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12 Best Sales Chatbot For Your Business Growth

Tanushree Munda
By Tanushree Munda | May 16, 2024 1:42 pm

Are you looking for new ways to boost your business's sales and revenue? Consider the power of AI chatbots for marketing. With the right tools and strategies, businesses can now tap into new potential and watch their sales soar.

But, just how much can an AI chatbot in sales help your business grow? According to a recent report, the global chatbot market is predicted to reach a value of $10.5 billion by 2029, with a significant portion of this growth attributed to sales and marketing applications. In fact, a study by Salesforce found that 69% of consumers would prefer to use self-service tools, such as a chatbot, for quick questions, with a further 64% happy to do so to make a purchase. With these statistics in mind, it's no wonder that an increasing number of companies are turning to sales chatbots as a powerful tool to enhance their business.

So, if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve and boost your sales performance, now is the time to consider implementing a sales chatbot. In this blog, we'll explore the rise of sales chatbots, their benefits, and how they can be used to achieve significant business growth. We'll also provide a selection of the 12 best sales chatbots currently on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your business.

What is a Sales Chatbot?

A sales chatbot is an AI-powered tool that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human conversations and interact with customers, typically via a live chat interface on a website or messaging platform. These chatbots are designed to assist businesses in automating their sales processes, enhancing the customer experience, and ultimately, increasing sales and revenue.

Sales chatbots can handle a variety of tasks, from answering common customer queries to providing personalized product recommendations and even finalizing sales transactions. By leveraging machine learning and NLP, these chatbots can understand and interpret user intent, enabling them to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses.

The Transformative Effect of Sales Chatbots

AI chatbots for sales are transforming the business landscape, leading to significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs). Let's explore some eye-opening statistics that highlight the profound impact of lead generation chatbots on business performance:

  • According to an insightful report by Intercom, businesses that embrace sales chatbots experience a remarkable boost in lead generation. On average, they see an increase of 69% in this critical area, translating to a broader pool of potential customers and more sales opportunities.
  • The same report also reveals a notable enhancement in appointment scheduling. With the help of chatbots, sales teams achieve a 51% improvement, ensuring efficient lead conversion and streamlined business appointments.
  • The benefits of sales chatbots extend far beyond initial lead generation. Astonishingly, sales teams that utilize chatbots boast a 13% higher win rate for deals. This statistic powerfully demonstrates the direct correlation between chatbots and sales success, ultimately driving revenue growth.
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction, sales chatbots also make a significant difference. A revealing study by MyClearing found that an impressive 73% of customers were highly satisfied with their chatbot experience. The immediate responses and 24/7 availability that chatbots offer are key factors in enhancing the overall customer journey.

These statistics provide compelling evidence of the far-reaching impact of sales chatbots. By leveraging AI and natural language processing, businesses can streamline sales processes, improve customer interactions, and drive substantial growth. These numbers showcase the effectiveness of chatbots in revolutionizing the sales landscape and enhancing overall sales performance.

The above data highlights how sales chatbots can enhance lead generation, deal success rates, and customer satisfaction. With their efficient handling of customer inquiries and ability to provide instant assistance, sales chatbots are becoming an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to stay competitive and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

How Can Chatbots be Used to Boost Sales?

Sales chatbots are incredibly versatile tools that can be strategically employed in a multitude of ways to optimize the sales process and substantially boost revenue. Here are some key tactics that showcase the adaptability and effectiveness of sales chatbots:

  1. 24/7 Customer Support
  2. One of the greatest advantages of sales chatbots is their ability to provide round-the-clock assistance to customers. With chatbots, your business can offer instant support and answer queries even outside regular working hours, ensuring a constant presence for your customers.

  3. Lead Generation
  4. Chatbots are adept at identifying and capturing leads. They can engage website visitors, initiate conversations, and collect contact information, thereby expanding your sales pipeline and uncovering new potential customers.

  5. Personalized Product Recommendations
  6. By leveraging customer data and purchase history, chatbots can offer tailored product suggestions that align with a customer's preferences and needs. This increases the likelihood of a sale and enhances the overall shopping experience.

  7. Customer Onboarding
  8. Sales chatbots can play a pivotal role in welcoming new customers and guiding them through the initial stages of product or service usage. By providing clear instructions, answers to common questions, and a friendly interface, chatbots ensure a seamless and positive onboarding experience.

  9. Upselling and Cross-Selling
  10. Chatbots can be strategically used to promote additional products or services to existing customers. By suggesting relevant upgrades or complementary items, chatbots can increase the average order value and enhance customer lifetime value, resulting in higher revenue for your business.

