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The Ultimate Guide for Writing a Value Proposition [With Examples]

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A value proposition is your key conversion point for a client. A value proposition is the nucleus of your competitive advantage. It is the answer to a customer when they ask, ‘why you?’. More than that, a value proposition also influences your marketing strategy and gives an idea of how successful you are at selling your product or service. It can either make a sale or break it. However, value propositions bring an interesting challenge. How do you write one? And if you do write one, how do you make sure that its good?Appy Pie -How to Write a Good Value PropositionBefore we go ahead with writing the ultimate value proposition let us understand the two types of value propositions.

Types of Value Propositions

There are two types of value propositions. They are:

  1. CVP
  2. CVP or customer value propositions are the value propositions that you create for your customers. CVPs are supposed to describe three things:
    • The solution to a customer’s problem
    • Why a customer should buy from you
    • They show how you provide a service to a customer

  3. EVP
  4. EVP or employee value propositions are the value propositions that are created for potential employees. They are usually used during hiring employees. EVPs are supposed to describe three things:
    • They should describe the reward for an employee’s skills & talents.
    • They explain why someone should work with you.
    • They should tell how both you and a potential employee can help each other.

Components of a Value Proposition

A value proposition is made up of 4 components. These components are:
  • Headline
  • Sub headline/Paragraph
  • 3 Bullet Points(optional)
  • Visual Cue
One thing to remember is that the components of a value proposition are the same for both CVPs and EVPs. Let us discuss these components in detail.

  • Headline
  • A headline is exactly what it sounds like. It is the line that attracts a user’s attention towards your product/service. The headline acts as the hook to catch your client or employee.

  • Sub-Headline/Paragraph
  • The sub header structure is flexible. You can either write a secondary heading longer than the original one with new information or simply write a small paragraph about your value proposition.

  • 3 Bullet Points
  • Bullet points work great in odd numbers and 3 is always a magic number. While this part is optional, having a 3-point description for your product/service capturing its key functionalities is a great way to raise your value proposition. The 3 bullet points help you tell a lot about your product without needing much text and are easy to integrate into various webpage designs.

  • Visual Cue
  • Visual cues are very important when creating a value proposition. It can be a background image for the entire text, an image around the headline or a video attached to your value proposition. Visual cues are excellent ways for sales conversions given how they are often preferred by potential clients.

Making a Value Proposition Great

Creating a good, unique and creative value proposition is must for any business. Following are some tips that can help make your value propositions stand out and help you drive sales.

  • Be clear
  • Clarity is attractive. People tend to go for brands that are clear. Its easy to make things complicated. The cleaner experience you provide for a customer, the likelier they are to choose your business.

  • Be ‘different’
  • Your value proposition must show how you are ‘different’ from your competition. You don’t necessarily need to outdo them but including your USP and features that add value for a user are good to raise your value proposition’s quality.

  • Keep it short
  • Value Propositions that can be understood within 5 seconds is excellent to make it better than the competition.

  • Display it on important pages
  • Your website homepage, your social channels, your YouTube channel. Your value proposition must be present wherever customers interact with you.

  • Define what you do
  • Your value proposition should define what your organization does.

  • Avoid hype terminology
  • Your value proposition should not include words that generate hype, for example, ‘awesome’, ‘miracle product’, ‘best’ etc.

Things to Remember When Creating a Value Proposition

Writing a value proposition isn’t as easy as you think. Here are some facts you must remember when writing your brand’s value proposition.

  • Slogans aren’t value propositions
  • So many businesses confuse their slogans for value propositions. They are not value propositions. Try and avoid slogans in your value proposition. Slogans are meant to ‘define’ your brand, but they are not important for your business’ value. Value propositions have a different purpose. While slogans are used to drive leads through your marketing, value propositions are what capture those leads.

  • Keep it simple
  • When writing a value proposition on your website, keep it simple. Complicated value propositions aren’t going to win you customers. In fact, it will push them away. The components of a value proposition make them very easy. Make sure you maintain that ease. Use simple words and try to squeeze in as much information as you can. The more information you give, the more your customer is likely to choose you.

  • Focus on your targeted audience
  • When creating a value proposition, structure it in a way that your target market will understand. Remember that you cannot appeal to everybody at the same time. Choose the greatest demographic for your products and services and devise a value proposition accordingly.

  • Positioning Statements are Not Value Propositions
  • Positioning statements don’t define the value of your business. For example, “No. 1 Brand in the country” is not a value proposition.

  • Use ‘Boosters’
  • Boosters are the little things that can tip sales towards you. If you and your competitors have more-or-less the same features/products/services, boosters can help you generate better sales. They are generally ‘extra’ services that you can provide. They should always be something your competitor doesn’t provide. For example, if you sell a product and provide ‘free shipping’, you can add it to your value proposition to make it seem like a better deal for your customer.

3 Examples of Great Value Propositions

  1. Stripe
  2. Appy Pie -How to Write a Good Value PropositionObservations:
    • Very clear description of its customer base
    • Sub-headline talks about the benefits
    • Excellent visuals which compromise the rest of the text
    • Smooth transitions to the other features

  3. Trello
  4. Appy Pie -How to Write a Good Value PropositionObservations:
    • Headline speaks clearly of what Trello does
    • Excellent visuals supporting the sub headline
    • Once you scroll down, you will see that Trello has split its 3 bullet points nicely

  5. Slack
  6. Appy Pie -How to Write a Good Value PropositionObservations:
    • The headline tells you what Slack is
    • The 3 bullet points each have their unique visual which explain Slack thoroughly
    • Visual cues explain Slack even better


Hopefully, you have understood how to create a value proposition for your business. I wish you luck. You can also go through this post to learn how you can make your content strategy better and add an effective value proposition to it - Appy Pie’s Content Marketing Strategy. I also recommend checking out Appy Pie Academy. Appy Pie Academy is a place where you can check out various courses during this quarantine and learn more about the intricacies of running a business. I recommend the marketing courses on Academy. Good Luck!

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