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About Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows its users to send and read micro-blogs of up to 280-characters known as “tweets”. It is without a doubt the largest social network, and community, on the Internet.

Twitter Alternatives

Looking for the Twitter Alternatives? Here is the list of top Twitter Alternatives

  • Facebook Page Integration Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Integration LinkedIn
  • Facebook Integration Facebook

Choose the app you want to connect with Twitter

  • OnceHub Integration OnceHub
  • Zoho Books Integration Zoho Books
  • TickTick Integration TickTick
  • Delay By Connect Integration Delay By Connect
  • Premium Instagram Integration Instagram
  • Premium Slack Integration Slack
  • Wix Restaurants Integration Wix Restaurants
  • Agile CRM Integration Agile CRM
  • Agendor Integration Agendor
  • CheckMarket Integration CheckMarket
  • ShipStation Integration ShipStation
  • Freshworks CRM Integration Freshworks CRM
  • Qlik Sense Integration Qlik Sense
  • Netlify Integration Netlify
  • Premium MySQL Integration MySQL
  • Premium ClickMeeting Integration ClickMeeting
  • Mention Integration Mention
  • Premium Amazon CloudWatch Integration Amazon CloudWatch

How to Integrate Twitter with Appy Pie Connect

Follow these steps to Integrate Twitter:

  1. Go to Appy Pie Connect

  2. Create an account or login if you already have an account

  3. Search for the Twitter App in the App directory

  4. Select a trigger event from the list

  5. Click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter Twitter account API key

  6. Your Twitter app is now ready to integrate hundreds of apps supported on Appy pie Connect.

Best Twitter Integrations

  • Twitter Integration Google Sheets Integration

    Twitter + Google Sheets

    Save Twitter mentions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration Search Mention
    Then do this...
    Google Sheets Integration Create Spreadsheet Row
    This integration will help you keep a track of your Twitter mentions easily. After setting up this integration, every time your username is tagged on Twitter, we will automatically archive that tweet to your Google Sheets Spreadsheet. This integration helps you save the mentioned tweet in detail with its URL, body, date, time, the user’s name, handles, follower count, location, and more..
    How It Works
    • You are mentioned or hash-tagged in a tweet
    • Appy Pie Connect will automatically save that tweet to a new row in your Google Sheets spreadsheet
    What You Need for this Integration
    • A Twitter account
    • A Google account (with Google Sheets access)
  • Twitter Integration Google Sheets Integration

    Twitter + Google Sheets

    Add your new Twitter followers to Google Sheets
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration New Follower of Me
    Then do this...
    Google Sheets Integration Create Spreadsheet Row
    If you’ve been manually maintaining a record of new Twitter followers, this Connect can save your effort by automating this process. Once you’ve set this integration up, we will add a row to your spreadsheet whenever you get a new follower on your Account. Enjoy the benefits of workflow automation, integrate Gmail with Google Sheets now!
    How This Integration Works
    • You get a new Twitter follower
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically saves it to your Google Sheets
    What You Need
    • A Twitter account
    • A Google Sheets account
  • Twitter Integration Facebook Page Integration

    Twitter + Facebook Page

    Post new Tweets from a Twitter user to your Facebook Page Read More...
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration User Tweet
    Then do this...
    Facebook Page Integration Create Page Post
    This integration will let your Facebook Page followers see everything that you and your team members post on Twitter. Once you've activated this Twitter-Facebook Page integration, Appy Pie Connect automatically posts your Tweets to your Facebook Page, keeping both your social channels’ audience engaged at the same time. Moreover, if you want to share posts from multiple Twitter accounts to your Facebook Page, you may run this automation multiple times, each time setting in a different Twitter username.
    How This Integration Works
    • A specified user posts a new tweet to Twitter
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically shares that tweet on your Facebook Page
    What You Need
    • A Twitter account
    • A Facebook account & Page
  • Twitter Integration Facebook Page Integration

    Twitter + Facebook Page

    Cross-post your Tweets to your Facebook Page
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration My Tweet
    Then do this...
    Facebook Page Integration Create Page Post
    Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to increase business visibility across the world. And, Appy Pie Connect is an automation platform that makes multiple social media platforms work hand in hand. With this integration, Appy Pie Connect automatically posts your Twitter’s Tweets to your Facebook Page, keeping both your social channels audience engaged at the same time.
    How It Works
    • Post a new Tweet on your Twitter Account
    • Appy Pie Connect will automatically generate a post from the Tweet content and post it to your Facebook Page
    What You Need
    • A Twitter account
    • A Facebook account
  • Twitter Integration Gmail Integration

    Twitter + Gmail

    Send an Email Notification to a Colleague, Friend or Family Member When a Specific User Tweets Read More...
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration User Tweet
    Then do this...
    Gmail Integration Send Email
    If you want to send an email to yourself, a colleague, a friend or a family member whenever a specific person (who you have been following) tweets, this integration is just for you. After setting this integration up, Appy Pie Connect enables you to send an email to anyone (you want) via your Gmail when a specific user tweets from their account.
    How It Works
    • A specific user tweets from their account
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically sends an email from your Gmail account to anyone you specify
    What You Need
    • A Twitter account
    • A Gmail account
  • Twitter Integration Gmail Integration

    Twitter + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    Twitter Integration {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} Integration {{item.actionTitle}}

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Twitter Integration Details

Use Appy Pie Connect and integrate Twitter with 200+ apps to make your social media marketing more effective. Twitter integrations will automatically share your new blog posts, Facebook Page posts, Instagram photos, or any other content from an RSS feed to Twitter, so that you'll never have to worry about sharing your posts. Our automation platform lets you integrate a Twitter account with some popular apps including Google Calendar, Slack, Magento, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Gmail, Instagram, Evernote, and many more in mere minutes. No coding skills are required. Simply sign-up and start automating.

