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Why The Future Of Chatbots Is No-code?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 14th, 2024 11:59 am | 4-min read

There is a marked increase in the focus on digital transformation across all industry verticals. Hence chatbots and conversational AI are gaining popularity. Enterprises and large corporates are both using this technology for automation and for elevating their customer service experience. However, there has been a fair bit of hesitation among small businesses and entrepreneurs when adopting chatbot technology. Yes, it has been primarily because of the perceived costs and challenges in technical skills. Appy Pie, the pioneer in no-code development, has developed a solution to address these challenges in the most appropriate manner. No-code chatbot builder from Appy Pie has made it possible for SMBs, startups, entrepreneurs, and even individual professionals to make a chatbot without coding!


No-code platforms have found themselves in a desirable spot as their demand surges high across all business verticals. Chatbot builders have recently hit the sweet spot as businesses realize the potential of no-code chatbot development and are stumbling across an affordable way to implement this cutting-edge technology in their business. Before we move ahead to get deeper into the topic, it would be helpful for you to look at the infographic below for an overview of the subject.

What is no-code chatbot development?

Chatbots have been around for a long time, but their business advantages have become evident only recently. Initially, an evolved technology like chatbot development was only restricted to bigger companies or enterprises due to the massive investment and technical expertise it required. As no-code chatbot builders emerged, they opened chatbot technology and development to every business, irrespective of their size or scale. No-code chatbot development is exactly what it says. It is the process of creating a chatbot without using any code. Here, the chatbot builder interface allows you to develop and launch a chatbot in mere minutes. Best suited for businesses with time, budget, and skills limitations, no-code platforms for chatbot development facilitate rapid development and deployment of chatbots.

How to use a no-code chatbot builder?

There are multiple no-code platforms, but Appy Pie has emerged as the most preferred no-code chatbot development company, particularly for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. With a mission to democratize technology, Appy Pie prides itself in bringing business solutions that are easy-to-use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Here is the simple three-step process that lets you create a chatbot in minutes, that too without any coding!
  • Give your chatbot a name
  • Pick a name for your chatbot and the bot type that suits your business needs best.
  • Personalize your chatbot
  • Edit the chatbot script template, add your logo, change the color theme to match your brand colors, and more!
  • Integrate the chatbot on your website
  • Copy and paste the chatbot widget into your website and start serving your customers in real-time.

Impact of no-code on chatbot development

Chatbot development and conversational AI have often been perceived as something too complex. This is why many companies, especially the smaller ones, stayed away from the technology - no matter how lucrative the benefits. However, some of the best no-code platforms have started offering chatbot builders taking away the hassle of getting too deep into technology or spending a massive amount of money in getting it implemented. No-code development has made it possible for businesses with smaller budgets and restricted timelines to consider chatbot integration for customer service and automation. Here are the primary ways in which no-code platforms can contribute to the bright future of chatbot development:
  • Speed up chatbot adoption
  • No-code platforms for chatbot development have reduced the cost of development, need for specialized skilled resources, and time requirements, thus making chatbots accessible. Now, SMBs, startups, entrepreneurs, and even individuals can explore the technology that (until recently) was only accessible to high-end developers. No-code technology has played an impressive role in increasing the adoption of chatbots.
  • Boost and support innovation
  • With the adoption of no-code technology, people from across multiple professional backgrounds can turn innovative ideas into reality. Creative professionals who have no exposure to technology and limited access to funds can hop across the tech barriers and bring together the left and right brains to come up with something truly innovative.
  • Dispelling myths around chatbots
  • Due to the perceived challenges in chatbot development like coding, long development times, and high prices, there has been a perceived barrier that few businesses willingly cross. As those copious codes are taken away from the equation, and an easy-to-use interface is presented to the users, they are more likely to explore chatbot development on their own.

Advantages of no-code chatbots

Chatbot development can help you and your business in a number of ways. Let’s discuss a few of them here.
  • Reduce costs
  • According to a recent study by Juniper, chatbot conversations will help save $8 billion in costs by the year 2022. As the competition is getting stronger, it is getting more and more critical to improve the customer experience and match their expectations. Retaining customers saves you more money than you would have to spend on gaining new customers.
  • Improve business agility
  • Creating a chatbot using no-code technology is much faster than creating it from scratch using coding. Since all the technical aspects are taken care of, businesses can focus on what they are good at - business. Plan the business features instead of getting lost in the basic functioning of your chatbot.
  • Enhance strategic alignment
  • No-code chatbots make it easier to align the business requirements with the chatbot you are making. This prevents business objectives from getting lost in communication between the business and tech divisions. As all kinds of users can build a chatbot, there is a lot of cross-functional participation in chatbot development.


This is an era of instant gratification, and most customers are not willing to wait for a response from a business. This is also an era where customer engagement and satisfaction are of prime importance. Chatbots are more than a mere decorative element. They are a necessity. As no-code is getting more popular even in the chatbot development field, the adoption rates are going higher, and the gap between business thinking and technical thinking is reducing. Take the first step and start making your own chatbot now! Be a part of the future of the chatbot.
Have you ever made a chatbot before? Share your experience about how it went and leave a comment for us!

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