Free Color Palette Generator & Color Palette Maker

A color palette can be referred to as a full range of colors to be displayed on a device screen or other interface. In some cases, the color palette is a collection of tools and colors that are used to paint and illustrate programs. The color palette shows a lot about the electronic design of the technology or a device and its visual and graphics capabilities for the users.

Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker is easy to use and comes with multiple attractive features. It allows various artists and graphic designers to create attractive color combinations for their designing tasks. The tool offers an inclusive range of colors that create a perfect color palette.

Color Schemes in Appy Pie’s Color Wheel

Color combinations can create two effects – harmony or disorganization. When we combine colors, we want them to go with each other and create a form that is nice to look at. If there will be no excellence in color combination, the result will most likely be dull or boring. Combining many colors in a non-harmonious way could end in a chaotic and disorganized appearance.

This the reason why it is necessary to understand how to mix colors properly. Let us find out about the multiple organized color schemes that Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker has – triadic colors, complementary colors, and analogous colors.

  • Triadic Colors
  • Triadic colors consist of three colors equidistant on the color palette. This color scheme is hardly used as it is not easy to create a match using three opposing colors. Triadic colors also produce bright and contrasting color combinations, just like complementary colors. Triadic colors are difficult to balance and often create an audacious color scheme.

  • Complementary Colors
  • Complementary colors are positioned on opposite sides on the color palette. These colors give a positive and bright feel. The combination of these colors creates extremely high and dramatic contrast.

  • Analogous Colors
  • Analogous Colors are positioned directly adjacent to each other, on the Appy Pie’s color palette. These colors generate a lessened contrast and give a constant look. The analogous color scheme gives a rich and monochromatic look.

How to create a Color Palette using Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker?

Creating a color palette is an important early step in presenting your brand to the world, as the colors you select visually tell the story of your brand’s aesthetic and persona. Color palettes make it simple to quickly redo your brand’s look when creating your business website, social media posts, digital assets, and business cards.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to create an effective brand color palette using Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker.

  1. Choose an image for your color palette
  2. Browse Appy Pie’s stock photo gallery to select the preferred image for your color palette. The tool allows you to choose multiple photos for one color palette. The tool also offers a wide range of light-to-dark hues to select from.

  3. Open your image in Appy Pie’s Color Editor
  4. To create your color palette, you can start from scratch in the color editor, or select a collage template. Choose a collage layout with enough cells to accommodate the colors you want to pull out and your chosen images. Add your images to the collage and fill a few cells with your brand colors.

  5. Select colors for the color palette
  6. Choose the colors from the palette until you have a range that you’re happy with. You can go for three to five colors in one go. Try choosing the lightest, the darkest, and the third color in between. Keep separating the difference if you want to select more colors for the same palette.

  7. Save and access your color palette in the library
  8. Once you are done, the design will autosave in Appy Pie’s integrated hub that you can access from anywhere. You can come back to your selected color palette files anytime and update them whenever you want. Your color combinations stay there until you export them.

    Share your Color Palette: Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker allows you to share your color palette with your designer, your team members, your product packaging vendor, or anyone you want, by sending your file directly via email or through file sharing using a unique link from Hub.

Go for Appy Pie’s Color Palette Maker today and create your own color palette for your brand website or your product application!