Benefits of Using an Enterprise No-Code Platform for Building Apps

6 Benefits of Using an Enterprise No-Code Platform for Building Apps & More

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Mobile apps are clearly on their way to an exponential rise and I believe it would be safe to say that the digital business ecosystem is going mobile and not slowing down. You may be amazed to know that today 80% of business is being conducted over mobile apps. This rapid change has turned upside down the traditional methodology of app development, causing IT leaders to rethink the strategy going forward. Large companies and organizations are moving to quicker and less expensive ways of app development that can help them build and deploy mobile apps and more in mere minutes as opposed to months.Benefits of Using an Enterprise No-Code Platform for Building AppsFortunately, there are no-code platforms that are working wonders in meeting the needs of enterprises, bringing about a revolutionary change in the modern business landscape. These no-code platforms are allowing businesses to create, deploy and manage enterprise grade applications without any coding, in just a few minutes. Not only are these no-code application development platforms enabling instant, iterative and collaborative development, they are also helping them to reduce the demand of their IT teams and at the same time increase productivity across the entire organization. Many IT leaders are experiencing a talent/skills gap and are having difficulty finding good people. They’re running with understaffed IT department. They are tired and over worked which can lead to high stress and even burnout. Of course, this is all fostering the growth of the no-code evolution. No-code technology is one of the fastest growing technologies of year 2020. Gartner predicts 65% of software development by year 2024 will include No-code platforms. There are numerous types of apps that can be developed using a no-code platform. From mobile apps to workflow automation and chatbots, it’s only your imagination that is keeping you from experiencing and benefiting from the no-code revolution.

The top 6 no-code benefits

Benefits of Using an Enterprise No-Code Platform for Building Apps

  1. Increased Employee Productivity
  2. One of the greatest advantages of building enterprise applications using no-code platforms is that it helps increase employee productivity and efficiency. With quick and easy app development process, what took months is now possible in just a few minutes. You’re your frontline employees, the one’s closets to the problems that need solved, can solve them on the spot without any help from IT. This skyrockets their productivity by creating something that allows them to work smarter and because they built it, they use it. Not always the case when other solutions are introduced to them. Imagine all the latent intelligence never before tap into. Its mind blowing! Your employees can let their innovative & creative juices flow to build amazing enterprise grade application that solve problems thus helping your business grow exponentially.

  3. Improved Internal Communications
  4. Another outstanding benefit of going with no-code platforms for enterprise apps is improved internal communication. You can create multiple applications for different processes and teams, saving the time of your employees and making it easy for them to collaborate. Not just this, you can even automate various enterprise applications using these code-free platforms. The average person looks at their smartphone 63 times a day – what better way to communicate with your team, then on the device of which they live on. All communication in one place.

  5. Reduced Costs
  6. Yes, no-code application development platforms are cost-effective, proving themselves as the game changer in today’s competitive business world. They cut an enterprise’s cost of hiring a team of highly skilled and professional app developers by letting them build next generation applications in minutes at unbelievably low prices. Plus, the right use of these platforms can even help you stay ahead of the competition at a fraction of the cost.

  7. Automates Business Tasks and Process Management
  8. No-code platforms also prove to be beneficial in business task automation and process management. By developing the right set of enterprise applications using code-free platforms, you can make it easy for your employees to streamline their routine tasks, manage their work, collaborate with the clients and much more.

  9. Win New Customers
  10. The profitable advantage of no-code platforms is you can get into the hands of your field sales team the right information at the right time, decreasing your sales cycle and increasing your sales. In addition with the easy and quick process for developing enterprise applications, you can be assured of delivering enhanced user experience to your existing customers and drive more referral deals too. You can even make changes instantly as per your customers’ feedback whenever you want to improve the process.

  11. Better Customer Satisfaction
  12. Customer satisfaction will have no choice but to get better when you use a no-code app platform. Since these platforms let users develop specific applications that will help you serve your customers’ needs as they prefer, it allows you to deliver a better experience for your customers and that leads to happy and satisfied customers.
I hope this has stimulated some thinking for you and expanded your expectations of what is possible using a no-code platform. The crazy thing – it is only getting started. There are some very exciting things coming down the pike so now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and help drive the revolution. A great way to do this is to take it for a spin! Use Appy Pie’s no-code platform and create your own enterprise apps within minutes without having to write even a single line of code.

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