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9 School Apps Your Institution Should Have in 2021

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 18th, 2023 8:02 am | 4-min read
9 School Apps Your Institution Should Have - Appy Pie

COVID-19 has proven why digitizing and adopting new technologies is important. One of the industries which is suffering due to a lack of digitization is the education industry. The current scenario has worked out well in favor of schools and institutions that moved to the cloud and actively use mobile software for educational purposes.

Many schools have simply shut down due to a lack of technology to keep them up with the times. This has led to a lack of active schooling and students are suffering as the pandemic has no end in sight according to current projections. However, this provides for educational institutions an opportunity to actively adopt new technology. Here are 9 such apps that help you achieve this.

Best 9 apps for schools for 2021 - Appy Pie

8 Must-Have School Apps

Before you learn what apps your school must have, you need to know what qualifies as a school app on our list. Now there are a lot of self-learning apps out there that help students learn on their own. Some of them may be discussed in this list but they aren’t completely necessary for a school.

The apps included in this list can benefit your school and help you make it easier for your administration, your teachers, and your students to manage studies and education. If you want to know the school apps that are necessary for teachers and students, you can read our blog on the 9 apps that every teacher should have. The apps included in this list help you manage and connect with teachers, ensure attendance of students, communicate with parents, and students, help maintain how the curriculum works, check if lessons are going smoothly, and much more. These apps help you organize and manage all these activities.

  1. Kahoot
  2. Kahoot is a fun app to have. Kahoot can be used to gamify tests, quizzes, and make teaching interesting. Sometimes, all you need to make classes fun is a little game. Kahoot has special distance learning packages that can be bought for multitudes of teachers.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    Kahoot is free for your teachers to download and can be used to take tests and examinations during the quarantine period. Kahoot is also offering a free premium subscription for schools and various other discounts.

  3. Google Classroom
  4. Google Classroom is a part of the G Suite for Education. Google Classroom allows you to distribute and grade assignments through the app and organize class materials on a common Google Drive. The teacher can make announcements and engage students in discussions.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    You can get Google Classroom for your school with its own suite of features. One downside to Google Classroom is that the suite can be very expensive for smaller schools and organizations. However, if you can afford it, it is among the best possible apps to have.

  5. Remind
  6. Remind can be used by schools to send out notices to parents. It allows the creation of large groups and makes it easier to make announcements. It can also be used for other private messaging and can be a communication app for teacher groups and various faculty teams.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    The major advantage of Remind lies in the fact that it is secure and has an interface that makes it more professional. Remind also has more popular alternatives like Telegram. For smaller schools, using WhatsApp is also a potential solution.

  7. Edmodo
  8. Edmodo is a learning management platform that works like social media. Essentially, Edmodo is the Facebook of schooling. Schools can purchase special administrator accounts and form their own sub-social media. Teachers can then sign up and set up their accounts. Students can join and view their teacher’s posted content, their assignments, and deadlines, and interact with their teacher and peers.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    Teachers can also moderate the content and discussions accordingly. Edmodo’s greatest weakness is that it can get overwhelming to manage given the average amount of teachers and students a school has. However, it is the most realistic way to connect students and teachers and is a very good option for schools.

  9. Socrative teacher
  10. Socrative is a more advanced Kahoot. Using Socrative your teachers can create quizzes and polls and essentially have entire discussions and debates. It is better suited for more abstract subjects like Literature and History.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    Socrative is highly suited to high schools and can be essential for teachers teaching Philosophy, Psychology, etc. It is a very flexible software and can be used to create exciting quizzes and tests for students. The only downside to Socrative is that it requires teachers to analyze individual student data.

  11. Office Lens
  12. Office Lens isn’t a school app per se, but it is essential for high schoolers. Mathematical equations and physics derivations are hard to teach through video. Even if a teacher uses a whiteboard, it is possible that students may not be able to see them properly.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    Office Lens allows teachers to scan whiteboards and paper and convert the info from the image into readable screen text. Teachers can then share this among the students to make it easier for them to make notes and revise.

  13. Zoom
  14. Zoom is the definitive video conferencing software. It has almost become a necessity for communication between people. Schools are no different. Purchasing Zoom to conduct online classes is a viable option for schools.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    The only downside to Zoom is that it can be expensive and there’s the privacy issue that keeps cropping up. Zoom is addressing these issues and it is still a solid choice for schools.

  15. Teno
  16. Teno is a communication app that can be used as an alternative to Remind. What sets Teno apart is that it can be used as a one-way app and allows for money transfer between users.
    Best 9 apps for schools for 2020 - Appy Pie
    You could potentially use this app for parent-teacher communication to discuss student reports and student fees. Teno can further be used to pay student fees.

The 9th App

Wondering where the 9th app on the list went? What if you were told that you could use this opportunity to create a school app on your own? There is one major problem with the apps mentioned in the blog above. Using all of them is a complex affair and can get very expensive for your school if you’re not careful. That is why you should consider creating your school app.

The good part of having your own school app is that you can combine all the functionalities of the apps mentioned above in a single app owned by your school. This also helps you protect the privacy of your students, faculty members, and parents. You can use Appy Pie’s AppMakr.

Appy Pie AppMakr is a complete no-code platform where you can add essential features to your school app with a simple click. You can use the app maker to make your own school app and distribute it among teachers, parents, and students for free. Features like video calling, attendance sheets, whiteboard scanner, quizzes/tests, etc. can be added very easily. Consider creating an app yourself. Appy Pie will assist you through the other processes that are involved with app making and publishing.

In addition to that, we are about to start our very own Student App Development Program for students. The program aims to teach children to make their own apps with our platform and publish it on the App store and the Play store. You can task your students to create apps as an extracurricular activity during the lockdown period. It also bodes well for your student’s future.

Those that are interested in app development can use this opportunity to learn more about it. 65% of app development will be codeless by 2024 and Appy Pie’s AppMakr stands at the forefront of this codeless revolution. Enroll your school in our app development program now!

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