Why you should use Twitter Integration?

Engagement is extremely important when it comes to social media. And if you’re a business owner, it becomes immensely important for you to keep your social media followers engaged. Twitter is a leading social media platform that attracts many businesses toward it. When you integrate Twitter account with the Facebook Pages, Instagram, WordPress, or Zendesk, and other apps, you can make your social media strategy even better. Use Appy Pie Connect and find out how automation can help you create a winning Twitter marketing strategy.

Here is how you can use Twitter with Appy Pie Connect:

  • Integrate Twitter with Instagram and automatically post Instagram post on Twitter. This Twitter-Instagram integration will keep your both social media platform in sync.
  • Connect Twitter to Slack and whenever someone mentions your brand on Twitter send it to Slack. This Twitter-Slack integration can also be used to get Slack notifications for new Twitter followers.
  • Setup Twitter-Facebook integration and automatically post Facebook content on Twitter. This Facebook-Twitter automation is essential for busy people who don’t have much time to maintain their social media accounts.
  • Integrate Twitter with WordPress and post your new WordPress posts automatically on Twitter. The Twitter-WordPress automation lets you never forget to update your Twitter status when you publish on WordPress.
  • Automatically add your new Twitter followers into a Google Spreadsheet by connecting Twitter to Google Sheets.
  • Connect Twitter to LinkedIn and automatically post the content from your tweets as a LinkedIn Update. Use this Appy Pie Connect’s automation and share your new content across platforms without any extra on your end.
  • Automatically post image tweets from new pins on Pinterest by integrating your Twitter account with Pinterest. This automation will help you focus on sharing your content, not posting the same thing over and over.
  • Integrate Twitter with GitHub and share new GitHub commits on Twitter. This Twitter-GitHub integration automatically tweets whenever a new commit is made in GitHub.
  • Share Your Mailchimp Campaigns on Twitter by connecting Twitter to MailChimp. This Appy Pie Connect automation automatically will watch your Mailchimp account for a new campaign and whenever you publish a newsletter or update, it will copy the link to the post and share it on your Twitter account.

Appy Pie Connect brings together Triggers (like "New Search Mention") and Actions (like "Create Tweet") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

Here is a list of Twitter Triggers and Actions

Step By Step Twitter Integration Guide

  1. To integrate Twitter app with Appy Pie Connect, search and select the app from the app directory at Appy Pie Connect. Choose the service required and Click Continue to move further ahead with integration steps at Appy Pie Connect.

    Note: In case of selecting the trigger, click “Show More Trigger” to find the desired trigger event.

  2. Click Connect an Account and enter the Username/Email & Password in the pop-up form asking for the account details for the profile you want to integrate at Appy Pie Connect. Click the Authorize app button after entering the details correctly.

  3. Appy pie Connect will ask to reconfirm the connected account, Click Continue to confirm the account, and move ahead with the integration.

  4. Select the service section of the twitter and Click Continue to complete the integration.

Common Issues With Twitter At Appy Pie Connect

While using Create Tweet or Create Image Tweet actions, I am getting an error “Unable to create a tweet, duplicate of existing tweet detected”

This error will occur while tweeting the same content twice using the same handle. Connect will check for a similar connect before tweeting and will show the error if duplicate data is found. Kindly check the twitter policies about posting duplicate content or the same content from multiple accounts.

Details for using Connect as Auto-responder for Twitter

Auto-responses are not recommended in case of Twitter, if still you want to use the connect then the response will be added but the included Twitter handle with “@” will not notify the mentioned person. Read details of using automated responders here.

Where to use the “@” symbol?

When including the username for User Tweet, Favorited Tweet or New Follower trigger use the “@” symbol in Connect.

Why am I getting “status is over 140 Characters” error, even though the content is not that long?

This may be the case when you are adding the content with the image attached to be tweeted. Twitter considers image or link as 24 characters thus the limit comes to 116 characters for the content to be added. Kindly use this limit and try again.

Error: You are not allowed to add members to this list

While trying to add a list of users within a short span of time this error might occur. Twitter limits the activity of adding the users to prevent spamming. The time limit for this is still dicey about how many users within a short time will be the cause of this error.

My Trigger test is not giving the matching tweet as per fixed trigger criteria

This may be possible due to:

  1. The tweets you want may be older than 7 days, as per Twitter API the trigger will be unable to fetch data older than this.
  2. A private account tweet will not be matched using this trigger.

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