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200+ Business Names and Startup Strategies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | Last Updated on April 8th, 2024 10:20 am

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, nail salons hold a unique place, combining creativity with care to offer a service that goes beyond mere aesthetics. In recent years, the nail salon industry has seen significant growth, with projections indicating a continued upward trend. This makes the market both lucrative and competitive.

Unique nail business names for your nail salon can set you apart from the competition, creating a lasting impression on your clientele. This blog aims to provide over 200 innovative and catchy nail salon name ideas, alongside a guide to naming your business, starting your venture, and addressing frequently asked questions. Let's begin on a journey to name your nail salon in a way that reflects its uniqueness and appeal.

Nail Business Name Ideas to Inspire You

The quest for the perfect name becomes paramount, especially in the digital age where your brand's identity on platforms like Instagram is crucial. Whether you're envisioning a cozy corner for 'cute nails and spa' enthusiasts or a trend-setting hub for nail art aficionados, the right nail business names for Instagram can significantly impact your salon's visibility and appeal.

Crafting a name that embodies the elegance, creativity, and serenity of your services while ensuring it's catchy and Instagram-worthy is no small feat.

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Unique Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Nail Nirvana
  2. Lacquer Lagoon
  3. The Polished Petal
  4. Aura Art Nails
  5. Mystic Manicure
  6. Velvet Varnish
  7. Prism Polish Studio
  8. Lumina Lacquer
  9. Ethereal Nails
  10. Halo Hues
  11. Enigma Nail Enclave
  12. Gloss Grove
  13. Zenith Nail Zone
  14. Quirky Quills
  15. Nebula Nails
  16. Opal Odyssey
  17. Twilight Tints
  18. Mirage Manicure
  19. Vortex Varnish
  20. Blissful Brush

Catchy Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Clip & Clop
  2. Sparkle Specialists
  3. Pretty in Polish
  4. Dazzle Digits
  5. Glossy Goddesses
  6. Posh & Paint
  7. Glitter Gals
  8. Shine Shack
  9. Neon Nails
  10. Fab Fingers
  11. Lush Lacquers
  12. Tip Top Tints
  13. Radiant Wraps
  14. Buff & Bright
  15. Chic Claws
  16. Nail Nirvana
  17. Elegant Edges
  18. Allure Artistry
  19. Flicker Fingers
  20. Glimmer Glam

Funny Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. The Laughing Lacquer
  2. Tipsy Turquoise
  3. Mani-Pedi Mania
  4. Clip Tease
  5. Chuckleberry Nails
  6. Giggle Glitters
  7. Ticklish Tips
  8. Jolly Jades
  9. Whimsy Wraps
  10. Punny Polishes
  11. Silly Silks
  12. Guffaw & Gloss
  13. HaHa Hues
  14. Jest & Jewels
  15. Snicker Snails
  16. Witty Wraps
  17. Buffoonery Buffs
  18. Comedy Claws
  19. Sarcasm & Shine
  20. Mirthful Manicures

Professional Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Premier Polish
  2. ProNail Perfection
  3. Elite Edge Esthetics
  4. Master Manicurists
  5. Precision Paints
  6. Executive Enamel
  7. Aesthetic Artistry
  8. Corporate Claws
  9. Sophisticate Shades
  10. Pristine Polish
  11. Expert Elegance
  12. Noble Nails
  13. Precision Polishers
  14. Dignity Digits
  15. Proficient Polish
  16. Vanguard Varnishes
  17. Legacy Lacquers
  18. Prime Polish
  19. Summit Salon
  20. Esteem Esthetics

Inspirational Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Dream Digits
  2. Aspire Artistry
  3. Motivate Manicure
  4. Inspire Inks
  5. Elevate Enamel
  6. Beacon Buffs
  7. Hope Hues
  8. Thrive Thimbles
  9. Radiance & Resolve
  10. Purpose Polish
  11. Visionary Varnishes
  12. Uplift Ultraviolet
  13. Ambition Art
  14. Blissful Brushstrokes
  15. Courageous Colors
  16. Wisdom Wraps
  17. Destiny Dazzles
  18. Illuminate Illusions
  19. Serenity Strokes
  20. Horizon Hues

