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Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on February 10th, 2024 10:06 am

App Builder Appy Pie, Sep 27: Android Instant Apps, already on over 600 million android devices, are taking off in a big way, allowing you to reach out to as many users as possible, by making your app faster to discover, easy to access and quick to launch – All this, without having to actually install the app on a device. Also, you don’t need to revise the source code, if you are looking to update your android app to android instant app. Android instant apps can be accessed using URLs, social media, search engines etc. While announcing it, Google said, Android instant apps will be great for one-off tasks. Think, you just want to check an email attachment your friend shared or you need to track your order that was shipped to your address – Instant Apps allow to accomplish any of these in a fast, secured, data-efficient and no-install way.What are Android Instant Apps?Instant App splits your app’s feature, uses deep links and runs modular environment, allowing users to access any of these modules via URLs pointing to that specific module, without actually installing the app on a device. When your user clicks on a URL of a website with instant app, the app store loads the required elements and launches the app without installing it. Users need to enable instant app by going to their phone settings. Here’s how to enable instant app on Android 6.0 and overHow to Enable Android Instant Apps?Swipe down on home screen to access notifications and tap on settings. You should be able to see Google settings, tap on “Instant Apps” under Google settings and toggle it “On”. Accept the terms and you are all set to use Android Instant AppsHow to Use Android Instant AppsJust search on google, and tap on the result, Also tap on any shared link and use the appWhy is It a great idea to update your android app to instant app

  • Deliver Native app experience without having to install the app on a device
  • Deep links take users to the app without messing with the mobile website
  • No need to create instant app from scratch
  • Supported by Many OS
  • Help you to reach out to new users at a scale
  • Removes 'middleman' app store
  • Allows you to even connect with users with data/network restrictions
  • Better engagement with your brand
  • Improved speed to market

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