Create Trello cards from Google Calendar events

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Trello Cards from Google Calendar Events

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | Last Updated on February 21st, 2024 11:42 am


Google Calendar is a free online service that allows you to create, manage and share events on a web-based calendar. You can use Google Calendar to keep track of your personal, work, and social plans and sync them with other calendars and devices. Google Calendar also helps you schedule meetings, appointments, and reminders easily and conveniently. You can access Google Calendar from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a Google account.

Trello is a flexible work management tool that empowers all teams to plan, track, and accomplish their work, their way. It uses boards, lists, and cards to give you a clear view of who’s doing what and what needs to get done. You can also connect your team's apps to your Trello workflow or add a Power-Up to fine-tune your specific needs. Trello is available as a web app, a mobile app, and a desktop app. You can sign up for free or choose a paid plan for more features.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can create Trello cards from Google Calendar events using app integration or you can say, workflow automation. Creating a Connect through Appy Pie Connect, an API integration platform for seamless automation allows users to enhance collaboration and communication, reduce context switching, update, delete, or create events in both Trello and Google Calendar integration. The list goes on for a long but here, we will keep our focus on creating Trello cards.

Best Practices For Using Google Calendar and Trello Together

  • Start syncing correctly: To start syncing correctly, you need to make sure that every single card that you want to show up on your Google Calendar has a due date on Trello. You can add a due date to a card by clicking on the card, then clicking on the Due Date button on the right panel. You can also set a reminder for the due date if you want.
  • Enable your Calendar power-up: To enable your calendar power-up, you need to go to your Trello board and click on the Power-Ups button at the top. Then, search for and select the Calendar Power-Up and click Add. This will enable the Calendar View on your board, where you can see your cards in a calendar format. You can also click on the Sync to personal calendar button on the top right corner of the Calendar View to get the Trello Calendar URL that you can add to Google Calendar.
  • Enable a sync: To enable a sync using Google Calendar integration and Trello integration Two-Way Sync Power-Up, you need to go to your Trello board and click on the Power-Ups button at the top. Then, search and select the 'Unito Power-Up' and click 'Add'. Then, choose the tools you want to connect and follow the instructions to authorize and configure your sync. You can also customize your sync settings, such as choosing which fields to sync, which events or cards to include or exclude, and how often to sync.
  • Use a little trick: To use a little trick to see the card URL and the list name of your Trello card in Google Calendar, you need to enable the sync using either the Calendar Power-Up or the Unito Power-Up. Then, when you go to your Google Calendar, you will see your Trello cards as events with their titles and due dates. If you click on an event, you will see more details, such as the card URL and the list name. You can copy and paste the card URL in your browser to open it directly in Trello. You can also see which list the card is located in, such as To Do or Done.
  • Control Trello cards: To control which Trello cards are sent to Google Calendar, you can use filters, labels, or custom fields. Filters are a way of showing or hiding cards based on certain criteria, such as due date, label, member, or keyword. You can access filters by clicking on the Show Menu button on the top right corner of your board, then clicking on Filter Cards. Labels are a way of categorizing cards by color or name. You can add labels to cards by clicking on them, then clicking on the Labels button on the right panel. Custom fields are a way of adding extra information to cards, such as text, number, date, checkbox, or dropdown. You can add custom fields by enabling the Custom Fields Power-Up on your board, then clicking on the Custom Fields button on the right panel of a card. Depending on which sync method you use, you can choose which cards to sync based on their filters, labels, or custom fields.
  • Do things the other way around: To do things the other way around, by adding Google Calendar events to Trello as cards, you can use Appy Pie Connect. It is a tool that helps you connect apps and automate workflows without any coding. You can create a Connect that triggers when a new event is created in Google Calendar and creates a new card in Trello with the event details. You can also customize your Connect settings, such as choosing which calendar and board to use, which fields to map, and which actions to perform.
  • Let’s explore the ‘Do things the other way around’ a little more.

    How to Turn a Google Calendar Event into a Trello Card

    Before you begin the process, you must have three things handy with you.

    First, a Appy Pie account
    Second, a Trello account
    Third, a Google Calendar account.

    If you are new to Appy Pie, don’t worry, you can sign up here!

    Step 1: Log In to Appy Pie

    As a first step, you must log in to your Appy Pie account and click on ‘Create a Connect’ at the right corner of the Appy Pie dashboard.

    Log in to Appy PieStep 2: Choose Trigger App

    As we are creating a Trello card from Google Calendar, we will keep Google Calendar as our trigger app. Therefore, search for ‘Google Calendar’ through the search toolbar to proceed further.

    Choose trigger appStep 3: Choose Trigger Event

    Select ‘New Event’ from the list and hit ‘Continue’. Here, we are selecting new event because we have to create a new Trello Card from new Calendar events.

    Choose trigger eventStep 4: Connect your Google account

    Select your desired Google Calendar account from the list of all the accounts you might have created before and click ‘Continue’. Note: Here, Appy Pie will ask for a few permissions which you must give upon reading all the terms and conditions.

    Connect Google accountStep 5: Set up options for Google Calendar

    Look for desired setup options and choose accordingly.

    Setup for Google CalendarStep 6: Select the action app

    Search for ‘Trello’ through Appy Pie search toolbar as before we selected Google Calendar as our trigger app.

    Select action appStep 7: Choose action event

    From the list of all possible action events, select ‘Create Card’ as we have to create a new card for a new event in Google Calendar.

    Choose action eventStep 8: Connect your account

    As a next step, connect your Trello account with Appy Pie Connect here you must allow Appy Pie to have access to a few permissions which must be agreed upon reading and understanding properly.

    Connect Trello accountStep 9: Set up for Trello

    Now, set up your options as per your need. Here, you can either skip or continue with the run test. Choose accordingly.

    Setup for TrelloStep 10: Connect is successful

    Your Connect is ready-to-use. Now you have automated the process where a Trello card would be created whenever a new event is created in Google Calendar.

    Integration is successful

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