Location-Based Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Manhattan Manicures
  2. Parisian Polish
  3. Venice Varnish
  4. London Lacquers
  5. Tokyo Tips
  6. Brooklyn Buffs
  7. Milan Manicure
  8. Sydney Shades
  9. Vegas Varnishes
  10. Bali Buffs
  11. Hollywood Hues
  12. Dublin Digits
  13. Rome Radiance
  14. Amsterdam Artistry
  15. Sahara Silks
  16. Pacific Polish
  17. Alpine Art
  18. Caribbean Colors
  19. Egyptian Elegance
  20. Austin Artistry

Timeless Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Classic Claws
  2. Vintage Varnish
  3. Timeless Tints
  4. Eternal Elegance
  5. Heritage Hues
  6. Legacy Lacquer
  7. Ageless Artistry
  8. Enduring Enamel
  9. Perpetual Polish
  10. Time-Honored Tips
  11. Immortal Inks
  12. Everlasting Elegance
  13. Timeless Tips
  14. Antique Art
  15. Historic Hues
  16. Timeless Tones
  17. Evergreen Elegance
  18. Timeless Touches
  19. Infinity Inks
  20. Eternal Essences

Clever Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Nailed It!
  2. Clever Claws
  3. Brainy Buffs
  4. Witty Wraps
  5. Sharp Shades
  6. Genius Glitters
  7. Smart Silks
  8. Bright Buffs
  9. Insightful Inks
  10. Clever Coats
  11. Sage Strokes
  12. Quick Quirk
  13. Ponder Polish
  14. Brainiac Buffs
  15. Slick Strokes
  16. Whiz Wraps
  17. Smarty Shades
  18. Clever Coatings
  19. Wise Wraps
  20. Insight Inks

Modern Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Trend Tips
  2. Modish Manicures
  3. Now Nails
  4. Urban Ultraviolets
  5. Neo Nails
  6. Future Fingers
  7. Contemporary Claws
  8. Chic Shimmers
  9. Vogue Varnishes
  10. Modern Mani
  11. Sleek Strokes
  12. NextGen Nails
  13. Fresh Fingers
  14. Infinity Inks
  15. Digital Digits
  16. Meta Manicures
  17. Forward Fingers
  18. Pulse Polish
  19. Tomorrow Tips
  20. Dynamic Digits

Classic Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Timeless Tips
  2. Elegant Edges
  3. Classic Claws
  4. Pure Polish
  5. Traditional Tints
  6. Graceful Gloss
  7. Regal Reds
  8. Vintage Varnish
  9. Classic Chic
  10. Royal Radiance
  11. Pristine Polish
  12. Old-School Opulence
  13. Heritage Hues
  14. Classic Coats
  15. Time-Honored Touches
  16. Eternal Elegance
  17. Noble Nails
  18. Legacy Lacquers
  19. Antique Artistry
  20. Classic Charm

Minimalist Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Pure Polish
  2. Simple Strokes
  3. Bare Basics
  4. Minimal Manicure
  5. Essence Enamel
  6. Nude Nails
  7. Clean Claws
  8. Sleek Silks
  9. Bare Buffs
  10. Zen Zephyrs
  11. Plain Polish
  12. Elemental Edges
  13. Sparse Sparkle
  14. Naked Nails
  15. Subtle Shades
  16. Quiet Quills
  17. Simply Shine
  18. Unadorned Ultraviolet
  19. Modest Mani
  20. Fundamental Fingers

Key Steps to Name Your Nail Art Business

Naming your nail art business is a pivotal step that requires thoughtful consideration and creativity. Here are detailed steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Brainstorm Ideas
  2. Begin by jotting down words and phrases that resonate with the essence of your business. Think about the emotions you want to evoke in your customers—be it a sense of luxury, relaxation, creativity, or joy. Include terms related to nail art, such as ‘polish’, ‘designs’, ‘elegance’, or ‘manicure’. Don't censor your ideas at this stage; the goal is to generate a wide array of options.

