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Brilliant sticker design ideas to make your message stick

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on December 30th, 2023 12:06 pm

When it comes to promoting your business, the techniques are endless. Every brand goes to a great extent in order to experiment with different marketing techniques and strategies. However, things could be really challenging since there are multiple marketing techniques, and selecting the best ones and perfecting their uses isn’t an easy row to hoe.

Irrespective of the marketing challenges your brand deals with, marketers have become smart and plan things intelligently in order to make them work. One such method in order to promote your brand is using sticker designs. Though it was restricted to functional purposes and highly specialized brands initially, the method gained much popularity in the later years. Due to the advancement in society, the young generation has started to have purchasing power. So, the brands have also accepted the new methods of contact used by this new generation. Thus, little stickers have replaced billboards and advertisements, giving an accelerator to a new way of raising brand awareness.

Appy Pie's Sticker Maker helps create a cool and stylish custom sticker design that fits perfectly with your brand identity. You’ll get thousands of templates of sticker designs that are fully customizable, along with editing options. However, before that, let’s dive into the role and importance of sticker designs in brand awareness and promotion.

Size, Shape & Format

The first thing that should be considered when designing a sticker is to settle down on the shape and size you like to finalize. Circular, rectangle, big, or wavy, you call it. From wall decals and water bottle stickers to car decals and trade show booths, stickers can be available in multiple formats, sizes, and shapes. Though an unorthodox design has the potential to grab your target audience’s attention, it could cost hefty when you print them out.

We’d suggest playing with the size and shape and finalizing the one that fits your budget and purpose.

You may have to choose between the RGB and the CMYK model if we talk about the format. Digital images usually work in RGB models, and if you convert them into CMYK models, the colors might be lost substantially. Therefore, print services mostly prefer the CMYK model over RGB. It’s always sensible to check with your print provider on the format and go with that only.

Why Consider Sticker Ideas for Your Brand Promotion?

For a start, stickers are a great product to promote your brand on. They can be designed in any size you want, so you can really customize the look and feel of your brand on them. Stickers can also be used in a number of creative ways to help promote your brand. For example, they can be used as window decals, car decals, or even as part of a marketing campaign. You can also use them to create unique packaging for your products using Product Label Maker or to add your company logo to an existing product.

Another great thing about stickers is that they can be used to create unique gifts for your customers or clients. If you have a special event coming up, you can print stickers with your company logo or message on them and give them out as gifts. Look at the ideas that why should one create a sticker to promote their brand:

  • Wider Reach

    Stickers are just like Vehicle wraps,i.e., mobile. When marketers hand stickers to their clients, they take them to someplace and spread the word to more people. Furthermore, well-designed stickers can attract higher people, which is crucial for businesses.

    Also, the clients eager to wear your Brand Logo in public areas serve as brand ambassadors. To accomplish this, the brand must design stickers that people can smartly carry.

  • Creating a higher visual identity

    Today, each brand has a goal of reaching more and more audiences. As a result, only some marketing strategies can raise your brand's image, whereas others may only increase your brand's visibility throughout the market. One such marketing strategy is "Sticker Designs."

    The main advantage of using stickers as a marketing strategy is that they can be easily recognized, colorful, adaptable to numerous media, and practical for various target audiences and businesses.

  • Delight Clients

    The sticker trends always delight your clients, especially the young ones. Generally, giveaways and freebies create happiness, but cool stickers are unique. Pop culture significantly affects our modern society, including additions to our objects that make us unique. Developing cute sticker ideas or cool stickers with the help of a sticker maker can let the brand provide that experience completely free.

  • Going Digital

    In the digital world, offline marketing needs more impact on the clients. However, across all industries, a sizable portion of marketing revenue still originates through offline marketing channels. Although clients are shifting with time, this just requires brands to innovate inside offline channels rather than do away with them entirely.

    Stickers incorporate contemporary digital design ideas into offline campaign marketing. It aids in attracting younger audiences' attention which is a significant plus in the offline marketing requirements.

A Perfect Guide to Ideal Sticker Criteria for your Brand

Awesome brand stickers are an incredibly adaptable way to promote your business and for creating stickers that truly represent your brand, make a custom design sticker. These online Sticker maker apps spark your imagination with inspirational and cool sticker design ideas. For example, Appy Pie is a fun and easy-to-use tool which lets people design their custom sticker designs for free to help them promote their brand better.

  1. Input attractive Text: The sticker must contain an intense text message as it will help the sticker design to stand out by making its font the best attraction. The message will spread more effectively if it is written in bold and large letters. Users can also input distinctive typography as per their character and identity of the brand while evoking the appropriate attitude towards their sticker designs.

    Inculcate your brand’s sticker with wordplay, clever one-liner, and a catchy slogan to make it memorable. The Appy Pie’s Sticker Maker enables their user to create custom stickers and offers a variety of templates to choose from.

  2. Use various colors to make it unique: While developing sticker ideas and creating them using sticker makers, remember that the main motto behind this small sticker is to grab the client’s attention. Therefore, use vibrant colors and energetic designs to create cool stickers. It is not always necessary to use multiple colors to reinforce the brand’s message; it can also be done using a single color, like bright colors denoting happiness and summer.

    Use a bright sticker to draw more attention and convey a similar impression. Appy Pie's Sticker Maker enables the user to think about their sticker differently. In addition, the user-friendly interface helps non-designers create attractive and eye-catching stickers for their brands.

  3. Think Seriously: If the brand’s stickers convey a profound message about a severe issue, security, or significant event, then use those kinds of styling effects, colors, and fonts. For instance, banks generally select blue-tone colors to convey trustworthiness and security.

    Some sticker designs provide crucial functions, such as offering a support number or cautioning consumers regarding safety. In this case, do not be too creative and think seriously while sticker making.

  4. Choose a timeless Look: When brands want to market something classic, attractive to a broad audience, or just create awareness regarding the product or brand, Choose timeless visual elements like well-known styles, images, and colors. Along with all of it, use fundamental and easy-to-understand symbols or just be straightforward with the sticker designs.

    With Appy Pie's Sticker Maker, the user can get thousands of sticker ideas to draw awesome stickers for their brands. It consists of various editing tools and a library full of templates for the users to choose from and has one for every kind.

  5. Create cool cartoonist stickers: Cartoonists design stickers to attract clients easily, as no matter what the age is, everyone still likes them. Funny sticker designs are simply appealing and entertaining to view. People can’t resist but focus on them long enough to check what they consist of, which is enough opportunity to convey a marketing message.

    On the other hand, cool stickers induce clients to fly the colors or join the club proudly. Make use of famous ideals to attract customers.


Creating cool sticker designs for your brand is an excellent method to advertise your brand motto and company. Using the right sticker design ideas, marketers can make stickers that help communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.

How do you create sticker design ideas to make your message stick? Appy Pie’s free Sticker Maker covers everyone, especially the non-designer. It has an easy-to-use interface with various templates, or you can start from scratch. Include your brand perspective with color schemes, choose the most suitable font types, and create beautiful custom sticker designs. It is all accessible and user-friendly.

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