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Design your wallpaper with Appy Pie’s online free desktop wallpaper maker in just a few minutes. Wear your creative dons and just get started.

How to create a Desktop Wallpaper for free?

To design desktop wallpaper as per your choice, follow three simple step process:

  1. Create your user account on Appy Pie Design
  2. Select the category to create your desktop wallpaper

  3. Choose the completely customizable template
  4. Modify the color palette, add images and texts, align the elements, and much more to personalize your wallpaper design.

  5. Preview and enhance your design
  6. Download or share your desktop wallpaper design

Create Personalized Desktop Wallpaper with Appy Pie Design

When you turn on your laptop or computer, the first screen is of your desktop wallpaper. Your desktop wallpaper must be well-designed and a reflection of your personality. So, to create the still or live wallpaper that can truly give you the vibes you want, choose Appy Pie’s desktop wallpaper maker.

Appy Pie Design offers you fully editable templates so that you can turn and twist them to create desktop wallpaper on your own. Without hiring professional designers, you can design the beautiful wallpaper on your own in just a few clicks.

Why choose Appy Pie’s Desktop Wallpaper Maker?

  • Easy-to-use: Drag and drop visual editor lets anyone create desktop wallpaper in a few minutes. Without going into the technicalities of designing, you can design beautiful desktop wallpaper.
  • Intuitive user interface: Navigating the menus, scrolling through the gallery of templates, and using design and editing tools to design desktop wallpaper is just so easy and simple with Appy Pie’s custom wallpaper maker.
  • Multiple edit options: Whether you want to add any quote or exclusive image to design your own desktop wallpaper, Appy Pie Design gets you covered with various design and edit tools.

Features offered by Appy Pie’s Wallpaper Maker

  • Unique Templates: Appy Pie offers exclusive templates for every need. Whether you want to design desktop wallpaper with family photos or with an inspiring quote, you can easily do it.
  • Easy Resizing Options: To resize desktop wallpaper as per the size of the screen, Appy Pie Design offers options to make it a perfect fit on your desktop.
  • HD Quality Images: Non-pixelated and HD quality desktop wallpaper is offered by Appy Pie’s wallpaper maker for a crystal clear design.

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