6 ways to use Microsoft Teams Slack integration for Small Businesses

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Slack and Microsoft Teams are two of the most popular choices for business communication platforms, and the debate of Slack vs. Microsoft Teams has often brought about some amusing arguments on both sides. While some people swear by Microsoft Teams while others often list the cons of Microsoft Teams, which is the same for Slack, in this situation, there is a demand for a middle ground where people can continue using their preferred platforms and still not have to go back and forth between different platforms. The debate of Microsoft Teams versus Slack can finally be laid to rest with meaningful integrations and workflow automation. Let’s discuss in what ways can Appy Pie help you integrate Microsoft Teams and Slack.

6 ways to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams have their own list of pros and cons, but each also has its own fandom. When it comes to communication, internal and external, it is common sense to try and bring people on one single platform. Unfortunately, this is not practical sometimes, especially when multiple teams or external stakeholders are involved. I have collated a list of the most effective ways in which you can connect Microsoft Teams and Slack.

  1. Enable cross-platform messaging with Microsoft Teams Slack integration

    Different teams, even within the same organization, have different requirements. Hence, it is natural that they would be using tools or software which fulfill their specific requirements. So, how do you improve communication between multiple teams within the organization when one team is using Microsoft Teams while the other is using Slack? Simple - connect Microsoft Teams and Slack and make cross-platform communication smooth and seamless. Integrating Microsoft Teams and Slack together and syncing the corresponding channels on both platforms ensures that no message in any channel is lost.
  2. Manage teams across channels with Microsoft Teams and Slack Integration

    Team management can become cumbersome when multiple channels and platforms are being used within the company. How do you ensure that every relevant employee is added to the relevant channel on both Slack and Microsoft Teams? Connect Slack to Microsoft Teams, and you can set up triggers and actions to ensure that whenever a new member is added or removed from a channel in Slack, they are also added or removed from the corresponding channel in Microsoft Teams and vice versa. This means there is no need to go back and forth between Microsoft Teams and Slack to update the members.
  3. Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to build smooth communication flows

    One-on-one conversations can be the difference between a smooth project and one filled with multiple hiccups. The problem with different teams being on different platforms is that one-on-one communication may require jumping through multiple hoops. You can avoid this by simply creating a connect between Microsoft Teams and Slack so that direct messages can be sent directly to Slack from Microsoft Teams and vice versa. This feature is currently under development and will soon be available for public use through the Appy Pie Connect platform.
  4. Make communication personal and engaging by using emojis in cross-platform communication

    Business communication has changed, and it is not as stiff and stuffy as it used to be. This means informal language, modern abbreviations, and even emojis are part of everyday vernacular in casual and professional settings. Appy Pie Connect team is working on a special functionality that will enable users to communicate using emojis across platforms. Once this functionality is live, users can communicate seamlessly across multiple platforms and express their thoughts through a medium they are comfortable using - emojis.
  5. Keep your text formats updated across Microsoft Teams and Slack

    This is another feature under consideration at Appy Pie Connect, where the text formats are maintained uniformly across Microsoft Teams and Slack. Using this feature, you could set rules for automatic text format updates so that if you update the text format in a channel on Slack, the text format will be automatically updated on the corresponding Microsoft Teams channel. This is great for maintaining consistency when different teams are using different software.
  6. Make cross-platform calls between Slack and Microsoft Teams

    Interdepartmental or external team calls are essential for smooth communication and operation. However, when employees are divided between two different platforms - Slack and Microsoft Teams, it can create communication gaps. This functionality in Appy Pie Connect will make it possible to call a Slack user from Microsoft Teams and vice versa if they are not registered on both platforms.

How to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams?

The potential of integrating Slack and Microsoft Teams, as you can see, is growing. However, the question now is how to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams. Though several tech-heavy options are available in the market, they are not always viable, especially for entrepreneurs and startups. Appy Pie Connect is the best no-code integration platform to help you connect Microsoft Teams to Slack in minutes. Here are the steps you must follow to connect Microsoft Teams and Slack using Appy Pie Connect.
  1. Choose the Trigger app (MS Teams or Slack)
  2. Select the trigger from the trigger list on the screen
  3. Choose the Action app and authenticate it (Slack or MS Teams)
  4. Select the action from the actions list on the screen
  5. Now select the data you want to transfer between the apps.
That’s it! Your connect is ready, and you can start enjoying the benefits of this fantastic integration.


Any modern business is bound to use multiple apps for different purposes, in fact, even for the same purpose. It can get a little challenging to get everyone to use the same platform if they are used to a different one.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, setting up meaningful integrations can help you establish smoother communication and more efficient processes. The most encouraging part is that even though it seems high-tech-based as a solution, Appy Pie Connect has simplified it by making it entirely no-code. This means anyone with just an internet-connected device can use the platform and start creating meaningful workflows using Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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