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110+Color Combination Ideas for Designers in 2023

By Saumya | November 7, 2023 3:23 pm

The perfect color combinations are important to create eye-catching graphics. Such graphics can help give your business’ designs a polished look. Colors are very important for creating good graphics. It can help your design come alive, set a perfect tone and mood, and influence user perception. A major difficulty that many designers face is finding a good color combination for their designs. A designer needs inspiration to find the perfect color combinations for their designs. Be it a poster, logo, or just graphics; they need a color combination for their designs.

Color schemes play a crucial role in design, as they can evoke different emotions and reactions from the viewer. A well-chosen color scheme can bring harmony to a design and tie all the elements together. Complimentary colors, or colors that are opposite on the color wheel, can make each other stand out and are often used to create dynamic and eye-catching designs.

When considering color combinations, it's not just about two colors but also about how multiple hues work together. A 4-color combination can offer complexity and depth to a design, making it more appealing and effective. Pretty colors can attract attention, but it's the unique colors that can make a design memorable and help it stand out in a crowded market.

Designers often look for inspiration in nature, art, and fashion. A true autumn color palette, for example, can provide a rich and warm color scheme that can be both comforting and inviting. Such a palette might include deep reds, warm browns, and golden yellows, reminiscent of falling leaves and autumnal landscapes.

Color combos are not just about aesthetics; they also need to align with the brand's identity and the message the design is trying to convey. Whether you're working on a digital interface or a printed flyer, the right color combinations can make a significant difference in the design's effectiveness.

The art of finding the right color combinations, or color combos, is essential for any designer. From complimentary colors to a true autumn color palette, the choices are endless. Unique colors and pretty colors can be mixed in various ways to create appealing color schemes that will bring your designs to life. Appy Pie's Image Color Picker tool is an excellent resource that can help you extract color schemes from any image, further expanding your creative palette.

