How to Make a Customer Engagement Software in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Enter your software name

    Select the name for your software.

  2. Choose the layout for your software

    Personalize the layout to your liking.

  3. Test and Publish it

    Test the software and launch it.

What is Customer Engagement Software?

Customer engagement software is the software that manages customer interactions and communications throughout various touch points and channels. Customer engagement software involves web chat, CRM systems, marketing personalization, social media, and customer self-service.

An ideal customer engagement software covers the full span of customer communications and guides potential customers through their journey. The software provides the correct information to the correct person at the correct time, every time. It constantly provides value to the customer.

Basic Features of Appy Pie’s Customer Engagement Software

Appy Pie’s Customer Engagement Software offers various effective features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Customer Segments

    Consumer’s inboxes are full of different kinds of notifications including text messages, promotions, offers, etc. Appy Pie’s Customer Engagement Software provides your clients with the ability to segment the list of messages and notifications, as per their preferences. Segmentation helps a merchant target marketing messages to customers. The process increases customer satisfaction with a brand.

  • Multiple Communication Options

    Appy Pie’s customer engagement software offers multiple communication options for businesses to speak to their customers. They can communicate with the customers in the manner they prefer, including text, email, in-app, or social media.

  • Automation

    It takes a lot of time to manage a customer engagement strategy without automation. Customer engagement applications allow merchants to set up rules so when any specific criteria meet, a message or an offer automatically dispatches. For example, customers who have purchased a set of sports equipment could get an invitation to take advantage of a pre-season promotion. The merchant sets the rules and the software does the rest.

  • Loyalty

    Appy Pie’s Customer Engagement Software offers different loyalty reward programs for different businesses and customer databases. It gives merchants the ability to customize their loyalty programs so that they resonate with their customers. You can add loyalty program features for your clients such as rewards based on tiers, rewards points or cashback, cross-promotion, gamification, and integration with social media.

  • Mobile app

    Appy Pie’s customer engagement software suite allows the merchant to create a mobile app. It allows the merchant to enable the solutions that meet their clients’ business objectives. Clients can make secure payments through the app.

  • Reporting

    Appy Pie’s customer engagement software allows merchants to segment client-based details and then monitor marketing effectiveness to each segment. Also, it gives clients the ability to identify trends that could encourage new marketing or customer engagement initiatives.

  • Centralized management

    Appy Pie’s customer engagement software offers a single screen feature for the merchants. Using this feature, merchants can easily manage their customer segments, loyalty programs, marketing messaging, and other elements of customer marketing strategy.

  • Integrations

    The software is not at all a standalone solution. It can integrate with the merchant’s e-commerce and point of sale (POS) system.

Now that you know what all features you get with this excellent customer engagement software, go ahead and create one for yourself!

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