Make an attractive mood board with an online mood board creator

Mood Board Creator

Add images, colors, and typeface that best represents your mood and design an exciting mood board with Appy Pie’s online mood board generator.

To communicate your emotions to the target audience in the best possible way, design a brand mood board on your own with multiple templates and design tools offered by Appy Pie.

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How to make a mood board on your own?

  1. Explore the template gallery

    Do you have an inspiration in your mind? Do you have a basic idea in your mind for your mood board? No? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! You can scroll through the hundreds of fully customizable mood board templates and select the one that best fits your needs.

  2. Personalize your mood board design

    Are you done selecting the template for your mood board? It’s time to turn it into a mood board that can truly express your moods. Choose the design tools for changing the fonts or modifying the color palette. Add stock images or upload your own. Finally, customize the mood board design!

  3. Experiment with different editing tools

    Is your mood board still missing something? Experiment with multiple tools offered by Appy Pie’s mood board creator. Resize your text to increase visibility, change the color palette for better brand recognition, and add a logo, header, footer, etc., to make your mood boards and make them visually appealing.

  4. Download, share, or print

    Is your mood board ready? You can save it on your system or the cloud or share it directly with your audience on social media platforms. You can even print the mood board design without compromising the quality of images and text on your mood board.

How Appy Pie can help you in creating a unique mood board?

Appy Pie’s aesthetic mood board maker offers you the following features to create your exclusive mood boards:

Stock Images

Whether you want to create a mood board to promote your eCommerce business or a brick and mortar store, Appy Pie offers various free mood board images and that too of a premium quality!

Color Palette

Do you want to add every shade of orange to your mood board? Do you want to add complementary colors? Or do you want to add colors that can truly reflect your brand’s color palette? Choose any color palette you want.


The typeface matters a lot in your mood board. Appy Pie offers you a variety of typefaces to create your entire mood board. From basic to modern, you can choose a typeface and tweak them a little while adding effects like bold or italics for emphasis.

Why choose Appy Pie’s Mood Board Creator?

User-Friendly Interface

Whether you are a beginner or professional designer, Appy Pie’s intuitive visual editor helps you create mood boards with ease.

Unlimited Templates

Creating a mood board from scratch can be a daunting task. So, Appy Pie offers multiple templates that can easily be tweaked as per your needs.

Handy design tools

Appy Pie’s mood board creator provides you multiple editing and design tools so that you can easily modify every element of your mood board design.

No watermark

You completely own your mood board, as Appy Pie lets you download your free mood board design without any watermark.

Collaboration feature

If you wish to design a mood board with your team or colleagues, Appy Pie is perfect for you. It offers you a platform where multiple people can collaborate to create the perfect mood board.

Create any type of mood board – be it a fashion mood board or interior design moodboard. Appy Pie offers templates for all!

No need to wait anymore! Sign up for Appy Pie’s Mood Board maker now! Create exclusive mood boards and advertise your brand in an all-new way!