110 Color Combinations That You Should Apply To Your Designs

  1. Navy Blue + Cherry Red + White - Palette Name: "Patriotic Poise"
  2. Forest Green + Gold + Ivory - Palette Name: "Enchanted Canopy"
  3. Plum Purple + Lavender + Cream - Palette Name: "Royal Whisper"
  4. Teal + Coral + Sand - Palette Name: "Tropical Harmony"
  5. Charcoal Grey + Lemon Yellow + Sky Blue - Palette Name: "Urban Sunrise"
  6. Olive Green + Burnt Orange + Beige - Palette Name: "Autumn Spice"
  7. Black + Silver + Emerald Green - Palette Name: "Nocturnal Gleam"
  8. Chocolate Brown + Mint Green + Peach - Palette Name: "Mint Choco Charm"
  9. Indigo + Gold + White - Palette Name: "Starry Night"
  10. Magenta + Pink + White - Palette Name: "Valentine Blush"
  11. Turquoise + Tan + White - Palette Name: "Beachfront Bliss"
  12. Burgundy + Blush Pink + Slate Grey - Palette Name: "Vintage Velvet"
  13. Royal Blue + Bright Orange + Light Grey - Palette Name: "Bold Horizon"
  14. Mustard Yellow + Navy Blue + Grey - Palette Name: "Retro Revival"
  15. Sage Green + Lavender + Pale Rose - Palette Name: "Herbal Essence"
  16. Crimson Red + Black + Metallic Gold - Palette Name: "Opulent Ruby"
  17. Cobalt Blue + Turquoise + White - Palette Name: "Mediterranean Breeze"
  18. Peach + Olive Green + White - Palette Name: "Gentle Harvest"
  19. Deep Purple + Lilac + Silver - Palette Name: "Purple Prose"
  20. Maroon + Amber + Pearl - Palette Name: "Vintage Bordeaux"
  21. Aqua + Coral + Cream - Palette Name: "Seaside Fiesta"
  22. Lavender + Mint Green + Soft Yellow - Palette Name: "Spring Whisper"
  23. Tangerine + Hot Pink + Lime Green - Palette Name: "Tropical Punch"
  24. Slate Blue + Rust + Cream - Palette Name: "Rustic Voyage"
  25. Fuchsia + Light Pink + Gold - Palette Name: "Glamorous Dawn"
  26. Midnight Blue + Ice Blue + Silver - Palette Name: "Winter's Night"
  27. Terracotta + Beige + Turquoise - Palette Name: "Desert Mirage"
  28. Lime Green + Bright Yellow + Dark Grey - Palette Name: "Citrus Graphite"
  29. Rose Gold + Ivory + Taupe - Palette Name: "Blushing Neutral"
  30. Electric Blue + Neon Green + Black - Palette Name: "Vivid Voltage"
  31. Deep Sea Blue + Coral Pink + Seafoam Green - Palette Name: "Oceanfront Serenade"
  32. Slate Gray + Electric Lime + Pure White - Palette Name: "Zesty Modernity"
  33. Wine Red + Mauve + Dusty Rose - Palette Name: "Vintage Romance"
  34. Midnight Black + Gold + Ruby Red - Palette Name: "Elegant Gala"
  35. Sunflower Yellow + Sky Blue + Grass Green - Palette Name: "Sunny Meadows"
  36. Eggplant Purple + Olive Green + Sandstone - Palette Name: "Mystic Garden"
  37. Cerulean Blue + Peach + Dove Gray - Palette Name: "Serene Horizon"
  38. Toffee Brown + Cream + Turquoise - Palette Name: "Southwestern Tapestry"
  39. Magenta + Canary Yellow + Lilac - Palette Name: "Springtime Bloom"
  40. Indigo + Heather Gray + Mint - Palette Name: "Tranquil Dusk"
  41. Scarlet Red + Black + Metallic Silver - Palette Name: "Red Carpet Glamour"
  42. Peacock Blue + Gold + Black - Palette Name: "Regal Splendor"
  43. Lavender + Warm Taupe + Blush Pink - Palette Name: "Pastel Elegance"
  44. Emerald Green + Beige + Dark Brown - Palette Name: "Earthy Richness"
  45. Cobalt Blue + Tangerine Orange + Arctic White - Palette Name: "Vibrant Contrast"
  46. Raspberry Pink + Gray + Off-White - Palette Name: "Modern Berry"
  47. Lemon Yellow + Charcoal Gray + Ivory - Palette Name: "Chic Citron"
  48. Teal + Copper + Mocha - Palette Name: "Rustic Reef"
  49. Burnt Sienna + Sage Green + Pale Gold - Palette Name: "Autumnal Warmth"
  50. Royal Purple + Gold + Black - Palette Name: "Imperial Majesty"
  51. Hot Pink + Lime Green + White - Palette Name: "Pop Art Fizz"
  52. Navy + Blush + Metallic Platinum - Palette Name: "Sophisticated Neutrals"
  53. Marigold + Plum + Ivory - Palette Name: "Spiced Elegance"
  54. Azure Blue + Salmon Pink + Gray - Palette Name: "Coastal Dreams"
  55. Hunter Green + Burgundy + Wheat - Palette Name: "Harvest Prestige"
  56. Coral Red + Denim Blue + Sand - Palette Name: "Nautical Charm"
  57. Amethyst Purple + Silver + Black - Palette Name: "Gothic Gemstone"
  58. Turquoise + Melon Orange + Pearl White - Palette Name: "Tropical Oasis"
  59. Saffron Yellow + Powder Blue + Slate - Palette Name: "Calm and Spice"
  60. Cherry Blossom Pink + Moss Green + Taupe - Palette Name: "Nature's Whisper"
  61. Sapphire Blue + Silver + Frost White - Palette Name: "Winter Sparkle"
  62. Dark Chocolate + Caramel + Cream - Palette Name: "Sweet Decadence"
  63. Jade Green + Coral + Alabaster - Palette Name: "Hidden Lagoon"
  64. Violet + Gold + Ivory - Palette Name: "Lavish Lilac"
  65. Pumpkin Orange + Coal Black + Ghost White - Palette Name: "Spooky Chic"
  66. Dusty Blue + Cranberry + Pink Quartz - Palette Name: "Rustic Charm"
  67. Neon Green + Jet Black + Aluminum - Palette Name: "Electric Night"
  68. Rose Pink + Sage Green + Soft Gray - Palette Name: "Gentle Reflection"
  69. Lapis Blue + Terra Cotta + Buttermilk - Palette Name: "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  70. Ruby Red + Onyx Black + Porcelain White - Palette Name: "Classic Sophistication"
  71. Aquamarine + Burnt Orange + Lavender - Palette Name: "Sunset Mosaic"
  72. Goldenrod + Navy Blue + Ash Gray - Palette Name: "Nautical Sunset"
  73. Peony Pink + Charcoal + Ice Blue - Palette Name: "Winter Blush"
  74. Moss Green + Tan + Burgundy - Palette Name: "Woodland Reverie"
  75. Iris Purple + Champagne + Olive - Palette Name: "Ethereal Glow"
  76. Mandarin Orange + Cobalt Blue + Vanilla - Palette Name: "Citrus Flair"
  77. Cyan + Espresso + Cream - Palette Name: "Modern Aqua"
  78. Fawn Brown + Pastel Green + Blush - Palette Name: "Soft Earth"
  79. Merlot + Rose + Heather - Palette Name: "Wine Country"
  80. Dark Teal + Pale Blue + Copper - Palette Name: "Stormy Seascape"
  81. Crimson + Slate Blue + Warm Grey - Palette Name: "Classic Elegance"
  82. Mint Green + Coral + Navy - Palette Name: "Nautical Freshness"
  83. Lemon Chiffon + Lavender + Pale Aqua - Palette Name: "Spring Mist"
  84. Charcoal + Lime + Soft Peach - Palette Name: "Urban Orchard"
  85. Royal Blue + Bright Yellow + Cool Grey - Palette Name: "Royal Demeanor"
  86. Raspberry + Turquoise + Mint Cream - Palette Name: "Berry Splash"
  87. Tangerine + Peacock Green + Ivory - Palette Name: "Exotic Retreat"
  88. Orchid Purple + Olive Drab + Linen White - Palette Name: "Vintage Bloom"
  89. Azure + Sand + Chocolate - Palette Name: "Beachfront Evening"
  90. Rosewood + Dove Grey + Blanched Almond - Palette Name: "Soft Contrast"
  91. Shamrock Green + Gold + Black - Palette Name: "Lucky Charm"
  92. Indigo + Apricot + Pearl - Palette Name: "Boho Chic"
  93. Sangria + Buff + Teal - Palette Name: "Rustic Sunset"
  94. Electric Blue + Melon + Slate - Palette Name: "Dynamic Energy"
  95. Mahogany + Sky Blue + Wheat - Palette Name: "Earth & Sky"
  96. Pine Green + Saffron + Pale Rose - Palette Name: "Herbal Delight"
  97. Midnight Blue + Silver + Soft Lilac - Palette Name: "Moonlit Lavender"
  98. Olive + Burgundy + Khaki - Palette Name: "Vintage Vignette"
  99. Heather + Tawny + Sea Green - Palette Name: "Misty Moor"
  100. Persimmon + Dark Slate + Ivory - Palette Name: "Autumn Dusk"
  101. Aquamarine + Coral Red + Beige - Palette Name: "Tropical Harmony"
  102. Amaranth Pink + Teal Blue + Grey - Palette Name: "Modern Watercolor"
  103. Ultramarine + Gold + Cream - Palette Name: "Regal Classic"
  104. Burnt Orange + Deep Teal + Mauve - Palette Name: "Spiced Elegance"
  105. Cerise + Mint + Dark Grey - Palette Name: "Cherry Mint"
  106. Golden Yellow + Taupe + Prussian Blue - Palette Name: "Golden Twilight"
  107. Jade + Heather + Peach - Palette Name: "Tranquil Retreat"
  108. Violet + Bronze + Ivory - Palette Name: "Antique Lavender"
  109. Lime Punch + Ash Grey + Coral - Palette Name: "Zesty Modern"
  110. Cobalt Blue + Pomegranate + Silver - Palette Name: "Bold Berries

