Express your emotions with a GIF

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Modern digital communication sometimes struggles to convey emotions in the absence of face-to-face conversations. Of course, emojis are nice to sprinkle in some emotions, but it is GIFs that make the conversation more natural.

You can convey wishes for a special occasion with a Happy Birthday GIF, Merry Christmas GIF, a Happy Thanksgiving GIF, greet your loved ones with a Good Morning GIF, or convey your gratitude with a Thank You GIF.

However, sometimes a GIF is just a funny GIF meant for the entertainment of the viewer. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without looking at a GIF that tickles you or makes you smile.

The fun part is that you can make your own GIFs using Appy Pie’s GIF maker from videos that you downloaded or filmed on your own! You don’t even have to worry about getting special training or learning a complicated tool. Just drag-and-drop, and you’re done!

Make a GIF using the GIF generator from Appy Pie

While the internet is full of free GIFs that you can use for messaging, there will always be situations where you will not be able to find just the right Congratulations GIF, Hug GIF, or Happy Anniversary GIF. This is where you may find yourself asking the question – how to make GIFs that express exactly what you want to say.

There are multiple ways to make a GIF, like converting a video to GIF, an MP4 to GIF, etc. Of course, you can always create GIF from video, and though it may sound a little complicated, it is actually quite simple to make your own GIF using Appy Pie’s free GIF maker.

Appy Pie is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface that requires no special training. Our GIF creator is known for helping users create funny GIFs in minutes with its drag-and-drop functionality.

You can use the YouTube GIF maker to make a GIF from video or use your own video to make your own GIF. Appy Pie’s easy-to-use GIF maker is the perfect choice for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Why choose Appy Pie’s GIF creator to make a free GIF?

Yes, there are multiple GIF makers available across the internet, and while each one may have its own merits, Appy Pie’s GIF generator stands apart from the rest for the following reasons.

  • An exhaustive elements library

    The GIF maker from Appy Pie comes with a well-stocked library of a variety of static or animated stickers, hundreds of illustrations, and so many other different visual elements that you can add to your GIF. These additional elements can be strategically placed in your GIF to complement the overall design and flow of the GIF.

    You can also use your own visual or graphic elements while creating a GIF for work. For a professional report, you can compile all the required charts, graphs, etc., and then animate them to create informative GIFs that can liven up your next presentation!

  • Drag and drop elements

    Once you know which elements you want to add to your GIF, it is time to get them all together. As promised, the user interface on our free GIF maker is intuitive and easy to navigate.

    All you need to do is find the elements you like and drag and drop them onto the GIF you are creating. You can let your creativity reign supreme instead of being limited by your lack of design skills or ability to use sophisticated, complex software.

  • Collaborate smoothly with others

    The platform enables you to work on collaborative projects. It is quite normal for one department to have the data while another collates it into meaningful charts or graphs that can be added to your GIF.

    The platform gives you the ability to work in teams on the same project. This way, you do not have to engage in a series of back and forth emails, and all the elements can be collated directly on one platform.

How to make a GIF using Appy Pie’s GIF maker online?

It only takes three easy steps to make a free GIF in a jiffy!

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  1. Choose the right template

    You can create a GIF from scratch by using your own video or choose from among the hundreds of GIF templates available on our platform. Appy Pie has an exhaustive library of templates and design elements for you.

  2. Customize the GIF

    Whether you are using a template or planning to make a GIF from video, you can always customize it by adding other elements like stickers, text, pop-up emojis, and more to make the GIF interesting.

  3. Share it with the right audience

    Once you are happy with the GIF, it is time to download it and share it with others. Now, you can choose to leave it on the cloud, download it, present it, or share it on social media just for fun!

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