  11. Order and Payment Processing
  12. With secure payment integrations, sales chatbots can facilitate the entire sales transaction, from product selection to final payment. Customers can enjoy a fast, efficient, and secure checkout process, improving their overall shopping convenience.

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These strategies highlight the versatility and potential of sales chatbots in enhancing the customer journey and driving sales. By understanding your target audience and implementing chatbots effectively, you can boost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

By leveraging sales chatbots in these key areas, businesses can transform the sales process, making it more efficient, engaging, and successful. These tools enable businesses to build stronger relationships with customers, ultimately fostering long-term growth and loyalty.

Chatbot Best Practices for Businesses

Chatbots for enterprise are transforming the way businesses interact with customers and streamline internal workflows. To ensure the successful deployment of a sales chatbot and optimize its impact on your business, consider the following strategic best practices:

  1. Define Clear and Measurable Goals
  2. Establish specific and well-defined goals for your chatbot. Are you aiming to increase lead generation, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce response times, or boost sales conversions? Clear goals will guide the development process and ensure your chatbot delivers tangible value.

  3. Understand Your Target Audience Intimately
  4. Develop a deep understanding of your target customer segment. Empathize with their preferences, pain points, and common queries. This insight will enable you to craft a chatbot experience that resonates with your audience and provides relevant, valuable solutions.

  5. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  6. Ensure your chatbot integrates seamlessly with your existing business ecosystem, including your CRM, live chat software, help desk software, payment gateways, and other relevant tools. This smooth data flow will enhance the chatbot's functionality and provide a cohesive customer experience.

  7. Regular Training and Model Updates
  8. Machine learning models powering chatbots require regular training and updates to maintain their effectiveness and accuracy. Stay vigilant about model performance and be prepared to fine-tune and update the model as your business evolves and your customer base changes.

  9. Offer Human Oversight for Complex Queries
  10. While chatbots are incredibly advanced, providing a human oversight option is important. This could be in the form of a seamless live chat takeover by a human agent or a simple, easily accessible option for users to request human assistance. This ensures a positive and effective experience for all customers, especially those with complex or unique queries.

  11. Ensure Data Privacy and Security
  12. With sensitive customer data being handled by chatbots, it is imperative to prioritize data privacy and security. Implement robust data protection measures, including encryption, secure data storage, and transparent data handling practices, to build trust with your customers.

  13. Continuously Monitor and Optimize
  14. Regularly monitor your chatbot's performance and analyze key metrics. Use these insights to optimize and refine the chatbot's conversation flows, knowledge base, and overall functionality. Stay agile and responsive to customer feedback, making improvements to ensure a positive and effective chatbot experience.

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These best practices provide a strategic framework for successfully implementing and maximizing the impact of sales chatbots. By following these guidelines, businesses can enhance the customer experience, improve sales performance, and drive long-term growth.

By embracing these practices, businesses can ensure their sales chatbots are well-aligned with their goals, their audience's needs, and the technical infrastructure required for seamless operations. This holistic approach to chatbot implementation sets the foundation for a successful and beneficial chatbot initiative.

12 Best Sales Chatbots for Your Company

Now that we've explored the benefits and strategies, it's time to uncover some of the best sales chatbots currently on the market, each with its unique features and advantages:

Name Features Pros Cons
Appy Pie Chatbot No-code chatbot builder, works across platforms Easy to use, integrates with multiple platforms Limited customization
Tidio Code-free chatbot builder, drag-and-drop designer, integrates with CRM Easy to use, customizable, integrates with CRM Limited AI features
Zendesk Answer Bot AI chatbot, available in 17 languages, integrates with multiple channels 24/7 support, multilingual, integrates with multiple channels Limited customization for free plan
HubSpot Basic chatbot builder, integrates with CRM Easy to use, integrates with CRM Limited features in free plan
Intercom Customizable chatbot builder, integrates with Appy Pie Highly customizable, integrates with Appy Pie Steep learning curve, expensive
Ada AI chatbot with NLP, integrates with Appy Pie Easy to use, integrates with Appy Pie Limited sales analytics
Drift Conversational tool with live chat and chatbots User-friendly, integrates with most softwares Most useful features in higher-priced tiers
MobileMonkey Sales chatbot with SMS and social media messaging Omnichannel support, integrates with CRM Limited analytics
Botsify AI-enabled chatbot with templates Easy to set up, good reporting Needs UI improvement, slow loading speed
Chatfuel Chatbot builder with NLP, social media focus User-friendly, integrates with Appy Pie, Zapier and Shopify Limited bot complexity, less advanced features
Aivo Sales chatbot in multiple languages, visual statistics Multi-channel support, AI for natural conversation No real-time monitoring, slow loading speed
WATI (Whatsapp Business API) Sales chatbot for WhatsApp Official WhatsApp partner, performance monitoring Limited to WhatsApp, not very intuitive layout

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  1. Appy Pie
  2. Appy Pie offers an efficient and user-friendly no-code chatbot builder, enabling businesses to create chatbots for various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and social media. Chatbots built with Appy Pie facilitate lead generation and enhance customer engagement, providing a dynamic and accessible way to interact with your audience.