  3. Keep It Simple and Memorable
  4. Your business name should roll off the tongue. A simple, catchy name is more likely to stick in customers' minds than a complex or cumbersome one. While selecting a good domain name for your nail art business, avoid using industry jargon that might not be immediately understood by the general public. Instead, aim for a name that's easy to spell, pronounce, and recall.

  5. Check Availability
  6. Once you have a shortlist of potential names, do a thorough domain name search. This includes checking if the name is already registered or trademarked by another business within your industry. Additionally, perform a domain name search to ensure you can secure a suitable web address for your salon's online presence. A unique name minimizes legal issues and enhances your brand's online visibility.

  7. Consider Your Brand Identity
  8. Your salon's name should reflect its brand identity and the experience you wish to offer. For instance, if your salon promotes eco-friendly practices, consider names that evoke nature or sustainability. If your focus is on luxury and pampering, look for names that convey opulence and indulgence. This ethos can extend beyond your physical salon, inspiring you to build an app that supports eco-friendly booking options, reducing paper waste. Aligning your name with your brand identity helps attract your target clientele and sets the tone for their experience.

  9. Get Feedback
  10. Share your top name choices with friends, family, and potential clients. Feedback from others can provide insights into the name's appeal, memorability, and potential associations. This can help you gauge how well the name will be received by your target audience and may highlight any unforeseen implications or interpretations.

How to Find the Best Nail Business Name

Selecting the ideal name for your nail business involves more than just brainstorming; it's about finding a name that captures the essence of your brand and appeals to your target market. Here are some strategies to fine-tune your search:

  1. Use Name Generators: Using an online nail art business name generator can be a great source of inspiration, offering unexpected combinations and ideas that you might not have considered.
  2. Incorporate Location or Your Name: Personalizing your business name by including your name or your salon's location can make it stand out and feel more authentic to your local clientele.
  3. Play with Words: Experiment with linguistic techniques such as puns, alliterations, or rhymes. A cleverly worded name can be both memorable and enticing, making it more likely for customers to remember and choose your salon over others.
  4. Reflect Your Specialty: If your salon specializes in a particular style or technique, let it shine through in your name. This specificity can attract clients looking for exactly what you offer, whether it's minimalist designs, avant-garde nail art, or organic nail care.

How to Start a Nail Art Business

Beyond naming, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for your nail art business's success. Here's how to approach creating a website and app development:

  1. Create a Professional Website
  2. Your website acts as your digital storefront. It should be visually appealing, showcasing high-quality images of your work. Include essential information when you plan to create a business website such as services offered, pricing, location, and contact details. Ensure it's mobile-friendly, as many customers will access your site via their smartphones. Incorporating an online booking system can also streamline the appointment process, improving the customer experience.

  3. Develop an App
  4. An app can significantly enhance your clients' convenience by allowing them to book appointments, view your portfolio, and access loyalty programs from their mobile devices. When developing an app, focus on functionality and user experience. Features like push notifications for appointment reminders and promotions can increase engagement and client retention.

    For a detailed tutorial, you can visit our blog on how to make an app and build an app that resonates with your target audience and holds all the necessary features.

  5. Utilize Social Media
  6. Social media platforms are invaluable tools like email marketing templates for promoting your nail art business. They allow you to reach a broader audience, showcase your talent, and engage with clients. Regular posts featuring your latest nail designs, happy customers, and special offers keep your audience engaged and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

    Nail Business Names FAQs

    Q1: How important is a unique nail salon name?

    A unique name is vital as it helps your business stand out and can influence a customer's first impression.

    Q2: Can I change my nail salon name later?

    While possible, changing your name can lead to confusion and loss of brand recognition, making it advisable to choose a name you can grow with.

    Q3: Should my nail salon name reflect the services I offer?

    Yes, it's beneficial if your name gives insight into the services you provide, aiding in attracting your target clientele.


    Choosing the right name for your nail salon is a crucial step that sets the foundation for your brand's identity and market positioning. It requires a blend of creativity, market research, and strategic planning. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you're well on your way to selecting a name that not only captures the essence of your business but also resonates with your target audience.

    Remember, your salon's name is the first step in telling its story—make it count. With the right name, a solid business plan, and a commitment to quality service, your nail salon can achieve lasting success in the competitive beauty industry.

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