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Major Todoist Integrations for Effective Task Management

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 17th, 2024 8:28 am | 6-min read

To take your business at all new heights, you need to take care of hundreds of tasks on daily basis. You have to create weekly, monthly, and yearly plans to achieve your goals. To prioritize and manage every task, you either need a highly professional team of assistants or you can just log in to an efficient software “Todoist”. Todoist is one of the best task management software that lets people and businesses prioritize and manage their tasks through cloud storage. It allows you to organize and keep an account of every activity that is part of your project. The whole task management procedure can be made more efficient by integrating Todoist with various other software. You just need a third-party software like Appy Pie Connect for Todoist integrations and automating various workflows.

In this blog, let us discuss major Todoist integrations and how they can benefit your business. But before moving ahead let us have an overview of Todoist integrations.

Major Todoist integrations

Some of the major Todoist integrations that can help in effective task management are mentioned below.
  1. Todoist Outlook integration
  2. Microsoft Outlook is a tool to organize email, calendar, and files together in the cloud. It lets you connect, manage, and get things done efficiently. Along with telling you what’s new in your inbox and administering your meeting schedules, Outlook can integrate with other software to double your productivity. When you integrate Todoist with Outlook, you can automatically turn an email received in Outlook into a new Todoist task. With this integration, you need not check your email box from time to time and update your task list to manage tasks. Todoist Outlook integration will ensure you that you won’t miss reading any important mail and can easily prioritize tasks in Todoist mentioned in different mails.
  3. Todoist Google Calendar integration
  4. Google Calendar is a free web and mobile calendar service offered by Google. It helps you to schedule upcoming meetings and informing to all your colleagues on time. Along with streamlining daily schedules, Google Calendar can integrate with other software to save your time. When you integrate Todoist with Google Calendar, you can automatically create an event in Google Calendar for every task mentioned in Todoist. With this integration, you need not constantly keep an eye on your task list and schedule meetings with your team members.Everything from scheduling the first meeting at the time of starting any task to creating a schedule for meeting once that task gets completed will be automated when you integrate Todoist and Google Calendar.
  5. Todoist Slack integration
  6. Slack is an efficient team collaboration software that makes internal communications better, faster, and smoother. Whether you own a big business or small, Slack is meant to increase the efficiency of your team and make communication among employees seamless. When you integrate Todoist with Slack, you can automatically inform teams on Slack once the task gets completed on your Todoist task list. This integration will not only send messages on task completion but every time the status of any task changes, it will automatically be updated on your Slack channels.Todoist Slack integration will help you in ensuring that every team member involved in a particular task is on the same page. Right from creating a new task to completing that task, the team will be updated with the status of project.
  7. Todoist Gmail integration
  8. Gmail needs no introduction! It is a free web-based e-mail service offered by Google for both businesses and individuals. It has one of the most efficient and intuitive platforms that can manage all your emails in different categories. When you integrate Todoist with Gmail, you can automatically update your Todoist every time you received an email in a labeled category. This integration will help you in improving the productivity of teams and reducing the manual tasks involved in managing various tasks.Todoist Gmail integration lets you update and organize tasks mentioned in emails. In a matter of a few minutes, various workflows can be automated between the two software, and everything gets sorted between your teammates.
  9. Todoist Trello integration
  10. Trello is a cloud-based project management tool that helps in managing your every task efficiently. It generates Trello cards to organize, track, and share the progress of every task in the project. When you integrate Todoist with Trello, you can automatically generate Trello cards for an incomplete and new task created in Todoist. Every time a new notification is added to Trello, it will automatically turn into the task in Todoist. This integration will help you in keeping track of every task in a project and saving lots of time for your employees.As both Todoist and Trello are efficient task management tools, their integration will add an all-new level of efficiency in task management. Todoist Trello integration saves you from spending too much time making the to-do list in Trello and automates a few tasks for efficient task management.
  11. Todoist Asana integration
  12. Asana is a team management software that helps teams in keeping track of what to do and how to get it done. From start to finish, it helps in planning, organizing, and managing work among various teams. When you integrate Todoist with Asana, you can automatically update the status of incomplete Asana tasks in Todoist. Along with it, you can also automate the addition of a new task in Todoist whenever it is added in Asana.Todoist-Asana integration is useful for maintaining the right pace of a project without logging to Asana every single time a new task is added. This integration helps in updating teams in real-time for timely actions and saves a lot of time.
  13. Todoist Microsoft Teams integration
  14. Microsoft Teams is a useful cloud-based team collaboration software. It includes features for messaging, calling, video conferencing, and file sharing among team members. When you integrate Todoist with Microsoft Teams, you can automatically send a notification to relevant channels within Microsoft Teams whenever a new task is added or the old one gets completed from the list of Todoist.Todoist Microsoft Teams integration help in the better management of tasks and smarter synchronization among teams. This integration will save you from manually informing teams every time a task gets completed in Todoist.

Summing Up

Trello can be integrated with hundreds of software available online. To easily connect Trello and automate various workflows, you must choose third-party software. We recommend you log in to Appy Pie Connect as it can integrate and automate in just a few minutes. You need not write a single line of code while integrating any software (available in App Directory) with Trello with the help of Appy Pie Connect. Connect offers a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface that lets you create and automate your business flow within a few minutes!

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