How to Create Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

How to Create Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom
  1. Get Started with the Editor

    Log in to Appy Pie’s Background Maker and use the simple background editor to design your virtual Zoom backgrounds. You can upload images and other elements, edit them and create a complete virtual background with the help of various design tools.

  2. Show off your creativity

    Do you want to create a background and surprise your coworkers? Create beautiful backgrounds or meme yourself. Appy Pie gives you complete creative control over your Zoom virtual backgrounds. The best part? With Appy Pie, you can create and use these Zoom virtual backgrounds without a green screen.

  3. A Plethora of tools to use

    From cropping images to changing saturation levels, Appy Pie Zoom Virtual Background maker gives you endless flexibility to create your own virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

Virtual Zoom Backgrounds for all pages

Working with Zoom gives you the freedom that you need! You could be home today and sunbathing on a beach tomorrow! Zoom allows you to telecommute from anywhere in the world. Your coworkers don’t need to know about your adventures.

With Appy Pie’s Zoom Virtual background templates, you can create a set look for how your colleagues will see your background during your meetings. From school students to seasoned professionals, create a Zoom background that fits your style!

zoom virtual background images
virtual background for zoom

Easy Integration with Zoom

Once you’ve created the background that is perfect for you, download it to your PC and upload it to Zoom to be set as a virtual background. Zoom lets you upload whatever you want and however you want.

Log into your desktop Zoom client, turn on the Zoom virtual background option. Once that is done, simply go to Settings and upload your custom virtual background for Zoom.

From professionalism to memeism

The best part about Zoom custom virtual backgrounds is that you get the freedom to design them the way you see fit. You can keep your Zoom background a professional boardroom or turn it into the funniest possible virtual Zoom background you can imagine.

With the simple to use tools from Appy Pie, making Zoom virtual backgrounds is a fun activity for people of all skill levels. Play around with images, colors, elements, and more. Make your colleagues laugh, share smiles, or be the stoic professional you sometimes need to be. No matter what you want, our Zoom Background Maker has got you covered.

free virtual background images for zoom

Benefits of Creating a Virtual Zoom Background

  • Privacy

    Working from home is becoming more and more common. However, video calling with Zoom is one of its most standard requirements. Custom virtual backgrounds for Zoom add a layer of privacy by hiding your actual background. You no longer need green screens to protect your privacy while telecommuting.

  • Fun

    Working from home can get a little boring due to a lack of people around. Backgrounds can help add a fun variety to your everyday work. It helps you and your coworkers engage with each other and even share a few laughs. Zoom virtual backgrounds help you keep your team engaged throughout remote work.

  • Creativity

    We all have a creative streak. With a dedicated Zoom background, you get to show off your creativity to your friends and coworkers. With a custom background, you can be a little artistic when you feel like it!

Why you should choose Appy Pie’s Zoom Virtual Background Maker

  • Easy-to-Use

    Appy Pie is very easy to use. With a simple and clean interface, you can simply create and edit the backgrounds you want for your Zoom accounts.

  • Professionally Designed Templates

    Appy Pie provides you with hundreds of customizable templates created by professional designers.

  • Hundreds of Editing Options

    Edit your templates the way you like with a plethora of editing tools. From brightness to contrast, edit what you want with Appy Pie’s Virtual Background Maker.

  • No Watermarks

    Appy Pie doesn’t believe in watermarks. None of your Zoom virtual backgrounds will have pesky watermarks that ruin and reveal that you’re using a virtual background. With Appy Pie’s Zoom Virtual Background Maker, you can have a watermark free Zoom Background for your virtual meetings.

  • Completely free-to-use

    Appy Pie’s Zoom Virtual Background is completely free to use. Create zoom backgrounds for virtual meetings in a jiffy. Use Appy Pie’s plethora of templates and editing tools to get the perfect background for all your virtual meetings.

  • Preview

    With the preview feature, you can view your virtual backgrounds before you implement them in your meeting. Check your backgrounds even before you download them to ensure that you have created a background that will actually look good in virtual meetings.

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