have some great as well unique features for your app.

A Common Pitfall That You May Face… And How to Easily Avoid It

With so many suggestions and comments, you can be overwhelmed. We’re sure that you have too many suggestions which you really can’t do alone. Here comes app developers. Now, you think that your developers can fill the gaps in your wireframe for you.

That’s normal, but you shouldn’t assume that your developers will do all for you.

During development phase, you need to pay careful attention to your dream app by putting in the extra hours to build out the detail. Unless you have specific skills, you shouldn’t hand over the control to the developers. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your development team, it is a simple fact that they are not going to think the way you can think for your own app.

However, you need not to worry-there are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen to you:

  • When you send your previously created wireframe to your developers ask them to send back questions
  • Ask them for minimum three suggestions that can make your app better. This will force them to closely analyses your app and have more insights. It is a good exercise to make your app unique and functional
  • Also you need to ask them for three probable problems that they see in your app

These suggestions will help you improve your app functionality, but the core concept must come from you. So, you have to believe in your own work.

Using Outside Help to Build an App – The Pros and Cons

There are too many app development companies that can help out with this process. They will thoroughly discuss your app vision and can turn your ideas into a real mockup.


Once you’ve handled all the details, you need to sit back and approve everything as it goes. This way, you don’t need to know everything about how to make an app.


This is going to cost you much more than you thought about before. And, it is impossible for third party to get your idea exactly how you want it.
Thus, don’t take the easy way. Try hard and put in the effort to how to make an app. Doing-it-Yourself is the best option to make your dreams come true.

Summary Of App Idea To Paper

At this point, you’ve taken your idea and…
You set a goal for your app.
You brought that idea into the real world.

With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, the mobile app market has grown massively. There are a millions of mobile apps available for download on leading app stores, like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App store, etc., and in a variety of categories. The vast majority of app owners have been making good money from their apps and some of them are even building thriving businesses. Industry experts predict that app economy will have impressive growth worldwide over the next few years.

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Learn How to make an app in 3 easy steps:

Learn How to make an app in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Choose a design template: Customize it to fit your needs
Step 2. Add your desired features: Create an app that reflects the right image for your brand.
Step 3. Publish your app: Push it live on Android or iPhone app stores on-the-fly.

Now that you have an app, Lets talk about different models of generating revenue from mobile applications including paid applications, in-app purchases, advertisements, affiliate programs, and many others. To ensure this resource generate long term revenue, app owners need to select appropriate model that suits the nature of their app. Here are discussed two widely recognized ways of making money with an app.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases has evolved as a beneficial way to earn good revenue through apps. The in-app purchase feature allows the sale of digital products within a specific application. Majority of app creators or developers use special tools and resources to improve the functionality of in-app purchase feature in order to make selling process far smoother. IAPs can be added into apps in several ways depending upon your requirements.

According to best available data, the In-App Purchase (IAP) has become the greatest revenue driver for app owners. There are thousands of apps that are making billions of dollars with in-app-purchase feature.


Ads are also one of the most effective and easiest ways to earn revenue through apps. App owners can subscribe to ad networks and showcase banner, interstitial, or video ads to the users on their apps, and drive a good chunk of revenue through it. There are a number of mobile app monetization networks, including AdMob and MobFox, which helps app owners maximize their revenue from ads.

So, if you have a great idea, you can now shape it into an app with the world’s leading drag-and-drop app builder, Appy Pie. With Appy Pie, you can also make money by simply advertising your app among a wide audience group. You can even monetize your app through ads, or earn money through In-App purchases done by the users. So promote your app with Appy Pie and enjoy recurring revenue for years to come.

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