Types of Color Combinations

Colors that go together are combined with the help of a color wheel, also known as a colour wheel. Each color on the color wheel evokes a different mood and can be used for color matching to create the best color combinations that act as the color palette for the graphics you are creating. A bright winter color palette, for instance, might include crisp blues, icy silvers, and snowy whites, which can be derived from this method.

You can experiment with your own colors with the help of Appy Pie Color Wheel. It is a free online tool that helps you find crisp color combinations, perfect for those looking to explore colors that go together and create their own unique color matching. Whether you're aiming for a bright winter color palette or any other harmonious look, this tool can guide you to the best color combinations. Go check it out!

There are five distinct types of color combinations that you can find for your color palette:

  1. Complementary Colors

    Complementary colors, which are found on opposite sides of the color wheel, are considered good color combinations because using these colors provides a bright and prominent feel. This complementary color scheme has an extremely high contrast and can often be termed as loud, making it ideal for designs that aim to grab attention. Such color palette ideas that utilize a complementary color scheme are often used in media that require a strong visual impact.

  2. Triadic Colors

    Triadic colors, which use three opposing colors from different sides of the color wheel, can answer the question of what colors match with green or what colors go well with green. Triadic color schemes are rarely used since balancing three opposing colors is difficult. However, when green is part of a triadic scheme, it can be matched with hues like purple and orange, creating a bright color palette. Just like complementary colors, triadic creates bright, contrasting color schemes that can make designs pop with vibrancy.

