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Periwinkle Color: Meaning, Psychology, Hex Code, and Applications

By Anuj | January 29, 2024 11:18 am

Welcome to the vibrant world of Periwinkle! This delightful color sits between blue and purple, creating a unique and soothing vibe. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the Periwinkle spectrum, covering everything from its various shades to its hex code and color palette. So, let's embark on this colorful journey and unravel the secrets of Periwinkle!

What Color is Periwinkle?

Periwinkle is a unique color that sits between blue and purple. This color, often called Periwinkle Blue, is like a calm blue mixed with a bit of pink and purple. It's a soft and soothing color, named after the Periwinkle flower. In design, Periwinkle represents friendship, romance, and love that lasts. It works well with bright colors like orange and green, making them stand out. With lighter blues or purples, Periwinkle creates a soft, pretty look. This makes the Periwinkle Blue Color versatile for different uses, from fashion to home decor. So, is Periwinkle blue or purple? It's both, in a way. This makes the color Periwinkle, especially Periwinkle Blue, a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of calm and beauty to their project. To incorporate Periwinkle in your designs with ease, consider using Appy Pie Design Maker. This tool offers a range of color options, including shades like Periwinkle, allowing for creative and harmonious design compositions.

The Meaning of Periwinkle

The color Periwinkle derives its name from the Periwinkle flower, a plant known for its delicate blue-purple blooms. This color, embodying the gentle essence of the flower, is deeply rooted in symbolism and meaning. Traditionally, Periwinkle represents serenity and calm, often associated with the tranquility of its floral namesake. Historically, the Periwinkle flower has been a symbol of enduring and steadfast love, as well as a representation of memories and nostalgia, reflecting its lasting nature. In various cultural contexts, Periwinkle has held significant meanings, ranging from the remembrance of lost loved ones to a symbol of new beginnings and everlasting love. Its association with both calmness and enduring affection makes it a unique and multifaceted color choice in design and artistic expressions. The significance of Periwinkle, stemming from the flower, imbues this color with a depth that goes beyond its visual appeal, offering a rich palette of meanings for various creative endeavors.

Periwinkle Color Combinations: Enhancing Design with Complementary Hues

Periwinkle, a versatile and elegant color, pairs exceptionally well with various hues, each enhancing its charm in unique ways. Here are some notable color combinations with Periwinkle and their design implications: Here's an expanded description of each Periwinkle color combination with detailed saturation characteristics and examples:
  1. Periwinkle and Green: Periwinkle, with its soft blue-purple hue, meets Green's natural and earthy tones, creating a balance between cool and warm. This combo is like a tranquil forest at dawn, great for a nature-themed living room or a calming yoga studio.

  2. Periwinkle and Orange: The cool, gentle tone of Periwinkle contrasts with the bright, warm vibrancy of Orange. This pairing is reminiscent of a vibrant sunset over a calm sea, suitable for lively children’s playrooms or creative workspace designs.

  3. Periwinkle and Blue: Combining the soothing aspects of Periwinkle with the deeper, stable shades of Blue creates a serene and trustworthy feel. It’s like the deep sea meeting the sky, ideal for corporate branding or a tranquil bedroom setup.

  4. Periwinkle and Purple: Merging the subtle, delicate nature of Periwinkle with the rich, royal essence of Purple results in an elegant and luxurious combination. It’s akin to twilight hues, perfect for sophisticated wedding decor or luxury boutique interiors.

  5. Periwinkle and Lavender: This pairing brings together Periwinkle's tranquil charm with Lavender’s soft and romantic vibe. It's like a field of wildflowers, fitting for a quaint tea room design or a soothing spa environment.

Each of these combinations can offer distinct moods and atmospheres, providing a range of options for interior design, fashion, and visual branding. Utilizing these color combinations can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of various design projects. For designers looking to experiment with these hues, Appy Pie’s Color Mixer Tool offers an easy and effective way to visualize and apply these combinations, ensuring that Periwinkle is used to its full potential in creative endeavors.

