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How to Make a Personal website in 3 Easy Steps?

To create your own personal website, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Enter the name of your website

    Create a catchy name that represents your personal website/brand

  2. Add your preferred features

    Create an excellent personal website without coding

  3. Publish your personal website

    Test and launch your personal website to bring your brand online

What Pages are Important for a Personal Website?

A personal website serves as a portfolio and brand improvement tool for an individual. While you can design your website any way you want, there are certain pages that are essential for a personal website. We’ve compiled a small list of them here.

  • About

    The about page is the most important part of a personal website. The about page will cover crucial information about you. It will provide your website visitors with the basic information about who you are. On the about page, you can tell about your life, what you do and why you do it. An About page is necessary to develop a reputation for your personal brand.

  • Blog

    Depending on the kind of work you do, a blog may be necessary. Through the blog page, you can share your opinions, ideas, news, etc. related to your industry. You can even use the blog to feature popular writers, add guest posts, and create an informative resource for your visitors.

  • News

    The news page of your website is used to display the latest press releases about yourself. For example, if you are a writer on tour, you can use the news section to proclaim where you’re attending a book signing next. The news section is to let your visitors know exactly what’s going on in your professional schedule.

  • Portfolio

    The Portfolio page has different names for different professions. Under the portfolio page, you show off all the work you have done. For example, an architect’s portfolio page will have the images & plans for the buildings he has helped in making. The portfolio page is necessary because people who want to hire you will use this page to know whether you meet their requirements for a job.

  • Contact

    The contact page shows all the different ways visitors can interact with you. An average contact page shares the main business email, phone number or both. If you have an office, you can add its address to the contact page. Apart from that a contact page also displays your social media handles to users.

  • Gallery

    Every personal website should have a dedicated gallery page. No matter what the profession, a professional gallery is always a good idea. You must curate and create a detailed and updated gallery of yourself working. For example, a civil engineer’s website can have a photo of him/her looking at plans, standing next to a project they finished, or receiving an accolade. A gallery adds an authenticity to your personal website.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for a Personal Website?

  • Codeless Development

    Code is never required to build a website with Appy Pie’s website builder. Even designing is codeless and pages can be added by simply dragging and dropping.

  • Light Websites

    Appy Pie helps in creating light and fast opening websites ensuring a seamless user experience. Light and fast-opening websites are also SEO friendly making ranking in Google a piece of cake.

  • Customer Support

    The company provides immediate customer support in the form of tutorials, FAQs and guides, in case something goes wrong.

  • Time Friendly

    Developing a website from scratch requires a dedicated team of developers and is often an expensive affair. With Appy Pie, a new website can be online within hours.

  • SEO Friendly

    Appy Pie’s website builder creates SEO friendly websites and makes ranking in Google an easy affair.

  • Purchase your own domain

    Appy Pie’s Smart Assistant assists you in buying your own domain. You can have your domain with you instantaneously.

Why Do You Need a Personal Website?

Until a few years ago, not having a personal website was no big deal. However, with most of the professionals now online, marketing your professional services is necessary to stay afloat. While you can do it through social media and consultant agencies, it still isn’t the best way. Social media is helpful for marketing but it alone cannot help you stay at the top.

A personal website, on the other hand, can help you build up a significant brand reputation much like a company on the Internet. With a personal website, you can increase your outreach and become recognizable in your own industry. This can help you get better clients and offer your professional services to them. If you are an artist, a website is a great place to showcase and monetize the art you create. You may even end up with business deals.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

A personal website helps you make your brand. A personal website helps you reach a wider audience of potential candidates.

Your personal website should cover everything from your professional career. As given above, your personal website should have a dedicated About page and an extensive explanation of your portfolio. A news and blog page is an excellent way to ensure that people interested in your portfolio can keep a track of your activities.

Appy Pie’s personal website builder is the best personal website builder. It provides an intuitive, interactive and easy website building interface for your personal website. Try it out today!

Here is how you can create your own Personal website without any coding –

  • Go to, select ‘Website’. Click on ‘Get Started’ or go to Appy Pie Website and click on ‘Get Started’
  • Write the business name and click on ‘Next’
  • Pick the category that best meets your business needs
  • Choose a color scheme of your liking
  • Click on ‘Save & Continue’
  • If you own an Appy Pie account, login, else create an account
  • Please wait while your website is getting ready. It is the mobile version of your Personal website.
  • Click on ‘Preview Website’
  • On this page, you will get 2 options – ‘Back to My Website’ and ‘Configuration’
  • Click on ‘Back to My Website’ and it will take you to My Websites page
  • Click on the ‘View More’ tab next to your Personal website name
  • You will be taken to the Website Overview Page. Click on ‘Edit’
  • You will be redirected to the design customization section. Here you can modify the visual appearance of your Personal website and add your preferred features
  • Click on ‘Save & Continue’
  • Click on ‘Configuration’ to connect the website with the domain
  • Buy a new domain or connect with your existing domain and make your Personal website live in no time

You can create a personal website under free trial plan using Appy Pie’s website builder.

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