  3. Monochromatic Colors
  4. Monochromatic colors, which utilize the three different shades, tones, and tints of the same base color, can include colors that go well with green if green is chosen as the base color. Monochromatic color schemes are usually soothing to the eye and provide a great amount of versatility and harmony to the designed website. They are often considered some of the best color choices for creating a cohesive look and feel. For those looking to create a monochromatic scheme with green or any other hue, a complementary colors generator can be a useful tool. It can help designers find complementary shades or tints that harmonize with their chosen base color, enhancing the overall aesthetic of their design.

  5. Analogous Colors
  6. This color scheme, known for being one of the best color approaches for harmonious design, uses three neighboring colors of the color wheel, often including hues from the red spectrum. It provides the same versatility as monochromatic colors. However, creating good color combos with analogous colors can be extremely hard to balance together, especially when incorporating vibrant colors from the red spectrum. Careful consideration of color dominance and accents is key to achieving a visually appealing palette.

  7. Tetradic Colors
  8. This color scheme, often comprising beautiful colors, uses 4 colors from the color wheel. The colors are evenly separated from each other, forming a tetradic color pattern. Tetradic color coordination is the hardest to balance and they often create a very bold color scheme. It works best if one of the four colors is used as the dominant color, while the rest serve to accentuate, creating engaging color patterns that capture the viewer's attention.

Applying Color Combinations for Your Designs

The color combinations for each graphic depend on the type of graphics you are designing. For more artistic graphics, the graphic design may differ, and a designer has more of a free hand in their color combinations, allowing them to explore colors that look good together based on color wheel ideas. However, if you are designing graphics for a business, your job may involve a set of preset colors and color combinations that are known to go well together and reflect the brand's identity. Here is an infographic that reflects the trends that business color combinations tend to follow, showcasing a professional palette of colors that look good together and offer a variety of color wheel ideas for effective visual communication.

Once you can create a good color combination for your designs, including understanding what colors go well with blue or how to incorporate an evergreen fog color palette, you can start designing your own graphics. For designing your graphics, you can go with an easy-to-use free graphic design tool, Appy Pie Design

Appy Pie Design is a free graphic design software that helps you create graphics online. It features a complimentary color wheel that guides you in selecting harmonious colors, such as those that pair well with blue or the subtle, natural tones found in an evergreen fog color palette. It has an intuitive interface that both beginners and professionals can use with ease. Check it out to explore a wide range of color possibilities for your next project.

Summing Up

That was our list of 110 best color combinations, including 3 color combinations and color combo options, which can help you in making your designs amazing. Whether you're looking for coloring ideas or exploring the complementary colors wheel for unique colors, our selection is designed to inspire. From the refreshing vibe of nature's twist of strawberry lemonade to the sophisticated appeal of a coastal color palette, there's something for every creative need.

Good color schemes are essential, and knowing what colors go together, like contrast colors or two colors that look good together, can elevate your design.

For those interested in fashion and personal branding, the 16 season color analysis offers cute color combinations and cool color schemes that are tailored to individual styles. If you're in the culinary field, a food coloring mixing chart can be a handy tool, while cool color combinations are a must-have for graphic designers.

Good colors, cute color combos, and contrasting color wheel options are just the beginning. Fun colors like those in a complementary color to blue or 3 colors that look good together can add a playful touch to any design. What are color schemes if not a way to express creativity? With cool color combos and the coolest colors, you'll find the inspiration you need.

Keep an eye out for updates to this blog, as we aim to include 100 top conservative websites for design inspiration, pretty color combinations, and more. We'll delve into color schemes definition, 2 color combinations, and color design principles. Whether you're looking for 2 colors that look good together, different color schemes, or what colors go with black and white, we've got you covered.

Good colors that go together, like those in a cool color scheme or two color combinations, can be the foundation of any great design. The black and white color palette is a timeless example, offering endless versatility and elegance. Color pairs and three colors that go together can also create a harmonious look, perfect for family photo color schemes or interior design color schemes.

So, whether you're captivated by the warmth of a sunrise color palette, the charm of cute color schemes, or the balance of a complementary color palette, remember that the best color schemes are those that reflect your unique vision. Attractive two color combinations design, brown color schemes, and colors that contrast with blue are just a few examples of how varied and dynamic color pairings can be.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore everything from family photo color schemes to the best color schemes for businesses. With our ever-growing list of combination examples, like the red and blue background or color combinations with green, you'll never run out of ideas. And for those curious about how to best present themselves, find your color season with our guides.

In summary, whether you're looking for interior design color schemes, the perfect sunrise color palette, or simply want to know what colors go together, our blog is your go-to resource. Keep checking back for new ideas, and let's make the world a more colorful place together!

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