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How to build a CRM App without coding?

Below are the steps to help you create your own CRM App with our no-code CRM App builder:

  1. Describe your app

    Choose a name for your app, select a color scheme according to your preference, and then pick your test device.

  2. Drag and drop the preferred features to your app

    Add the features that you want in your app and customize it accordingly.

  3. Test and Go live with your CRM app

    Try your app on your device and launch it to experience an immediate influx in customers!


Create Your Own CRM apps with Appy Pie’s AI CRM App Builder

Let your sales team manage the entire sales cycle with the CRM app. A feature-rich CRM mobile app helps you efficiently manage sales activities, such as leads, contacts, tasks, and customers without wasting any time. Thinking, how to create one? Then don’t push your mind to understand coding. It just takes a matter of minutes to create a CRM app with AI Appy Pie app builder.

Appy Pie’s AI CRM App Builder allows anyone to create their own customer relationship management apps. You can even call it your own AI CRM app builder. You can use it to build a CRM app for your business or your clients. Appy Pie has developed this AI CRM app maker for non-technical users who don’t have coding skills. This AI CRM app builder comes with multiple features that make it possible for you to create your own CRM app without much trouble.

Whether you want to create a CRM iPhone app or a CRM Android app, you just need to log in to Appy Pie’s AI CRM app maker. Describe the type of app you want, customize it to your liking and you are good to go with your CRM app!

Pick An App Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-driven App Builder offers numerous app templates designed to suit diverse business needs and inspire unique app ideas. Choose an app template you like and customize it to suit your app needs!

Benefits of Creating a CRM App for Your Business

More than ever, creating a CRM app for your business is a wise decision. The benefits of having one are numerous, and they span the entire company. A feature-rich CRM app allows you to keep track of important information, contacts, and leads. It also allows you to connect with your clients and customers more easily, helping you maintain a better relationship with them.

CRM apps also help in marketing and sales, as they help you in identifying potential clients and leads. This means that you can channel your resources in the right direction, which can lead to more sales. By having a CRM app, you will also be able to serve your customers better since it allows you to see what products or services they have purchased from you and what they still need.

Here are some key benefits of creating a CRM app for your business:

  1. Cost

    Creating a CRM app is less costly and time-consuming than purchasing one. Our AI CRM app builder lets you design, manage, and store all of your customers in one centralized place without spending a penny. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to customize your CRM to meet your exact requirements and add functionality as required.

  2. User Experience

    The user experience with these applications is usually much better than if you had created your own application from scratch because most third-party vendors have done all of the hard work for you in terms of usability and design. This means that your salespeople will be able to use the application more easily and efficiently than if they had to use their own custom application or tool.

  3. Ease of Appointment Scheduling

    One big benefit of creating your own CRM application is appointment scheduling capabilities. It is something that most CRM companies don’t include in their own applications or tools because it takes extra time and money. So, having this feature already built-in saves time and money for your organization because it means less work for you when scheduling appointments with clients or customers.

  4. Third-Party Integrations

    Most third-party CRM applications don’t integrate with other popular applications that you use in your business. But Appy Pie AI CRM app builder allows you to include this feature in your CRM app without any extra effort. This feature helps your salespeople access their data in one place rather than having multiple applications spread out on their desktops or laptops.

  5. Data Security

    Data security is another standout benefit of a CRM app. With your own CRM app, you’ll no longer have to make compromises to satisfy a broad range of other businesses. You can say goodbye to vulnerable third-party plugins and outdated source code.

  6. Increased Profitability and Efficiency

    Increased sales aren’t the only way to increase profitability. It is the creation of effective processes throughout your company’s operations to ensure that sales opportunities are not missed, and costs are kept to a minimum. A custom CRM mobile app allows you to manage your business operations more efficiently.

Why Choose Appy Pie’s AI CRM App Builder?

Appy Pie’s AI CRM App Maker lets you build and customize CRM apps in minutes, without any programming skills. It provides a wide range of features that helps you build the perfect app for your business. Our AI CRM App Builder offers industry-specific templates to help you get started quickly. All our templates are completely customizable so you can change the color scheme and text as per your requirements. From adding your logo and photos to customizing the layout, you can change everything as per your needs.

