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DL 4.33 × 8.66 in
A5 5.83 × 8.27 in
A4 8.27 × 11.69 in
A3 11.69 × 16.54 in

A brochure is a document that is often used by companies, organizations, and even people to promote their products or services. They are also used to promote various events and in different industries like promoting business, marketing, entertainment, tourism and more. They are almost used in every business but it’s not that the brochure is the same in each case. Different industries use brochures of different sizes and dimensions.

​​A brochure must be attractive and should have the ability to draw the targeted customers. The contents of the brochure must be impressive and the language used must be easy to understand. The use of attractive pictures and graphics in the brochure makes it attractive and interesting to read. A brochure should have the ability to grab the attention of the customer.

It’s very important to know what type of brochure fold you need for your business with effective size and dimensions. On following Appy Pie’s Brochure size guide, get about the most common, standard, average, typical brochure folds beneficial for a specific product or service.

What are common brochure fold types?

  • Accordion fold brochure:
  • It is folded in such a way that the folds are staggered. This is the most popular fold for brochures because it gives you the most amount of pages for your money. Perfect for a long product list or long descriptions.

  • Parallel fold brochure:
  • It has all the pages folded the same way which eliminates the staggered look. This is better for a very short list of products or descriptions.

  • Z-fold brochure:
  • It is folded at a Z-shape where the brochure opens outwards and upwards. This type of brochure can be issued in two different ways, one where the brochure opens outwards, and the other where the brochure opens inwards.

  • Tri-fold brochure:
  • It has two folds going in one direction and the third fold going in the opposite direction. This type of brochure is the most common and is perfect for small products and descriptions.

  • Half-fold brochure:
  • It has one fold that goes in one direction, and the other fold goes back towards the first fold. This is the most common way of folding a brochure and is perfect for most products and descriptions.

A brochure can also have a double parallel fold or double z-fold. These folds provide you with the same amount of pages as a regular parallel fold or z-fold, with the added benefit of being able to fold the brochure into a smaller square. Perfect for a small product list or a small area.

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