Best Personal Websites Examples That Make a Statement

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | Last Updated on March 12th, 2024 6:27 am

In today's digital age, having a personal website is about more than just vanity – it's your online story, your personal brand, and a powerful tool to showcase your skills, connect with the world, and achieve your goals. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or a creative soul with a message to share, building a website makes you visible, credible, and ready to take control of your online presence.

But where do you start? Navigating the world of website builders can be overwhelming, especially with platforms like Wix. That's where Appy Pie comes in – a user-friendly, accessible, and personal website builder that empowers you to make a website without needing any coding knowledge.

Why Create a Personal Website?

  1. Build your brand: Your website is your digital canvas, a platform to tell your unique story and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  2. Showcase your skills: Whether you're a photographer, designer, writer, or anything in between, a website is the perfect portfolio to display your work and attract potential clients.
  3. Network and connect: Reach a wider audience, connect with fellow professionals, and build valuable relationships – all from the comfort of your website.
  4. Boost your career: A well-crafted website can give your resume a major boost, showcasing your personality, achievements, and expertise to potential employers.
  5. Market yourself: If you're an entrepreneur or freelancer, your website is your virtual storefront, allowing you to promote your services, sell products, and generate leads.
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The Different Types of Personal Websites

Now that you're convinced, let's explore the diverse world of personal websites:

  1. Portfolio websites: Perfect for showcasing your creative work, skills, and experience, like Natsai Audrey Chieza's captivating photography website or Lior Raz's sleek design portfolio.
  2. Blog websites: Share your thoughts, expertise, and passions with the world, like Aaron Zarabi's insightful entrepreneurship blog or Emily Claire's inspiring travel journal.
  3. Resume websites: Make your job search stand out with a dynamic resume website like Laura Baross's or Louise Amelie Whitehouse's creative one-page resume.
  4. Personal brand websites: Craft a cohesive online presence that reflects your values and aspirations, like K. Sparks's vibrant author website or Tobias Becs's minimalist personal brand page.

Top Personal Portfolio Website Examples

Feeling inspired? Check out these simple yet stunning personal portfolio website examples built with Appy Pie:

  1. Natsai Audrey Chieza: A biofabrication pioneer, Natsai's website elegantly combines her scientific expertise with her creative pursuits. It's a testament to the fusion of art and science.
  2. Lior Raz: As an actor, writer, and creator, Lior's website beautifully captures his versatile talents. It's an excellent example of how to showcase a diverse career on a single platform.
  3. Aaron Zarabi: Aaron's personal website is a treasure trove of journalism, essays, and podcasts. It's a prime example of how a personal website can serve as a content hub.
  4. Emily Claire: A graphic designer and artist, Emily's website is a visual feast. It showcases her portfolio with stunning imagery, demonstrating the power of visual storytelling.
  5. Laura Baross: Laura's website highlights her photography skills. It's a prime example of how to use a personal website to showcase a specific talent or passion.
  6. Louise Amelie Whitehouse: Louise's website is a testament to her storytelling prowess. It's a great example of how personal websites can be used to share personal narratives and experiences.
  7. K. Sparks: A musician and songwriter, K. Sparks' website is a vibrant platform for his music and creative endeavors. It's an excellent example of using a personal website to connect with fans.
  8. Tobias Becs: A freelance illustrator, Tobias' website is a visual masterpiece. It showcases his artwork in an engaging and user-friendly manner.
  9. Libby Peterson: Libby's personal website combines her love for travel and writing. It's an inspiring example of how to blend personal passions into a cohesive online presence.
  10. JR Taylor: JR's website is a testament to the power of personal branding. It effectively communicates his values and expertise, making a lasting impression.

How to Make a Personal Portfolio Website? (And a Glimpse into Personal Website Templates!)

Ready to create your online masterpiece? Don't worry, it's easier than you think with Appy Pie!

  1. Choose your perfect template: Appy Pie offers a vast library of free personal website templates for every niche and style. From photography portfolios to minimalist resumes, there's something for everyone.
  2. Drag and drop to personalize: No coding required! Simply drag and drop elements, customize colors and fonts, and upload your content to make the template your own.
  3. Add powerful features: Enhance your website with built-in features like contact forms, galleries, social media integrations, and even e-commerce options (perfect for selling your work!).

Bonus Tips

  1. A powerful image or quote: Share a visually striking image or a motivational quote that reinforces the call to action. For example, you could use an image of someone celebrating their website launch or a quote like "The web is your canvas, your voice, your platform. Paint your masterpiece with Appy Pie."
  2. Address potential doubts: Briefly acknowledge any hesitation readers might have and address them directly. For example, "Worried you don't have the tech skills? Don't be! Appy Pie is made for everyone, beginner or pro."
  3. Offer additional resources: Extend the value you provide by offering helpful resources like blog articles, video tutorials, or downloadable guides on personal website creation and Appy Pie.
  4. Highlight the long-term benefits: Paint a picture of how owning a personal website can change your life beyond just building it. Mention opportunities it can unlock, connections it can create, and goals it can help you achieve.
  5. Personalize the call to action: Build your simple personal website example in minutes and join the ranks of entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals who use Appy Pie to amplify their voices online.


Your personal website is your digital story, a powerful tool to connect with the world and achieve your goals. With Appy Pie's user-friendly platform, creating a stunning and functional website is within everyone's reach. So, break free from the limitations of Wix, unleash your creativity, and share your unique voice with the world. Let your personal website ideas take flight with Appy Pie. Start your free trial today and build a website that reflects your unique brand and unlocks endless possibilities.

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