Here are the top reasons to make your own CRM app with Appy Pie AI CRM app maker:

  • Takes only a few minutes – With Appy Pie’s AI CRM app builder, creating your own CRM app takes only a few minutes.

  • Needs no coding – When you use Appy Pie AI CRM app maker to create a CRM app, you won’t need to learn any coding or programming.

  • Publish on Play Store and App Store – Once you make your CRM app and it is ready to be published on the app stores, the submission team at Appy Pie is ready to take you through the process.

  • Monetization – There are many ways in which you can monetize your CRM app, you can show relevant ads to increase your revenue more.

  • Get real-time App Analytics – It’s important to monitor your app’s performance after it’s launched. Appy Pie’s app analytics feature provides you with detailed information about the functioning of your CRM app.

  • Push notifications – Send unlimited messages to your users using the push notifications feature. You can send push notifications to all your app users with just a single tap and communicate efficiently. Appy Pie AI CRM app creator provides a dedicated push notification dashboard for your app.

Appy Pie’s AI CRM app builder is intuitive and filled with all the necessary features. You will be able to build your own CRM application that will make your business more efficient and productive. You can even make and update reports, complete tasks and send emails through your CRM app created with us. Moreover, our teams are also available 24/7 to answer all queries and resolve issues at the earliest. If you choose Appy Pie as your AI CRM app builder, it will help you create the best CRM app that meets all your requirements and gives your business a competitive edge over others.

You can build a CRM app in just a few steps with Appy Pie’s AI CRM app maker. It is an AI app development platform that lets users create CRM apps that are versatile and unique, equipped with a plethora of unique tools and features like:

  • Report integration: Design interactive reports to highlight top performers within the organization.

  • Analytic tools and dashboards: Collect, analyze and visualize data and information with dynamic dashboards to make data-driven decisions

  • Create forms: Add forms to collect information from customers directly, and make updates to your database.

  • Contact management: Organize, and manage all customer contact information with notes, call logs and other essential details.

  • Unified inbox: Find all customer interactions and communicate on multiple platforms in a unified inbox for better communication management.

Revolutionize Customer Relations with Appy Pie’s CRM App Builder

In the fast-paced business world, maintaining strong customer relationships is paramount. Appy Pie’s CRM App Builder empowers businesses to create dynamic CRM apps, streamlining interactions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Design a CRM App That Connects and Converts

  1. Centralized Customer Hub: With Appy Pie, create a unified platform where all customer interactions, from inquiries to sales, are meticulously tracked and managed.
  2. Automated Workflows for Efficiency: Integrate AI-driven automation tools to handle routine tasks, ensuring your team can focus on what truly matters – the customers.
  3. Data-Driven Insights at Your Fingertips: Implement analytics to monitor customer behavior, sales trends, and team performance, driving informed business decisions.

Why Opt for Appy Pie’s CRM App Creation Solution?

  1. Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

  2. Our platform allows for easy integration with your current business tools, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced functionality.

  3. User-Friendly Design, Powerful Results

  4. Appy Pie’s intuitive interface ensures that creating your CRM app is a breeze, without compromising on features or capabilities.

  5. Secure Data Handling

  6. Prioritize customer data protection with robust security features, ensuring trust and compliance.

  7. Round-the-Clock Support

  8. Benefit from Appy Pie’s 24/7 customer support, ensuring any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

Additional Features to Supercharge Your CRM App

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Design once and deploy across Android, iOS, and web platforms, ensuring consistent user experience.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Keep your team updated with real-time notifications on customer interactions, tasks, and follow-ups.
  • Customizable Templates: Choose from a range of templates tailored for various industries, ensuring your CRM app aligns with your business needs.

In the age of customer-centric business, a robust CRM system is not just beneficial but essential. With Appy Pie’s CRM App Builder, businesses can craft a tailored solution that not only manages customer relations but also drives growth and revenue. Dive into the world of CRM with Appy Pie and redefine how you connect with your customers!



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