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How to Make a Health Insurance Chatbot?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 27th, 2024 7:32 am | 4-min read

The health insurance sector is one of the major domains of the ever-growing and robust healthcare industry. Recently, the sector has started going digital and innovating various processes associated with it. Not just that! It is aiming hard to make the customers’ experiences smooth and seamless. The health insurance sector mainly consists of insurance agents/ companies and insurance seekers. To enhance the accessibility for insurance seekers and reduce the burden on agents of various health insurance agencies have started deploying chatbots on their business websites. In this blog, let us explore more about healthcare chatbots in the insurance industry. We will also brief you about the importance of chatbots and provide you a step-by-step guide for making health insurance chatbots.

What is a Health Insurance Chatbot?

According to the Health Insurance Association of America, health insurance is defined as "coverage that provides the payments of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. It includes insurance for accidental damage/loss, medical expense, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment." The health insurance sector is all about health insurance agents helping insurance seekers to get insured against various medical adversities. From resolving complex queries to briefing terms and conditions of various insurance policies, an agent acts as a go-to person for an insurance seeker. The health insurance sector is expanding day-by-day, so entertaining every insurance seeker is getting difficult for agents. To reduce the burden of agents and increase their productivity, many businesses are deploying health insurance chatbots. A health insurance chatbot is software programmed to conduct the online conversation using a chat window instead of a live human agent. You can deploy the chatbot to various platforms like landing pages of a website, social media accounts, mobile apps, and much more. The health insurance chatbot helps in making the complete insurance process easier and quicker.

Why Do You Need a Health Insurance Chatbot?

Chatbots in the health insurance industry majorly help in minimizing the cost of the company incurred in serving insurance seekers. Keeping pace with the technology trends in the insurance industry, chatbots are becoming an indispensable tool for enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. They also offer anytime-anywhere services to individuals seeking consultancy related to health insurance policies. There are many benefits of deploying chatbots into your business. Let us explain a few major of them.
  1. Personalized Agent: Your health chatbot responds as per its programming, knowledge base, and conversational flow. It can act as a personalized insurance agent for insurance seekers and policyholders after an initial conversation. By analyzing their chat history and ongoing conversation, it can suggest simple solutions to the individuals seeking help.

  2. Easy Onboarding: Many health insurance seekers are first-timers and know very little about health insurance policies. For the easy onboarding process of insurance seekers, insurance companies deploy highly efficient healthcare bots. Health insurance chatbots help reduce onboarding time and make the cumbersome process of onboarding less challenging for insurance seekers.

  3. Smooth Customer Experience: Health insurance bots are programmed in a way that they can be user-friendly and highly engaging with insurance seekers. They avoid the use of professional jargon and intricate language while interacting with customers. Insurtech software development plays a crucial role in achieving this.

  4. 24/7 Customer Support: Insurance agents need to remain available round-the-clock. An accident can take place anytime and thereby policyholder can request the insurance claim at any odd hour. By installing a health insurance chatbot, you can make sure of 24/7 customer support availability. Chatbots can help you handle every request on time and leave no web- visitor unattended.

  5. Automate Tedious Processes: Health insurance industry is highly extensive and requires spontaneity in handling visitors. Chatbots can automate various processes like providing a resolution for basic queries, gather details for documentation, and much more. This helps in improving the operational productivity of agents and making numerous tedious processes simpler.
There is no end to the possible benefits of health insurance chatbots. The more you explore about them the more you will get stunned by knowing their utility.

What are the Major Features of a Health Insurance Chatbot?

Nowadays, you can easily create and install your health insurance chatbot with the help of no-code platforms. You just need to know the leading platforms available online and the basic features that must be added to your chatbot. Let us brief you about the must-have features in your health insurance chatbot.
  1. Personality Design: While talking to a chatbot, web- visitors must not feel that they are conversing with a machine. You should add the tinge of personalization and create a persona of your health insurance chatbot so that machine interaction can be humanized. You can do this by setting up a user-friendly conversation flow, using simple language, adding personalized salutations, and making the conversational tone as simple as you can.

  2. Intuitive Interface: Many times, users avoid chatting in the chat window and rather prefer calling customer support. This majorly happens due to the overly complicated window design of the chatbot. You should focus on making the chatbot interface simple and de-cluttered. Try using minimal colors, avoiding drop-down menus, offering multiple choices in every question, and making easy navigation inside the chat window. An intuitive and user-friendly interface can encourage web or mobile app visitors to use the health insurance chatbots.

  3. Relevant Content: You need to deploy multiple chatbots for multiple landing pages of your dedicated health insurance website. Suppose you want to help people during the payment process, then you just need to deploy a relevant chatbot on the “Payment Page” of your website. For every dedicated page, you need to be precise with the conversational flow of your chatbot. Every chatbot you create must contain relevant content and able to help customers as and when they needed.

How to Create a Health Insurance Chatbot?

Before creating your health insurance chatbot, you must complete your market research. You can either conduct surveys or get inputs from customer service representatives to know about your targeted audience and accordingly make your health insurance chatbot. After performing proper market research, you should log in to the leading no-code platform, i.e., Appy Pie Chatbot Builder to create a chatbot on your own. Let us provide you a step-by-step guide to help you easily make a dedicated chatbot for your health insurance business.Step 1: First you need to browse for “Appy Pie Chatbot Builder” which is a highly recommended no-code platform that lets you design a chatbot without any hassle.Step 2: Click on “Get Started” to start creating your health insurance chatbot. Appy Pie Chatbot Builder provides an intuitive interface, and you need not navigate a lot in the process of creating a chatbot.Step 3: Enter the unique name for your dedicated health insurance chatbot. You should carefully ponder on various options before finalizing the name of your chatbot. Click “Next” after you have mentioned the bot name.Step 4: Select the category as “Health Insurance Bot”.Step 5: To proceed further, you need to either create an account with Appy Pie or log in using your existing Google or Facebook account. If you already have an Appy Pie account, you can just log in and continue.Step 6: After you sign-in, you will be landed on the page where you can customize your health insurance chatbot in the way you want it to look and perform. You can set the relevant conversational flow of your chatbot. Along with it, you can also tweak the design of your health insurance chatbot. Step 7: Once you are done editing your health insurance chatbot, it is highly recommended to preview the chatbot flow and design before saving it. If you are not satisfied with the look or feel of your chatbot, you can always customize it and then proceed further. Click on “Save & Next” to save your health insurance chatbot.Step 8: To deploy the chatbot on your website, you need to copy and paste the widget code on the relevant pages of your dedicated health insurance website. Click on the “Copy Code” button and paste it in the body section of the backend content of the landing page.Note: You must reload/refresh your health insurance website after pasting the widget code. Hurray!!! Your health insurance chatbot is ready to help both insurance agents and insurance seekers.

Summing Up

Designing an efficient health insurance chatbot is not all complex in this era of no-code platforms. You should definitely create and install your own bot to give your customers an all-new experience. It would also help in offloading a few tasks of your concerned teams. Log in to Appy Pie today and create your own Health Insurance Chatbot in no time!

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