  3. Tidio
  4. Tidio is a codeless chatbot platform designed for ease of use, featuring a drag-and-drop builder. It combines live chat and chatbot functionality, integrating seamlessly with CRMs like Zendesk and other sales software. Tidio boosts sales and customer service with 24/7 support, increased engagement, and improved conversions, ensuring your business never misses an opportunity.

  5. Zendesk
  6. Zendesk's Answer Bot provides 24/7 AI assistance to businesses, enhancing their sales and customer support. With multilingual capabilities and handling multiple channel inputs, it ensures a reliable and personalized experience. Zendesk also offers a comprehensive suite, including Zendesk Sell, which helps organize deals and monitor website visitors, providing a modern sales solution.

  7. Hubspot
  8. Hubspot's chatbot builder integrates with its CRM, enabling lead qualification, meeting booking, and self-service options. While ideal for current Hubspot users, advanced features come with higher-priced plans. It's a good choice for those seeking an easy-to-use, basic-level chatbot with the potential for more complex functionality.

  9. Intercom
  10. Intercom's chatbots provide 24/7 automated support, natural language understanding, and predictive answers. With team inboxes, ticketing workflows, and brand voice customization, it ensures an efficient and on-brand experience. Intercom also offers a help desk system and customer management features, improving workflow efficiency and providing valuable customer insights.

  11. Ada
  12. Ada is an AI chatbot with a focus on personalized brand interactions, enhanced by Natural Language Processing (NLP). It integrates with CRMs like Zendesk and social media platforms, offering self-service solutions and easy account management. With a user-friendly interface and dedicated support, Ada is a good choice for businesses seeking simplicity and strong AI capabilities.

  13. Drift
  14. Drift is a comprehensive communication tool, combining live chat and chatbots, similar to a CRM in functionality. It offers unique features like Drift Deal Room for consolidated sales reports. While Drift integrates well with existing software, its most useful features are in higher-priced tiers, which may be a consideration for smaller businesses.

  15. MobileMonkey
  16. MobileMonkey provides omnichannel customer engagement through social media, SMS, and web chat. It offers a single inbox for customer communications and customizable chatbot-building tools. With lead alerts, SMS marketing, and automated follow-ups, MobileMonkey enhances lead generation and conversion rates.

  17. Botsify
  18. Botsify offers AI-enabled chatbots for websites and messaging apps, providing real-time answers and personalized offers. With a no-code builder and good analytics, it's easy to set up and deploy. While it has room for UI improvements, Botsify is a solid choice for multi-platform sales chatbots.

  19. Chatfuel
  20. Chatfuel specializes in Messenger chatbots with NLP technology, enhancing the customer experience. It offers an intuitive interface and thorough documentation. With lead generation, personalized shopping, and social media presence, Chatfuel is ideal for startups and businesses focused on social media customer service.

  21. Aivo
  22. Aivo provides multilingual sales bots with AI-powered natural conversations. It offers visualized statistics and dashboards for data interpretation. Aivo enables a unified shopping experience across multiple channels, including WhatsApp and mobile apps, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  23. WATI
  24. WATI is an official business partner of WhatsApp Business API, offering seamless WhatsApp integration. It provides performance monitoring and data-driven insights, along with template variety and shared inboxes. While WATI excels in WhatsApp-focused sales chatbots, it lacks some builder functionality and has room for improvement in customer support during setup.

These chatbot platforms offer a range of features and benefits, catering to different business needs. Whether it's lead generation, improved customer support, or enhanced sales conversions, these tools can help businesses engage with their audience and drive growth.


Sales chatbots are no longer a nice-to-have but a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your business's sales performance and overall growth. With consumers embracing self-service and instant responses, now is the time to consider how a sales chatbot can benefit your organization.

By selecting the right platform and implementing best practices, your business can harness the power of AI to provide exceptional customer experiences, generate more leads, and ultimately, boost sales revenue. The 12 sales chatbots featured in this article provide a great starting point for businesses seeking to unlock the potential of conversational AI and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Remember, the key to a successful sales chatbot lies in understanding your audience, defining clear goals, and providing a seamless, effective, and personalized conversation experience.

Are you ready to revolutionize your sales with the power of chatbots?

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