Similar Colors to Periwinkle

Colors similar to Periwinkle each have distinctive qualities that set them apart:
  1. Lavender: While both Lavender and Periwinkle are soft and soothing, Lavender leans more towards a pure purple hue, offering a warmer feel compared to Periwinkle's cool bluish-purple.

  2. Sky Blue: Sky Blue is distinctly lighter and more purely blue than Periwinkle, lacking the subtle purple undertones. It evokes a sense of openness and tranquility, reminiscent of a clear sky.

  3. Mauve: Mauve incorporates more pink compared to Periwinkle, giving it a warmer and slightly deeper tone. It's ideal for sophisticated settings where a touch of softness is desired.

  4. Purple: Unlike the subtle softness of Periwinkle, Purple is deeper and more intense, adding a touch of luxury and depth to designs. It stands out for its richness and vibrancy.

In conclusion, each of these colors similar to Periwinkle offers its unique character. Lavender brings a warmer purple, Sky Blue a lighter blue touch, Mauve a pinkish depth, and Purple a richer intensity. These variations provide a range of options for those seeking alternatives to Periwinkle's bluish-purple hue. For designers and color enthusiasts working with these subtle color differences, Appy Pie’s Image Color Picker tool becomes an essential aid. It helps accurately identify and replicate the specific shades in your designs, bridging the gap between digital representation and real-world application. This tool ensures that your color choices, whether close to Periwinkle or its variants, are precise and true to your vision.

TECH Information about Periwinkle / #CCCCFF

When discussing the technical aspects of Periwinkle, particularly with the hex code #CCCCFF, we're looking at how this soft and subtle color is created in digital formats:
  1. Hex Code: #CCCCFF is the specific digital identifier for this shade of Periwinkle. This code is essential in web design and graphic design for consistency across digital platforms.

  2. RGB Values: The RGB configuration for this hue consists of 80% red, 80% green, and 100% blue. These percentages indicate how much of each primary color is used to create this particular shade of Periwinkle.

  3. Hue, Saturation, Lightness: The hue angle of 240 degrees places this color within the blue-purple range, while a saturation of 100% and lightness of 90% give it its pure and light characteristics, defining the specific appearance of Periwinkle.

These details ensure a precise representation of Periwinkle in digital media, providing clarity for designers and artists in their digital creations.

Color Conversion

The hex color #CCCCFF presents RGB (Red: 80, Green: 80, Blue: 100) and CMYK (Cyan: 0.2, Magenta: 0.2, Yellow: 0, Black: 0) values. This combination results in a calming periwinkle shade, perfect for creating serene and balanced designs.
Value Type Value CSS Annotation
HEX ccccff #ccccff
RGB Decimal 204, 204, 255 rgb(204, 204, 255)
RGB Percentage 80, 80, 100 rgb(80%, 80%, 100%)
CMYK 20, 20, 0, 0 -
HSL 240°, 100, 90 hsl(240°, 100%, 90%)
HSV (HSB) 240°, 20, 100 -
Web Safe ccccff #ccccff
CIE-LAB 83.57, 10.296, -24.91 -
XYZ 64.54, 63.242, 103.395 -
XYY 0.279, 0.274, 63.242 -
CIE-LCH 83.57, 26.954, 292.457 -
CIE-LUV 83.57, -2.997, -41.538 -
HUNTER-LAB 79.525, 10.103, -26.738 -
BINARY 11001100, 11001100, 11111111 -
This table provides a comprehensive overview of periwinkle's values in various color models.


Periwinkle, a color that mixes calming blue with soft purple, is perfect for making your designs look peaceful and pretty. It's great for all sorts of projects, like decorating a room, making a website, or creating art. Periwinkle adds a nice, relaxing touch to everything.

If you're ready to use this lovely color in your designs, Appy Pie's AI Background Maker is here to help. This easy-to-use tool lets you bring Periwinkle into your projects in a fun way. Whether you're a pro designer or just starting out, you'll find it super easy to add Periwinkle's charm to your work. Give Appy Pie's AI Design tools try and see how it makes your designs stand out with the beauty of Periwinkle.

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