Create striking album covers that impress and dazzle!

With Appy Pie’s Album Cover Maker, you can create cool album covers for your favorite music albums with ease. Make use of a plethora of templates, and drag and drop tools to create album art like no other. Set your creative mind to work with our tools and create the next big album cover!

How to make an album cover with Appy Pie Album cover maker

  1. Choose a Design Template that inspires you

    Appy Pie Album cover maker provides you with hundreds of pre-made album cover templates that you can use and customize to your satisfaction. Choose an album cover design template that inspires your imagination and create fantastic album covers for your albums.

  2. Customize your chosen template

    Mix it up! There are hundreds of ways to personalize your album cover. Use the plethora of editing tools available within the album covers maker and customize your chosen template. Apply your brand logo, add text with various fonts, play around with colors and add photos as you please.

  3. Export, share, or print

    Once you are satisfied with the album covers you have designed, export them in a file format of your choice, share them with your audience, or print them for your wall art. Design an album cover today!

Learn more about Appy Pie’s Online Album Cover Maker

  1. Over 100 album templates

    Appy Pie’s album cover maker lets you choose from over 100 templates to help you create the best album covers over the internet.

  2. Completely online

    To use Appy Pie, you don’t need to download any software or plugins. Simply log in and start designing your album covers for free.

  3. No watermarks

    Appy Pie doesn’t believe in watermarks. Your album cover is yours to keep. Own both your music and the cover it ships under!

  4. Intuitive design dashboard

    Appy Pie album cover maker makes it easy to design album covers with an easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive dashboard.

  5. Personalize your covers

    Use Appy Pie’s album cover maker to personalize your favorite album covers with the various available tools.

  6. Safe and secure

    Appy Pie does not store your album covers or track your edits. Once you’ve exported your album cover, we delete it to protect your privacy!