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5 Language Learning Apps to Begin Your Linguistic Journey

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Language is an important aspect of history. Language has created countries, cultural identities, social norms, and international boundaries. Language unites people and divides people. Language has helped fellow people communicate for eons.

There are nearly 3000 languages spoken around the world. This does not include languages that are not spoken anymore. Thanks to rising globalization and the intermixing of cultures, learning each other’s languages can often be a necessity. Whatever the reason may be, learning a language can prove to be a difficult task. However, the Internet is full of resources to help you through your language learning journey. Most resources on the Internet are paid, but there are a plethora of smartphone apps to help you along the way. We’ve made a list of the best of those language learning apps for you. Begin your new linguistic journey today! Before we go on, here are a few statistics about how popular language learning apps truly are - Language Learning Apps - Appy PieThere are various kinds of language learning apps available. However, while compiling this list we’ve tried to find the learning apps that are actually fun to learn with. Sure there are more serious and study oriented apps, the apps we’ve compiled combine both seriousness and a side of banter. Let’s go ahead and check what are the best apps for learning languages for beginners.

Top 5 Language Learning Apps

Here’s our list of the top 5 language learning apps

  1. Duolingo
  2. Duolingo is a very popular language-learning platform and is the definitive industry leader for the same. Duolingo has a bright and intuitive interface that is really endearing. Duolingo pioneers the gamification of language learning and is an excellent resource for learning multiple languages. Duolingo’s focus is mainly reading, writing, and pronunciation.Duolingo - Appy PieIt provides a fun and interactive environment for learning a language. The app has a tier system and a way for you to make friends and improve each other’s skills. The app has a dedicated community of native linguists that keep adding more and more about each language. Duolingo continues to evolve and is hands down the best app for learning languages in 2020.

  3. Busuu
  4. Unlike Duolingo, Busuu is a more focused app and currently provides full learning courses for only 12 languages. However, Busuu features a very interactive environment for language learning and is hands down one of the best apps to learn languages.Busuu - Appy PieIt follows a freemium model but given that its premium features and full courses cause a measly 17$ per month, it’s a pretty lucrative app for learning a new language. The only reason it loses out to Duolingo is because it is not free.

  5. Rosetta Course
  6. It’s no wonder that Rosetta Stone’s app makes this list. Rosetta Stone has been a leader for the language learning industry for nearly 25 years. No wonder their app does the same. It currently offers detailed courses in over 25 languages.Rosetta Course - Appy PieIt provides an experience that is as consistent as their PC software and gives a very immersive environment to learn a new language. It is hands down one of the best language learning software in the industry. Rosetta’s cheapest subscriptions cost 9$ a month.

  7. Memrise
  8. Memrise is a rising language learning app. This is an app to watch out for. It has every possible language and a dedicated community of users. What sets Memrise apart from other apps is that it uses memes alongside gamification to teach language.memrise - Appy PieIt encourages users to make language-based memes and share with other Memrise users and friends. Memrise also has a spaced repetition and mnemonics based algorithm that helps remember words better. Infact, once you are a bit proficient you can create and add your own memes.

  9. Mondly
  10. The apps given above are pretty good in their own self. Infact, most of them will be perfect for people learning new languages. However, all of them have one major flaw. A flaw that Mondly takes care of.Mondly - Appy PieMondly is as good as all of the above apps but its greatest USP is the fact that you can select your own native language. What this means is that to learn a new language you don’t need to know English. The UI of Mondly can be any language you want. This allows you to learn a foreign language using your native language as a UI language. This sets it leagues ahead of the competitors who require you to understand English and then learn through a predominantly English UI.

Creating Your Own Language App

Language apps are a lucrative opportunity. Despite how far they may have come they still have major weaknesses. For example, Duolingo cannot be used to justify proficiency, Rosetta is expensive, Mondly is very new, etc. This is why creating your own language learning app can be a great way to study. You can create a language app, upload your lessons to it and always stay connected to it. How does one create a language app? It’s simple, really. You use Appy Pie AppMakr. Appy Pie AppMakr is a no-code app development platform that allows you to create business, individual, and multi-purpose cross-platform apps for really affordable prices. Infact, the first app is free to create. You can start building your app for free today!Create Your First AppInfact, here are two more blogs to help you get started with creating your own language app:


Learning a new language is not easy. However, the apps given above make it easy to learn a language. If they don’t meet your requirements you can always create your own language learning app for yourself, your students, and your business. Good Luck with your making journey. Leave a comment if you feel a language learning app is worth adding to this list!

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