How to make a storyboard on your own?

how to make a storyboard
  1. Select a template for your storyboard

    From a gallery of customizable storyboard templates offered by Appy Pie’s free storyboard maker, select the one that best suits your business needs. You can choose any number of different templates you want in your storyboard to make it enjoyable.

  2. Start customizing and add meaning to your board

    Experiment with multiple storyboard tools to edit and give a soul to your storyboard design. You can choose the best-suited colors, add unique elements related to the story, include subtitles, and as many other things as you want to your storyboard.

  3. Improve your storyboard with images and audio

    Appy Pie’s storyboard software offers numerous stock images and audio effects. These can add more oomph to your storyboards making them more captivating and attractive. The additional effects will help create more unique designs for each storyboard you create.

  4. Share your storyboard with family and friends

    Why wait when your storyboard is ready to be shared with the world! Share your new storyboard directly with your friends, colleagues, and your target audience. Ask for their feedback and update your storyboard in real-time after you find the helpful feedback.

Create custom storyboards with Appy Pie’s Online Storyboard maker

Stories should be represented in a unique way. Appy Pie lets you customize your storyboard templates, add or remove elements, and helps you tweak it the way your story should be tweaked. Turn your imaginations into reality.

Appy Pie’s free online storyboard software offers you multiple easy to use templates and editing tools that help you create stunning and beautiful storyboards that fit your requirements completely!

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Unique features offered by Appy Pie’s Storyboard Maker

  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage

    Before finalizing your storyboard, you might need to create a few samples. To store them safely and securely, Appy Pie lets you save them in AWS-hosted cloud storage.

  • Collaborate to create

    Collaborate to create

    You often need your remote working team members to get on board to finalize your storyboard design. Don’t worry. Appy Pie lets you collaborate with people around the world to create unique storyboards.

  • No additional plugins

    No additional plugins

    To design your storyboard, you need not install any plugins, as Appy Pie offers a web-based storyboard maker. So, without any hassle, you can create your storyboard on your own.

Why choose Appy Pie’s Storyboard Maker

  • Fast and efficient
    Fast and efficient

    For a smooth and seamless experience, you must go with Appy Pie. It offers easy-to-navigate screens, crisp and clear user interface, and highly efficient tools.

  • Pocket- friendly
    Pocket- friendly

    No matter how simple or complex a storyboard you want to create for your brand promotion, Appy Pie is always easy on your pockets.

  • No watermarks
    No watermarks

    Appy Pie won’t leave its watermark on your storyboard design. You can completely own your storyboard when you create it with Appy Pie.

  • Easy save and share
    Easy save and share

    Save your storyboards to your device or share them via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more, with Appy Pie’s storyboard creator.

  • Interactive user interface
    Interactive user interface

    Appy Pie’s storyboard maker uses no complex technical terms or complicated screen designs to confuse users. You can quickly create storyboards on your own, without a hassle.

  • Interactive user interface
    Free to Use

    Create stunning storyboards for all your story telling needs for free with Appy Pie’s Storyboard Maker. Get access to all of Appy Pie’s editing and creation tools and don’t miss out on anything while creating your unique storyboard.

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